August, 2022

7 graphic design trends for 2022

Designer Daily

Watching what’s on the agenda in the design world is an extremely entertaining experience. Even when a new trend seems hackneyed at first glance, it can turn out to be fresh and unusual.

NBA Logo Design: How Did We Come To The Current Version

Designer Daily

The NBA logo is one of the most recognizable images in the world of sports. The logo is remarkably simple, which makes it suitable for the sport. It uses the US flag colors and the silhouette of an iconic player.

Sports 293

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Expert Lists: Fonts for Books

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. Our new Expert Lists series invites design experts to recommend fonts for specific uses.

Fonts 211

The 7 Fundamental Graphic Design Elements & Principles

Inkbot Design

The 7 Fundamental Graphic Design Elements & Principles. When it comes to graphic design, most of us focus on what's easy to get right: colours, fonts and images. But if you look deeper, you'll realise some basic principles apply across all types of designs.

37 Creative Logo Design Inspiration #107

Graphic Design Junction

Creative inspiring logo design collection. This is the 107th round up of Creative Logo Design at We are human and we love visual creations. Specially eye-catching visual identity, branding designs easily catch people’s attention!

Neon Sign Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a bright, illuminated neon sign effect.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Prolific Web Designer in 2023

Graphic Design Junction

To pursue a career as a Web Designer , you need to possess not just the technical expertise required to develop functional websites but also the artistic talent and design sensibility necessary to create an experience that consumers will adore.

How to Design an Instagram Livestream to Increase Views Greatly

Designer Daily

If you’re using Instagram for marketing purposes, you’re in good company. A ton of people use the platform, and it’s seemingly gaining popularity with each passing year.

Sports 226

Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: Bangel

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. Naming a typeface is like naming a newborn baby, kitten or puppy. The name either must reveal heritage or suggest personality.

Fonts 199

Plenty by &Walsh


Agricultural practices are constantly changing to provide greater crop yields. In an effort to achieve this goal, modern farming has created a host of ecological side effects. Most notably, overconsumption of water and a reliance on chemical fertilisers, GMOs and pesticides.

How To Create Abstract Polyscape Art in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you how to create an abstract piece of retro-futuristic artwork known as a Polyscape. It’s a combination of polygon shapes and landscape or cityscape photographs, and sometimes even pictures of outer-space!

Artist Spotlight: Lou Benesch


Art Illustration Painting art artist illustration Lou Benesch painting paris

Artist 169

Business Cards Design: 30 Simple Print Templates

Graphic Design Junction

Modern, simple business cards / visiting cards with unique layouts and strong typography make your business cards look professional. Minimal and clean design approach can make your brand more attractive and rememberable.

What Makes a Good User Interface? 10 Principles of UI Design

Inkbot Design

What Makes a Good User Interface? 10 Principles of UI Design. We are often told how important a good user interface (UI) is, but not many people can describe the underlying principles of good design.

Fonts 113

Digital Illustrations from 2022 by Prateek Vatash

We And The Color

Take a look at this selection of digital illustrations created by Prateek Vatash in 2022. Prateek Vatash is an India-based designer and graphic artist. In addition to a range of commissioned projects, the outstanding artist loves to work on self-initiated projects.

The State of Branding: New York (From New York Flags, to New York Brands)


New York City, aka The Big Apple. However, the state has so much more to offer than just being ‘The Big Apple’ as it is home to some fantastic brands.

Brand 124

Airy Wedding Lightroom Presets to Give Your Photos a Bright, Soft look

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a wonderful collection of Lightroom Presets to download this week, courtesy of PSD Stack. These Airy Wedding presets give your photos a bright, clean and soft look that is ideal for creating timeless photos of unforgettable moments.

Photographer Spotlight: Jonathan Jasberg


Jonathan Jasberg. Jonathan Jasberg’s Website. Jonathan Jasberg on Instagram. Photo Cairo Jonathan Jasberg photographer photography

2023 UI Design Trends: 10 Best Practices For Web Design

Graphic Design Junction

People get bored and tired of UI design trends, and each year, the pendulum swings the different ways. We all have experienced the fall and rise of iconic fashion pieces of art movements. In User Interface (UI) design, the same thing takes place.

Top 10 Web Design Best Practices for Amazing Websites

Inkbot Design

Top 10 Web Design Best Practices for Amazing Websites. Today, anyone can make a website and establish a business online. And the competition is more than ever before. As the world adopts a digital lifestyle, website user experience needs to be improved.

Symbol Branding by High Tide

We And The Color

A brand identity that battles fast furniture. This new design project from creative studio High Tide shows how branding can play a huge part in battling disposable furniture design.

Color 107

AIGA Promotes The Vote

Graphic Design USA

In the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections, AIGA has created resources to encourage all voting-age populations to exercise their civic rights.

Panettoni Pavolucci by Requena


Panettone has origins as far back as ancient Rome, but its connection to Christmas was first established in the eighteenth century. This sweet bread – originally from Milan – has earned its place across the globe as a staple of the festive season.

Photographer Spotlight: KIN


Photo kin los angeles photographer photography tibet

25 Best Resume Templates with Cover Design

Graphic Design Junction

Create your resume with the best resume templates and cover letter design. Don’t settle for the usual boring and predictable templates, move forward and choose any one template for your resume.

How UI/UX Design Impacts a Website SEO

Inkbot Design

How UI/UX Design Impacts a Website SEO. Once upon a time, optimised keywords and high-profile backlinks were considered the only strategies to improve website ranking. But now UI/UX has jumped into the game. According to statistics , 88% of users do not prefer to revisit websites with bad UX.

Coding 113

BAZ & CO Branding by Otherway

We And The Color

Check out the natural visual identity of BAZ & CO, a skincare brand created by a farmer. The creative people of London-based graphic design studio Otherway partnered with the founder of BAZ & CO to position, brand, and launch a completely new approach to skincare.

Color 114

8 Free Templates for Creating Memorable Openers in After Effects


A high-quality opener can really make a difference in your presentations, slideshows, and videos. With the right opener, you can reinforce your brand and generate more interest for your videos and presentations.

In Sebastian Curi’s new Zara collection, colour is more functional than decorative

Its Nice That

“The scale of it was frightening”: the illustrator and animator divulges on his first time designing a global clothing line and the radically different process it entails.

Photographer Spotlight: Robert Grand


Robert Grand. Country Living Update captures the rural south from the inside, images made in and around one of the smallest counties in North Carolina. A place where the main highway running through it is called simply “the four-lane.”