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Death of a?Typeface

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Robert Granjon (1513–90) was a French type designer who, in 1557, invented a new style of typeface that was modeled on contemporary handwriting. It later came to be know as Civilité, after the civilité of etiquette books that the typeface often appeared in.

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Fun with Fonts

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Today I launched two short multiple choice quizzes. The first starts at the beginning with Gutenberg, with questions about his life and his famous Bible. Some of the questions are pretty easy; others you might find rather difficult.

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The Writing Mistress

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From around the beginning of the 1600s, there was a renewed interest in calligraphy. At the same time, women, known as writing mistresses, begin to teach handwriting and calligraphy to young women.

Printed Pandemic: Plague Books

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The Black Death of the fourteenth century, a disease named after the symptomatic boils and darkened skin caused by internal bleeding, claimed as many as 200 million lives.

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Granjon’s Beautiful Bastard

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When books began to be printed in the fifteenth century, scribes were not immediately made redundant.

Point, don’t point

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The pointed finger must surely be one of the oldest human gestures. In deep prehistory, long before the evolution of spoken language, and when we were considerably hairier, it is not difficult to imagine one of our primitive human ancestors pointing to a lion, a landmark, or a lemon.

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The Oldest Book in America

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Printing was introduced into the Americas by the Italian Giovanni Paoli, better known as Juan Pablos.

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Medieval Road-trips & the Invention of Print

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We don’t know for sure what prompted Hans Gensfleisch to leave his hometown of Mainz in western Germany for Strasbourg in the south but leave he did, probably in the early 1430s.

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Fonts in Focus: two

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For the first in this new series of Fonts in Focus, we visited the New York offices of Hoefler & Co.

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The Secret Life of Books

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I seldom write book reviews. Despite reading many good books, it’s quite an effort, for me at least, to gather my scraps and notes and thoughts and hone them into a few hundred words.

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Meditations on Snowflakes

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Born in December 1571 in southwest Germany, Johannes Kepler would go on to become one of the greatest observational astronomers of all time. He would also write books that forever transformed our view of the cosmos.

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Hera’s Milky Way & the Origins of the Multiverse

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To the Egyptians, it was a reflection of the Nile; for the Babylonians, a giant serpent or length of rope. In Greek mythology, the infant Heracles was brought to suckle at the breast of a sleeping Hera, the goddess of childbirth. When she wakes, she pushes the child away and her milk splashes against the […]. The post Hera’s Milky Way & the Origins of the Multiverse appeared first on I Love Typography. typography 5-minute books astronomy book-history

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The Geometer’s Compass

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The European Renaissance was obsessed with classical antiquity. For many of its intellectuals it marked a cultural and scientific golden age. Many classical authors, among them the likes of Lucretius and Cicero, were rediscovered and celebrated. And among the many subjects given a new lease of life during the Renaissance was geometry. A branch of […]. The post The Geometer’s Compass appeared first on I Love Typography. typography 5-minute books renaissance type history

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Long-Haired Stars & the End of the World

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For the best part of 2,000 years, the earth stood at the center of the universe. It did not move but was surrounded by a series of embedded transparent spheres. Each hollow sphere, for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and an outermost sphere or firmament of fixed stars, rotated around our […]. The post Long-Haired Stars & the End of the World appeared first on I Love Typography. typography 5-minute books astronomy book-history type history

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Fonts in Focus: Decimal & Chill

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Type designers take care of the details, so that we aren’t unnecessarily distracted by them. And good type designers relish those details. To listen to them explain their craft and describe their font-making processes is like watching the child of zero-sugar parents eat its first candy bar. Talking of ‘deep dives’, if you haven’t already, then […]. The post Fonts in Focus: Decimal & Chill appeared first on I Love Typography. typography fonts-in-focus new fonts

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Pomp, Type & Circumstance

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Within several decades of its invention in Europe, the printed or typographic book was already outselling handwritten or manuscript books. A very conservative estimate would be that 12 million books were produced from the publication of Gutenberg and Fust’s first printed Bible in about 1455 until the end of 1500. In those first decades, printing […]. The post Pomp, Type & Circumstance appeared first on I Love Typography.

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Underground World & the man who (thought he) knew everything

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Often described as the man who knew everything, Athanasius Kircher (1602–80) was a German Jesuit polymath of international renown during his own lifetime. He was a prolific author with an astoundingly broad range of interests, writing about everything, from geology and geography to sinology and egyptology, biology, medicine, engineering, theology, anthropology, music theory and linguistics. […].

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From Farting to Fornication: Early print censorship

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During the first half-century of printing in Europe (c. 1450–1500), there were few restrictions on the printing trade, either on who could start a print-shop or on what they chose to print.

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14 graphic designers and illustrators explain why they moved into motion design

Creative Boom

Whether you're an illustrator or graphic designer, chances are you've been asked at some point if you can make your visuals move. And if not, expect such a request any time soon. Because the whole of the creative industries are steadily moving in that direction, and professionals need to follow suit.

Class of 2020: An essential guide to all of the UK's virtual degree shows this summer

Creative Boom

One of the many sad things to happen to the creative industries this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is the impact on art and design students graduating this summer.

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'What happened when we all stopped', a beautiful animated poem narrated by Jane Goodall

Creative Boom

Best-selling author Tom Rivett-Carnac has written a children's book to share a positive message of hope as we emerge from the lockdown. And it's now been turned into an animated poem, narrated by celebrated anthropologist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr Jane Goodall.

Gnarly! Peter Phobia brings his passion for skateboarding to illustrated life

Creative Boom

Peter Phobia is a German-born, New York-based illustrator whose work with clients including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rimowa, Samsung, i-D and Absolut. We're big fans of his work, so we were excited to see him launch his latest project, inspired by his teenage years as a skateboarder.

Paintings by Jérôme Lagarrigue inspired by an impassioned plea to 'end the racial nightmare'

Creative Boom

In his latest series, French-American artist Jérôme Lagarrigue explores the theme of urban violence and the challenges the black community still faces in America today.

Art project funds 100,000 meals for migrant workers

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Over 140 million people have lost their jobs in India due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of whom are daily wage labourers and migrant workers.

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Creatives reflect on lockdown isolation in crowdfunded zine

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Insiders is a crowdfunded, multidisciplinary zine about connection in isolation, launched in response to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Borderless: Jenny Theolin and Ata Berenjian collaborate to create artworks inspired by lockdown

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During art school, Jenny Theolin was often told that you should never touch another person's art.

Womb Stories: Nisha Ganatra directs 'boundary-smashing' animated campaign for Libresse & Bodyform

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Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominated Nisha Ganatra has directed Womb Stories , a unique and beautiful animated film for Libresse & Bodyform that hopes to dispel myths, encourage a positive conversation and address the life-changing moments in a woman's life, from miscarriages and the menopause to endometriosis.

Justyna Green's warm and intricate line drawings pay tribute to the natural world

Creative Boom

Justyna Green has spent the past decade championing creativity by organising talks and conferences, working on marketing and communications strategies, and interviewing artists and designers for her On Design podcast. But during her spare time, she spends every minute sketching and painting.

Boost your career by entering the world's biggest design contest, the A' Design Awards

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Getting an award for your work can really help boost your career, widen your scope for potential clients, and help you charge more as a freelancer. But you can't win a competition without entering. So this year, why not go the extra mile?

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Alexandra Francis creates bright and observational digital illustrations inspired by her fine art charcoal drawings

Creative Boom

Manchester-based graphic designer and illustrator Alexandra Francis creates bright, observational artworks mixed with bold hand-lettering.

11 lessons from those who've made it on how to become a great motion designer

Creative Boom

Across the creative industries, motion design is one of the most in-demand skills right now. So if you're a designer or illustrator who wants to broaden your horizons, work on cool projects and boost your salary significantly, it's a great area to get into.

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50 of the best graphic design blogs for inspiration in 2020

Creative Boom

No creative can exist in a vacuum. We all need to keep in touch with the latest trends and check out the work our fellow professionals are producing. It's not about copying others, of course.

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12 of the hottest photographers to follow right now

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Are you looking for truly high-end photography inspiration? Then AtEdge is the place to find it. Founded 18 years ago, this invite-only platform brings together only the very best commercial photographers from around the world.

Lived Experience: Delphine Diallo's powerful portraits of LGBTQ+ people aged over 50

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Even with the extraordinary strides the LGBTQ+ movement has made in civil rights, acceptance, and visibility over the past half-century, a growing portion of the community remains largely invisible, its concerns relegated to the margins.

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Indigo Design Award 2020 winners all push the creative envelope

Creative Boom

The Indigo Design Award promotes creativity from around the world, highlighting projects that are unique in graphic design, digital, mobile and game design.

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40 best creative podcasts to liven up your day

Creative Boom

The creative industries are ever-changing, and it can be challenging to keep up which developments demand your attention and which can be safely ignored. Podcasts can be a great way to filter out the noise and help you focus on what's important.

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The Forgotten Cowboys: Photographs that celebrate the history of black cowboys in America

Creative Boom

John Ferguson's series, The Forgotten Cowboys , began in New York City when he was watching a group of African-American horseman dressed as cowboys parading through Times Square. "I I needed to find out more," the London photographer told Creative Boom. "So

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Recreate Andy Warhol's famous screenprint of Marilyn Monroe with new LEGO Art sets

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For those of you who love a challenging LEGO kit, not just to enjoy building but to proudly display in your home, prepare yourself for new wall art sets that give you the chance, for example, to recreate Andy Warhol's famous 1967 screenprint of Marilyn Monroe.

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Graphic design graduates help dress up H&M's new London store as it opens post-lockdown

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Global fashion powerhouse H&M is championing and supporting graphic design graduates in London this week by featuring their bespoke poster designs on the exterior of its new shop on Oxford Street.

Photographs that capture the rainbow prism-effect of sunlight passing through hummingbirds' wings

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Many of us have noticed and appreciated the heightened sound of birdsong during lockdown; here in south Manchester we even have a population of tropical parakeets that brighten up the skies with their green feathers and red beaks (locals think they're from escaped pets in the '70s).

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