September, 2021

The Psychology of Color in Web Design

Vandelay Design

Web design needs to do several things at once. It must look good. It must make sure the navigation of the website is clear. It must hold an internet user’s attention for as long as possible. And it must gently lead the user down the conversion funnel, quietly urging the user to take whatever action.

15 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Do

Graphic Design Junction

All designers make mistakes. No matter how experienced or amateur one can be, they could fall or trip over some and can affect their work in general. Knowing and being mindful of even the slightest mistakes in design can help you improve your work and develop better strategies.


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Crafting Visuals for the Sonic World With Graphic Designer Hello Rabbit

Its Nice That

We talk to Helen Rabbitte AKA Hello Rabbit on designing all things music, and how the “trippy and bizarre” moments of decades gone inspire her.

6 Web Design Trends Creatives Need to Prepare for in 2022

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. In normal times, web design tends to evolve at a subtle and gradual pace. But these are nothing like normal times. The global pandemic and resulting lockdowns have brought huge cultural and societal shifts that have reverberated everywhere.

How to Create Lettering Illustrations the Easy Way!

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you how to create hand lettering illustrations the easy way! This popular art style combines a silhouette graphic and a quote that is distorted and manipulated to fit within the outline of the surrounding shape.

Artist Spotlight: Jiayue Li


Art Illustration art artist illustration istanbul jiayue li new york

Artist 168

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25 Best Text Effect Photoshop Actions

Graphic Design Junction

Professional Photoshop actions transforms your text, vector shape, pixel layer, smart object, layer group into amazing text style with a lot of text effect options to customise and improve. You can set your own colors in seconds! One click Photoshop actions.

Designing for Digital Print

Keith Bax

70 of the best blogs and platforms for creative inspiration in 2021

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. Many times, we suffer creative block, struggling to figure out what to draw, design, or make next. No matter what our creative field, we all need regular inspiration to help us on our way.

How to Create a Vintage Badge Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to share some tips and techniques for creating vintage badge logos.

Adobe 241

“Murals” by Photographer Lucas Deshazer


Photo lucas deshazer murals oregon photographer photography

Richard Bernabe Online Photography Classes

Richard Bernabe

For many years I’ve been working to create online photography classes with KelbyOne, a worldwide leader in photography education and Photoshop/Lightroom instruction. The post Richard Bernabe Online Photography Classes appeared first on Richard Bernabe. Announcements General How-To Inspiration

A New Way To Evaluate Branding and Package Design

Graphic Design USA

7 Free Collections of Minimally Designed Logo Templates in 2021


Minimalist design became popular in recent years and shows no signs of going away any time soon. However, minimalist design can sometimes be tricky to get just right. Luckily, there are hundreds of templates created with this design trend in mind that can help you save time.

How to win your first graphic design project as a freelancer

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. So you're setting our on your own as an independent graphic designer. Maybe you've previously been working as an employee, or you might be straight out of college.

10 Free Seamlessly Repeating Grainy Speckle Textures

Spoon Graphics

Textures with lots of detailed grainy speckles are my most-used type of texture resource. They are useful for adding subtle texturing to backgrounds, or for giving text and objects a letterpress style ink stamp effect.

30 Student Council Election Ideas to Boost Your Campaign!

Design Wizard

Good student council ideas are hard to come by. That’s why you are here. If you are preparing to run for student council, you will need some solid ideas that can be the foundation of your campaign.

Media 124

Sait Maden

Logo Design Love

Born on May 3rd, 1931, in Çorum, Turkey, Sait Maden started writing poetry at the age of 13 and began learning French and Ottoman at the age of 16. He learned Spanish to be able to translate Lorca from his mother tongue.

“Breakfast” by Photographer Niall McDiarmid


Photo breakfast london niall mcdiarmid photographer photography

35 Outline Fonts for Your Graphic Designs

Vandelay Design

There are many different font types you can choose from, and if you’re a designer looking for something creative and unique, you may want to consider an outline font. Some font families include an outline version, and other typefaces have been created exclusively as outline fonts.

Fonts 113

Clink Clink: Saul Steinberg-inspired sketches get upcycled into a beautifully boozy animation

Creative Boom

The directors of Nexus Studios have transformed sketches leftover from an animation pitch into a minimalist and stylish short film called Clink Clink, which celebrates the boozy lifestyle we're now able to enjoy once again.

Video Tutorial: Wavy 3D Distorted Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of creating this cool type-based artwork that combines wavy distortions with 3D text effects. It’s ideal for creating interesting quote art or visually interesting poster designs.

Adobe 188

9 Creative Advertising Ideas to Transform Your Campaigns in 2021

Design Wizard

Discover creative advertising ideas to stop your target audience in their tracks and stand out from your competitors. Boost your brand identity with a unique ad campaign and increase sales to grow your business.

35 Creative Logo Design Inspiration #97

Graphic Design Junction

Looking for creative logo design ideas or if you want to design a logo with unique concept, you need a creative logos for inspiration. GDJ always adding new futuriest and modern logos to help you create a truly amazing logo for your business.

“Black Sun” by Photographer Søren Solkær


Photo black sun denmark photographer photography søren solkær

Alan Reuter: Staying Ahead In An Evolving Digital Landscape

Graphic Design USA

Alan Reuter argues that, like any other discipline, design can evolve slowly and before you know it, new paradigms develop. If you aren’t paying attention when that happens, you will fall behind.

Finalists announced in the world's funniest animal photograph awards

Creative Boom

Don't worry, be happy © Axel Bocker. If you haven't yet heard of The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards , then it's definitely one to put in your calendar.

Vintage Engraving Lines Textures for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a fantastic collection of vector textures to download this week, courtesy of Shapeshift. These vintage engraving lines textures are based on the detailed linework that forms an engraved illustration.

Web Designers No Longer Need to Sacrifice Performance for Beauty


Web design is a field that requires both technical knowledge and a sense of style. We not only have to envision the perfect page; we also have to build it. This Yin and Yang is a challenge. How do you create a website that looks beautiful while also maintaining peak performance?

50 Of The Best Hand Lettering Quotes to Inspire You

Graphic Design Junction

Hand-lettering quotes designs is now more popular way to present great messages in serious and romantic mode. Amazing hand lettering typography quotes with positive vibes. Brush lettering typography design trend is growing very fast.

Booooooom x Capture Photography Festival: Public Art Open Call


Photo Capture Photography Festival exhibition photography vancouver

Douglas Lopes Illustrations

We And The Color

Graphic paintings and bold colors by Brazilian illustrator Douglas Lopes. Douglas Lopes is a black Brazilian illustrator with a background in graphic design and advertising. He started illustrating professionally in 2017.

Color 96

Seductive photographs of LA's liquor stores celebrate the city's poetic beauty

Creative Boom

Bogie's Liquor, Los Angeles, 2017 © Ben Hassett. When you visit Los Angeles for the first time, there are often three things that immediately stand out: the endless blue skies, the lack of pedestrians on its pavements, and liquor stores on every corner.

Create All Kinds of Cool Photo Effects with This Essential Photography Bundle

Spoon Graphics

If you’re a keen photographer—as either a hobbyist or a professional—this new bundle from Design Cuts will be right up your street! Inside you’ll discover all kinds of tools and resources for adding interesting styles and effects to your images.