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How To Manage Inspiration Overload


Written by Telepathy Design Manager, Brad Soroka, this article originally appeared on the Trello blog. There’s never been a better time in history to search out and uncover creative inspiration. In fact, the internet is uniting us like never before: it’s giving us all information overload.

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Brilliant E-book Cover Art Tips For Wattpad

Design Wizard

Why Wattpad? Wattpad gives people from around the world access to an audience of millions, and connects them with content they can’t find anywhere.

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Holy Trinities

Fonts in Use

Contributed by James Edmondson. These shorts, involving Jack Stratton of Vulfpeck being filmed and interviewed by designer Rob Stenson , give me more joy than any large scale fonts usage ever will. Each of the videos presents creative use of type, video editing, and various effects to tell the story.

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The Loveliest Living Fossil

Fonts by Hoefler&Co.

The ocean of ideas, teeming with words and numbers, is underpinned by a vast tectonic plate that’s powerfully transforming the language. It’s the force that gives rise to new continents of meaning, while it inters the remains of countless extinct species. We know its name, but we rarely think about it, and we certainly never visit. It’s just there, helping to clarify our words and numbers in an invisibly supportive way.

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Illustration Art

One of the rich and remarkable stories of American illustration has remained buried in museum vaults for many decades. It's the story of the eight illustrators who were selected in 1917 to accompany American troops into battle in World War I.

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Summer Update: One Book Down!

Diana Toledano Illustration & Education

I've been crazy busy the last couple months working on some book projects (remember? I talked about it here ). So I thought it was about time to come back and give you a little update: One book down, one to go!

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Nicely Done: Tré Seals

Fonts by Hoefler&Co.

It’s always thrilling to see designers combining type in interesting ways, an excitement that’s amplified when a designer uses an exceptionally large set of fonts in a single project. But it’s icing on the cake when that designer shows you ways of combining fonts you’d never have expected.

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