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Sophia Yeshi on lifting each other up, fighting for better representation, and creating the world she wants to see

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Sophia Yeshi is an illustrator and designer originally from Baltimore, Maryland, now based in Brooklyn, New York who began her creative career aged 12 years old when she discovered Photoshop.

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Best Vintage Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

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While they say that everything old becomes new again, the appeal of vintage fonts appears to be timeless. With their classic design and elegant look, a vintage font can be the perfect thing needed to put your clients’ business over the top.

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Hey's bold and quirky packaging design for a Barcelona craft beer brand

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We all know that craft beer isn't just a delicious weekend treat; the packaging is also something of an obsession for us creatives. But in an increasingly crowded space, designers are having to push even harder to help breweries stand out.

Survival of the Fittest: 7 Branding Strategies for Health and Wellness Businesses

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This article has been contributed by Karl Kangur. We live in an era largely driven by ideals of physical health and good looks. The culture of staying eternally young sneaked into modern society, took it over, and has no intention of going away. In 2018, the global wellness economy hit a $4.5

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Eva Münnich's super sassy animation featuring 'The Flower Ladies' and '90s dance moves

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If you're wondering whether this shoe advertisement by Eva Münnich is real, think again; it's purely a cathartic exploration of sassiness and '90s dance moves by the London-based illustrator and animator.

Color Palettes of the Fortune 500 Brand Logo Designs by Bold Web Design

The Logo Smith

The post Color Palettes of the Fortune 500 Brand Logo Designs by Bold Web Design appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 The Logo Smith.™ |. Fortune 500 Color Palettes by Bold Web Design is a veritable feast of brand logo design colour palettes.

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Truthmark is a photography database aiming to stop misuse in fake news

Its Nice That

Initiated by Canon with agency Uncle Grey Copenhagen, it allows photographers to upload images together with the stories and contexts behind them, aiming to curtail misappropriation.

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MultiAdaptor gives Wunderkind a brand refresh to 'unleash the power of individuality'

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Marketing technology startup Wunderkind has enjoyed its best year to date, after hitting annual revenues of $100 million and being named the fastest-growing software firm in the US. But the company, formerly known as BounceX, had outgrown its name and identity and desperately needed a change.

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Noted: New Name and Logo for Stellantis by Publicis Group

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“Written in the Stars”. 2019) Stellantis will be the new name of Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and French automaker Groupe PSA 's combined company following completion of a 50-50 merger agreement. Design by. Related links. Groupe PSA press release.

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Growing Your Audience as a Designer

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Freelance designers are in a tough position. We have to create awesome work which gets us clients , and then we have to go out and market that work to make sure potential clients actually see it.

Reviewed: Follow-up: New Logo and Identity for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport by Turnstyle

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“Raiders of the New Arc”. Built in 1944, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport -- colloquially known as Sea-Tac -- is among the top ten busiest airports in the U.S. and serves as the primary commercial airport for the Seattle metropolitan area in the state of Washington.

Paper Wildlife Sculptures by Artist Diana Beltrán Herrera Document Nature’s Most Striking Details


All images © Diana Beltrán Herrera, shared with permission. In 2012, Bristol-based artist Diana Beltrán Herrera ( previously ) began sculpting impeccably layered paper birds and other wildlife as a way to record her surroundings.

“Young American” by Photographer Marie Tomanova


Photo marie tomanova new york city photographer photography young american

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You Don’t Need to Practice

Illustration Age

[Editor’s Note: Guest Post and Illustration by Dave Arcade.]. Ever since we were kids we’ve heard the adage “practice makes perfect” and this is true if you don’t have access to command Z or in other words, what you do can’t be undone.

How to Troubleshoot WordPress Website Email Issues

Speckyboy Design Magazine

It seems inevitable. Emails generated from a WordPress website stop arriving – or get thrown into a spam folder. Email, as a certain grumpy designer once said, is the worst. Still, these messages can be important.

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Discover Vincent Bilodeau’s bonkers but brilliant animations

Creative Review

“I studied graphic design, which gave me a kickstart. Most of all, it helped me structure my work. But I quickly found out that everything I designed or illustrated had to move.

Fascinating Photos Of Neil, The Pet Lion Of Tippi Hedren And Melanie Griffith

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Tippi Hedren, best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963), was also famous for her dedicated commitment to animal rights and conservation activism.

Showcase: 74 Greatest Examples of Robot Art


Robots are everywhere. In media, in our lives, in our future. And you know what? Robots are cool. Advancement in technology has made robots enter even our household and they are represented widely in media as well.

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Louise Borinski invites you to decode and deconstruct her cryptic typeface

Its Nice That

Using the mysterious narrative of Puzzleman Leung’s photographs as the starting point of her inspiration, the graphic designer creates a series of posters that are entirely open to interpretation. Features

My Shillington Story by Kseniia Kalenyk


My name is Kseniia Kalenyk and I’m Shillington London graduate. I would like to share with you my journey to launching an online stationery store. I studied on the part-time at Shillington, graduating in July 2019. Why did I choose Shillington?

The Nice Hour: Eric Hu’s advice on how to meaningfully use typography

Its Nice That

Next up in our series of advice events we’ll be discussing how best to use type with the New York-based creative director and designer.

First look: Inside the Design Museum’s electronic music blockbuster

Design Week

Though the Design Museum’s latest exhibition was set up in March, it only opens on 31 July. Work on Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers had finished just before the museum was closed thanks to the lockdown.

Ie studio – founded by Elena Cremona and Isabelle Landicho-Redman – is here to steer positive change

Its Nice That

Spanning art direction, photography and styling, the London-based studio’s ethos is rooted in activism.

What will design education look like when classes start again in September?

Design Week

July in any normal academic calendar is a time for festivities – classes have largely tailed off, exams have been sat and deadlines met, and graduation celebrations are in full swing. But with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, plans had to change.

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Illusion CGI Studio created a powerful retouching campaign for Simple Green, a heavy duty BBQ & grill cleaner which is powerful like a beast. I think it deserves a Photoshop tutorial. What do you think

Studio Emmi: Creative Ecosystem Part 2


Former Shillington guest speakers Studio Emmi turn 15 this year—and are throwing some events to celebrate! Creative Ecosystem with Elsa Salonen— A conversation on Soul: art, animism and sisterhood. Tuesday 30 July, 1:00-2:00pm.

Uncommon creates identity for Coventry’s 2021 City of Culture

Creative Review

Back in 2017, Coventry was named the 2021 City of Culture and the new branding for the upcoming year-long programme has just been unveiled.

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Angelica Liv wants to evoke smiles and joy from her narrative-based illustrative creations

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Using her work as an outlet to tell stories, the Colombia-born and Berlin-based illustrator pays much attention to the emotional development of her characters.

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Nawaz Alamgir had some down time and wanted to experiment with some motion design and text animations in After Effects, his plan was to mess around and maybe make one or two designs but he kept finding out new styles and methods and just kept making more and more posters.I stopped at 10 posters.

Dawoud Bey pays tribute to the cross-generational fight for civil rights

Creative Review

Dawoud Bey is a photographer, educator and social activist whose work centres around the lives of Black Americans and other marginalised communities amid the ongoing struggle for civil rights.

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Design inspiration: the best projects from July

Design Week

Minimalist COVID-19 Signs, by Ellie Pinney. As the UK gradually returns to the workplace, health and safety signage will be more prevalent than ever. Playing with a more low-key approach to communications, freelance graphic designer Ellie Pinney has released a set of minimalist COVID-19 signs.

People Use This Online Photo Enhancer To Restore Old Pictures And Share The Results

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Earlier this year, MyHeritage, an online genealogy platform, introduced an interesting new tool called MyHeritage In Color™ that allowed users to colorize old family photos in just a few clicks of a button.

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A Drawing Machine Linked to A Synthesizer Audiates Geometric Illustrations by Musician Lamond Campbell


? ?. Beyond the scratch of the pen on paper, drawing as a practice isn’t thought to be particularly rhythmic or melodic. An inventive machine by musician Lamond Campbell , though, adds a musical component to its looped sketches.

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House of Illustration announces new name and £8m regeneration project

Design Week

House of Illustration, the UK’s only gallery dedicated to illustration and graphics, has revealed an £8m plan for its relocated space in Islington as well as a new name — The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration.

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