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10 Great WordPress Plugins for Designers

Creative Bloq

Plugins for adding analytics, pricing tables and more to your site


How to Find Your Next Creative Direction After Realising You and the World Have Changed Forever

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. There's been much talk amongst creative friends about how the pandemic has left many of us feeling a bit, well, adrift.

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Motion, Branding, and Interaction

UX Collective

When motion standards (principles, timing, duration, and easing) align to your brand, they serve to bring tangible personality into micro-interaction and video. Picture of an analog clock transitioning hours and minutes. Credit: Djim Loic via Unsplash Motion + Brand ?

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How to Create a Vintage Badge Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to share some tips and techniques for creating vintage badge logos.

Adobe 248

Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: Oposta

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. In this second episode of our new monthly column, the legendary Steven Heller takes a closer look at one of his favorite fonts.

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Seductive photographs of LA's liquor stores celebrate the city's poetic beauty

Creative Boom

Bogie's Liquor, Los Angeles, 2017 © Ben Hassett. When you visit Los Angeles for the first time, there are often three things that immediately stand out: the endless blue skies, the lack of pedestrians on its pavements, and liquor stores on every corner.

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Pencils and Paint Procreate Texture Kit for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a wonderful new design resource product for Procreate to download this week, courtesy of Nicole from iPad Calligraphy. The Pencils and Paint Texture Kit for Procreate contains over 100 vibrant textures to bring colour and energy to your designs.

Sait Maden

Logo Design Love

Born on May 3rd, 1931, in Çorum, Turkey, Sait Maden started writing poetry at the age of 13 and began learning French and Ottoman at the age of 16. He learned Spanish to be able to translate Lorca from his mother tongue.

Illustrator Ori Toor creates gibberish, freestyle worlds where you'll enjoy getting lost

Creative Boom

From the series, Gibberish #24 © Ori Toor. Gibberish, also affectionately called jibber-jabber or gobbledygook, means speech or writing that is nonsense. But there's nothing unintelligible about Ori Toor 's hugely detailed artworks – certainly not to him.

Amazing Illustations Art By Samy Halim

Graphic Design Junction

Today we are featuring remarkable graphic artist, art director and digital illustrator artist “ Samy Halim “ He was born in Algeria and trained at the Fine Arts School of Algiers.

Art 102

Artist Spotlight: Jiayue Li


Art Illustration art artist illustration istanbul jiayue li new york

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Free Wallpaper for October 2021

Six Leaf Design

Hey freaky friends! It’s finally autumn and Halloween month! Who’s excited? I’ve been a bit lackluster about Halloween the last few years, but I’m feeling the itch again to do something fun or dress up as something weird.

Modern Designers helps MediaCity mark a decade of success with 'optimistic' identity

Creative Boom

It's hard to believe that it's been a decade since MediaCity opened its doors on Salford Quays, arguably marking the start of Greater Manchester's regeneration. Today, around 8,000 people live and work there, and it's become the UK's largest tech and media hub outside of London.

Media 402

Brand Identity by Charline Groën for Andréa Peronne

We And The Color

Graphic designer Charline Groën created a beautiful brand identity for Andréa Peronne. Charline Groën is an art director and graphic designer based in Paris. She is passionate about typography and lettering.

Brand 93

Illustrator Spotlight: Sebastian Curi


Art sebastian curi

25 names every graphic designer should know

Creative Bloq

All you need to know about the pioneers of modern design

Drawing dogs helped to dig illustrator Tom Bingham out of a creative rut

Creative Boom

Known as TomDrawsDogs on Instagram, illustrator Tom Bingham has turned his love of canines into something of a personal brand. And it was the fun of doing something fresh and drawing what he was passionate about that dug him out of a creative rut.

A list of games for bored (and curious) designers

UX Collective

Being part of the design industry since 2011 (gosh, I feel old), I experienced many empty moments when my mind was too tired to start a new task, reading a book, or simply have a chat with someone. What I really needed was something casual to entertain me and refill my fun tank.

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5 Time-Saving Tricks for Adobe Photoshop

Creative Market

We recently asked designers in our community to share their favorite time-saving Photoshop tricks. These are the kinds of game-changing little tweaks that accelerate your workflow and you wish you knew about sooner. If Photoshop is home to you, read on and start saving time today. Shortcuts.

2022's design trends are here, but we're not convinced

Creative Bloq

Are branded memes actually graphic design

Illustrator Chenyue Yuan tells the story of Chinese factory workers in Pearl's Daughters

Creative Boom

Royal College of Art graduate Chenyue Yuan explores the industrial history of China's Pearl River Delta in her graduate project, Pearl's Daughters. Described as a literary collage, the project pushes picture book boundaries to tell the story of the factory lives of migrant women.

42 Best Rounded Fonts

Graphic Design Junction

Round fonts with an elegant and smooth rounded edge style. Best rounded fonts for corporate branding, visual identity, t-shirt design, and business cards. Each font includes extended language support, ligatures and more. Perfectly suited for graphic design and any display use.

Fonts 96

The key to learning math and science online is interactive play

UX Collective

Why I joined Learning something new takes trial and error. You make a hypothesis, then you discover if you were right or if your thinking was off. Learning is a give-and-take process, and it can be messy?—?you’re you’re muddling through something new and often challenging.

26 Articles and Tutorials for Getting Started with jQuery


Frontend web developers have been paving a path for clearer standards. Over the years, web browsers have slowly been conditioning themselves to render web pages in this fashion. And after the release of an HTML5 standard, things began moving faster than ever.

Dive into Zara Picken's treasure trove of illustration ephemera from the mid-20th century

Creative Boom

British illustrator Zara Picken is something of a collector. On a mission to gather as much illustration ephemera from the mid-20th century as possible, she has built up quite the glorious archive, and now she's sharing it with the creative community to offer an online portal of inspiration.

Photographer Spotlight: Ben Ward


Photo ben ward Colorado photographer photography

Cut-Out Text Portrait Photo Effect Mockup for Adobe Photoshop

We And The Color

Use this amazing Photoshop mockup by Pixelbuddha to create cut-out text portrait effects in no time. Created by the skilled team of @Pixelbuddha , this amazing mockup allows you to produce decorative cut-out text effects on portraits and other photos in no time.

Adobe 84

How to use grid and guide tools in Photoshop

Creative Bloq

Using the grid and guide tools in Photoshop to paint a landscape illustration

Philip Lindeman's playful illustrations find the funny side of modern life

Creative Boom

Netherlands-based freelance illustrator Philip Lindeman populates his detailed, colourful work with humorous visual Easter Eggs to bring joy to himself and viewers. His playful outlook on life has even found a funny side to the pandemic. Philip first turned to humour as a way to escape boredom.

Creating a handwritten font for Culture Amp

UX Collective

How to prototype, test and build a typeface that embraces uncertainty and human expression. Even before we started work on Culture Amp’s custom typeface, I was nervous about making a handwritten font. Disastrous images of a marginally improved Comic Sans or Chalkboard circled ominously.

Fonts 100

5 Creative Ways to Make Every Web Design Contract More Profitable

Vandelay Design

There are two primary ways creative agencies and freelancers typically boost their profits. First, you can acquire more clients. While this is a reliable method, it has plenty of drawbacks. Finding new customers usually takes time and effort, which significantly cuts into your bottom line.

The New Era of Money is Slick, Intuitive, and Totally Intangible

Eye on Design

In December of 2009, just over a year after the U.S. government passed the $700 billion bank bailout, former Federal Reserve chair Paul Volcker spoke at a conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal.

Hey Studio turns the simple circle into an international design language

Creative Boom

When it comes to designing guide books for international regions, it's all too easy to rely on familiar imagery such as buildings and landscapes.

Travel 373

Product Designers are your team’s Jedi Knights

UX Collective

Drawing parallels between practitioners of design thinking and wielders of the Force. Hello there! I love Star Wars, and I love design. I spend a lot of time thinking about them both. So, naturally, I needed to write this piece comparing digital product designers and Jedi Knights. ??