March, 2020

Why You Should Replace All Your Hand-Drawn Brush Scripts with SVG Fonts

Spoon Graphics

Hand-drawn fonts are a crucial tool for creating an informal design style with a human touch, but as with all handmade art styles, you can’t beat the authenticity of artwork that has actually been created by hand.

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Graphic Design Dictionary | Web Basics

Six Leaf Design

This month I’m starting a new series to help explain some of the common terms that I use everyday as a graphic designer, but that may not be as commonly known to others.

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How to work with a logo brief that was simply, 'No serif, no sans serif'

Creative Boom

Moth Design has created the branding for Boston's newest contemporary art museum, MassArt Art Museum. The free, public museum is part of Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt), which was founded in 1873 and has long dreamed of having a museum on-site both for teaching and public purposes.

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Big and Bold Typography: A New Trend in Web Design

One Extra Pixel

Big and bold typography is an absolute classic of website design. It is a timeless, old-school stylistic option that works like a Swiss watch, regardless of the environment that. The post Big and Bold Typography: A New Trend in Web Design appeared first on Onextrapixel.

How Web Designers Can Help in a Crisis

Speckyboy Design Magazine

As I write this, the lives of potentially billions of people have been altered in one way or another. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an untold amount of changes – both big and small – not to mention tragic. To be sure, this is a crisis on a global scale.

Which Leadership Traits Are Valued the Most by Creatives?

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Divyang Metaliya. Leadership turns into a technical job once you learn it’s dynamics – unless you are dealing with creatives. Creative professionals just don’t fit into your typical norms.

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Insider tips on how to make it as a professional illustrator

Creative Boom

Whether you're thinking of quitting your job and going it alone, or are already a seasoned freelancer, it's always good to get the benefit of other illustrators' experience.

Photographer Spotlight: Holly Chang


Photo holly chang photographer photography toronto

2020 116 Sites To Inspire Your New Domain

Inspiration Feed

Did you know? You can get a domain name for your website! design lets everyone — especially your clients or future employers — know what you do before they even arrive to your website.

How to Apply Cyberpunk Style Color Grading & Neon Effects to Your Photos

Spoon Graphics

The cyberpunk aesthetic is commonly associated with densely populated, futuristic cities illuminated by bright neon signs and advertisements.

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25 Top Tools Used by Jacob Cass

Just Creative

Peek behind the curtain of Jacob Cass’s set up and see the tools and other items he uses daily when working with clients all over the world. If you’re a beginner or watching your spending, you may want to consider our post on the top gear for all career levels & budgets.

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Benefits of Approval Studio Proofing Tool for Designers and Creative Teams

Designer Daily

Among all of the design agencies’ headaches, artwork proofing is probably one of the most acute ones.

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Pentagram's new identity for illustrated book publisher Thames & Hudson

Creative Boom

Pentagram has designed a new brand identity for Thames & Hudson , the publisher founded in 1942 by Walter and Eva Neurath, to make the world of art accessible to everyone.

Printed Pandemic: Plague Books

I Love Typography

The Black Death of the fourteenth century, a disease named after the symptomatic boils and darkened skin caused by internal bleeding, claimed as many as 200 million lives.

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Illustrator Spotlight: Seo Young Kwon


Seo Young Kwon. Seo Young Kwon’s Website. Seo Young Kwon on Instagram. Illustration illustration illustrator Seo Young Kwon seoul Seoyoung Kwon

Download My FREE ‘Bad Print Effects’ Photoshop Action

Spoon Graphics

The finishing touch to any retro or vintage themed design is to apply a series of adjustments that replicate the aesthetics of the low-cost printing methods that were used for old magazine, comic and matchbook prints.

The Best Courses on Skillshare in 2020

Just Creative

What I love about Skillshare is their short format classes, teaching you valuable skills in a short amount of time! They have thousands of classes in many different categories, as shown below.

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Queremos Sonreír by Mucho


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Five things they never tell you about becoming a graphic designer

Creative Boom

On a typical graphic design course at university, you'll learn about classic design theory: grids, the colour wheel, the golden ratio. What you don't always learn is what earning a living as a designer, day to day, is actually like.

Design Fails: 10 Times Typography Ruined the Day

Creative Market

Typography, the art and science of displaying letters to make the written word read well and also visually pleasing, is a fickle beast. While you naturally don’t expect design fails to happen when you arrange type for graphic design, they occur with enough frequency to make you shake your head.

Drag Queen Comics by Illustrator Cheyne Gallarde


Comics artist cheyne gallarde comics drag illustrations illustrator

Video Tutorial: How to Add Retro Print Effects in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop video tutorial I’m going to show you a series of filters and adjustments you can apply to your artwork to give it an old, aged print effect.

Self-Isolating? How To Start A Business While Quarantined

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Evan Fraser. This is a stressful and uncertain time for all of us.

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Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Institut Ramon Llull by Toormix

Under Consideration / Brand

“Glass Half Llull”. Established in 2002, Institut Ramon Llull is an organization founded by the Catalan Government, the Government of the Balearic Islands, and the Barcelona City Council with the purpose of promoting Catalan language and culture locally and abroad.

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A guide to the UK and Ireland's best art and design conferences in 2020

Creative Boom

If you're looking for creative inspiration, advice and insight to push your skills, or you want to enjoy a day or two away from your desk, then here's our guide to this year's best creative conferences.

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What to Include in Your Graphic Design Portfolio: Experts Weigh In

Creative Market

What to put in your graphic design portfolio is the age-old question that has hounded graphic designers of all experience levels for the longest time. No matter whether you’re a beginner in the field or a seasoned veteran, there’s always a difference of opinion on what should go in there.

Artist Spotlight: Clément Thoby


A selection of pastel drawings by Paris-based illustrator and background designer Clément Thoby. Clément Thoby’s Website. Clément Thoby on Instagram. Drawing artist Clément Thoby drawings illustrator paris pastel

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Video Tutorial: How to Create a Glitch Effect in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial we’re going to have some fun creating a trendy glitch effect, that we’ll apply to a photo some accompanying text. The effect combines digital distortions such as screen tearing, RGB splitting and scanlines to simulate the visual errors associated with digital video footage. Much like how analogue effects help to give your artwork a retro look, this glitch effect helps to achieve a modern or futuristic high-tech vibe.

38 of My Favourite Fonts for Design

Just Creative

Choosing the right font for your design is arguably as important as creating the design itself. It’s about selecting the one that complements your design and conveys the tone of your message. When I am choosing a font, there are a certain handful that are always top of mind.

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20 Free Admin Dashboard UI Templates for Photoshop & Sketch App

Speckyboy Design Magazine

In recent years, much has changed in the way web users interact with dashboard data and complete simple backend tasks.

Metamorphism and chess-inspired illustrative packaging designs for Salad & Jam

Creative Boom

Romania-based food and beverage design agency, CreativeByDefinition has created the striking packaging for the range Salad & Jam.

22 Best High Quality Photoshop Brushes

Graphic Design Junction

High quality Adobe Photoshop Brushes pack contains more than 1800+ hand-made and real painted high resolution Photoshop brushes , up to 5000 pixels in size. You can see the complete collection of brushes below.

Photographer Spotlight: Erik Östensson


Photo erik östensson photographer photography

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Graphite & Charcoal Procreate Brush Set for Premium Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a great set of Procreate brushes to download this week, courtesy of Riveros Illustration. This Graphite and Charcoal brush set contains 25 brushes made specifically for drawing realistic portraits.