May, 2020

11 lessons from those who've made it on how to become a great motion designer

Creative Boom

Across the creative industries, motion design is one of the most in-demand skills right now. So if you're a designer or illustrator who wants to broaden your horizons, work on cool projects and boost your salary significantly, it's a great area to get into.

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Best Remote Working Tools for Marketing Teams

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Vartika Kashyap. The coronavirus pandemic shows us how something microscopic can have such a humongous impact on the world. The ripples have reached us all, and it’s time to adapt your teams to the telecommuting or remote work regime.

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Top 5 UI Design Tips Every Designer Should Know

Graphic Design Junction

A successful website or app must have user interface design at its core. To do this, developers and designers must put themselves into the minds of the people they are designing for. The following are some user design tips every designer should know. Be Familiar with Your Audience.

The Best 15 Places to Find Web Design Agencies

Graphic Mama

Web Design and Web Development Agencies often get confused and regularly are lumped together. Understandably given the fact that many Design Agencies also are Development Agencies and occasionally throw web marketing into the mix.

How To Run A Brand Strategy Workshop

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Ivio Agency. Any successful business starts with an effective branding strategy. A brand strategy is a long-term plan that affects all facets of your business. This can be overwhelming to put together when you are new to the game.

Video Tutorial: Vintage Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

I’ve been admiring the lettering work on vintage insurance maps lately. These old documents were originally drawn up by hand by master penmen, who illustrated the title page with ornate lettering and detailed embellishments.

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Fun with Fonts

I Love Typography

Today I launched two short multiple choice quizzes. The first starts at the beginning with Gutenberg, with questions about his life and his famous Bible. Some of the questions are pretty easy; others you might find rather difficult.

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Vessel Floats by Order


Words by Richard Baird In the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Greenpoint sits Vessel Floats, a new flotation and deprivation therapy spa that draws on the continuing interest in concepts such as mindful living and wellness.

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?The Home Stayer? by Illustrator Luis Mendo


Illustration illustrations illustrator luis mendo

2020 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

Just Creative

Earlier in 2020, I posted an article on the latest logo design & branding trends and now 6 months on, the official 2020 logo trends report has just been released by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge.

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Free Pack of Wood Grain Textures with PNG Transparency

Spoon Graphics

Download my new pack of textures to add detailed wood grain effects to your designs. After processing each photograph of wooden paneling to straighten and equalize the texture, the wood grain pattern was then extracted and exported as PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

Huawei launches global design contest with $300K prize fund

Creative Boom

Smartphone brand Huawei has launched a competition that offers designers and artists a chance for global recognition, plus some big money up for grabs.

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Granjon’s Beautiful Bastard

I Love Typography

When books began to be printed in the fifteenth century, scribes were not immediately made redundant.

Tangent GC Organic Detergents by Carl Nas Associates


Words by Richard Baird Tangent GC began as a Scandinavian organic garment and shoe care company developing products that intended to increase the life of clothing and footwear, and entered the organic skincare market in 2016.

Artist Spotlight: Giorgiko


Giorgiko (pronounced jee-OR-jee-koh) is the product of a collaborative experiment between Darren and Trisha Inouye melding minimal, expressive character illustration with large-scale classical painting. Giorgiko. Giorgiko’s Website. Giorgiko on Instagram.

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Top 20 Photoshop Actions (Free & Premium)

Just Creative

Photoshop is an amazing program that can help you create amazing pieces of artwork. One of the great things about the program is the support that other creators give the program with actions they’ve created and share with other designers.

Video Tutorial: Vintage Letterpress Poster Design in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Photoshop video tutorial I’m going to take you through my process of creating a vintage style advertisement poster with letterpress print effects.

World's largest design contest, the A' Design Awards, announces 2020 winners

Creative Boom

Established to promote awareness of good design practice around the world, the A' Design Awards aim to incentivise designers, companies and brands to come up with better products, services and systems that benefit humankind.

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Ghibli Museum offers rare glimpse inside via virtual tours

Its Nice That

For many it’s a first chance to see within the famously secretive animation studio’s museum where photography is banned and tickets are scarce.

Inside Lottozero by Studio Mut


Text by Richard Baird. Inside Lottozero was an exhibition of international artists that covered a wide-range of artistic disciplines. It was conceived by Arianna and Tessa Moroder and curated by Alessandra Tempesti.

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Illustrator Spotlight: Oleksandra Balytska


Oleksandra Balytska. Oleksandra Balytska on Instagram. Illustration editor pick illustration illustrator member Oleksandra Balytska submission Ukraine

Top 15 Premium & Free Textures for Photoshop

Just Creative

The difference between traditional and digital artwork usually comes down to the texture that either image has. Your digital artwork will stand out without a canvas behind it but by adding texture to the image in Photoshop, you can help give your artwork a little bit more realism.

ColorWash Faded Photoshop Actions for Premium Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a useful set of Photoshop Actions to download this week, courtesy of FilterGrade. This ColorWash product adds colorful washes and fades to your images, using the same tints and light leaks you see in professional advertising campaigns.

Laura Bee on overcoming adversity, fighting to survive in New York, and realising illustration is her passion

Creative Boom

Laura Bee , aka Bohill, is an illustrator and commercial artist originally from Durham who started her career in graphic design before realising where her true passion lies. Since graduation, she's only ever worked for herself as a freelance illustrator.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for OLX by DesignStudio

Under Consideration / Brand

“Multiple Choice”. Established in 2006, OLX (short for On Line eXchange) is a leading classifieds platform that allows users to buy, sell, or exchange used goods and services.

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25 Best High Quality Photoshop Brushes

Graphic Design Junction

Massive collection of Photoshop brushes sets with more than 1500+ high quality brushes for Adobe Photoshop. All brushes are super detailed and very easy to use to make a realistic brushes effect.

“Lockdown Collages” by Artist Nico Krijno


Collage artist cape town collage Nico Krijno photography

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The World?s 20 Most Recognisable Logos & Their True Meanings

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Andrew Simon. It is impossible to ignore the significance of a brand’s logo. You will see their logo everywhere, from their website and printed collateral to advertising and staff clothing.

Showcase of Vintage Logo Designs with an Ornate Victorian Style

Spoon Graphics

Branding and signage from the 1800s are the quintessential ‘vintage’ designs. More generally known as the Victorian era, visual traits that are associated with this style include ornate typography and decorative flourishes.

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Aerial photographs of grounded aeroplanes at German airports during lockdown

Creative Boom

One of our favourite aerial photographers, Tom Hegen , has taken to the skies once more, this time documenting grounded aeroplanes at German airports during the country's lockdown to fight Covid-19.

Noted: New Logo and Identity for Witzig by ThoughtMatter

Under Consideration / Brand

“All Hail the Long Bois”. 2020) " Witzig , which means 'witty' in German, provides specially curated products for dachshunds and their owners as well as an online community and blog with articles and content ranging from instructive 'How-Tos' to fun, informational articles.

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Amazing Digital Illustrations by Rich Davies

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator artist Richard Davies , with his amazing digital illustration artwork. He is from Carmarthenshire, Wales. He has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for almost fifteen years.

“Illuminating the Sky of One Mind” by Photographer Tom Shea


Photo illuminating the sky of one mind photographer photography tom shea utah

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How To Build a Website That Your Users Will Love

Just Creative

This article was contributed by Marcela Cegielska. There are several factors that contribute to the success of your business: a great product or service, decent marketing and a bit of luck. However, there is one more, crucial thing, which in this day and age should not be ignored.