Diversifying and decolonising the field of graphic design, Sold Out Publishing celebrates underrepresented references

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Founded by Bakhtawer Haide and Betty Brunfaut, Sold Out is a platform facilitating multiple perspectives based on plurality.

The Pantone Colour References for Star Wars Character Boba Fett

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The post The Pantone Colour References for Star Wars Character Boba Fett appeared first on The Logo Smith. The Pantone Colour References for Star Wars Character Boba Fett Always love seeing these colour inspired random design snippet’s from the ever increasing fountain-of-knowledge, in this case the ‘snippet’ is the Pantone Colour References for Star Wars Character Boba Fett.

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East London Liquor Co.’s new branding contains hidden references to the city

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Perhaps most noticeable are the flashes of fluorescent yellow which Smith says does “a lot of hard work” It is a “democratic” reference to high-vis vests and cycling jackets among others. Ragged Edge has created a new brand for East London Liquor Co.

Exploring the 80s animation references in The Strokes’ At The Door video

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Drawing inspiration from Heavy Metal, Watership Down and The NeverEnding Story, Mike Burakoff and Benjy Brooke’s epic film plays with nostalgia and reality.

Daniel Jackont’s work is full of cinematic references, like “a movie without motion”

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With an authentic, conceptual and narrative-driven approach to photography, Daniel Jackont’s lengthy process is worth the wait.

Politically Incorrect: This Artist Manipulates Popular Culture References To Satirize Contemporary Society And Politics

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Saint Hoax (previously) is a pseudonymous Syrian artist, activist and sociopolitical critique who manipulates popular culture references to satirize contemporary society and politics. He describes his work as being ‘POPlitically incorrect’ as he does not shy away from exposing the grim underbelly of contemporary politics through humorous references to popular culture.

An Artist Is Drawing Famous Characters With Coronavirus References To Show Support For People Impacted By The Pandemic

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People around the world are finding various ways to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. There are also people like New York-based artist Gripless, who’s using art to show solidarity with people impacted by the virus. Gripless is an anonymous artist who illustrates puns inspired by celebrities, characters, and current events. Speaking to Insider, Gripless said he originally thought the coronavirus. Source. Inspirations cartoons coronavirus quarantine

Study reveals the Pantone references of banknotes around the world

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A new study into the design of money currently in circulation reveals a range of global trends, from the use of colour to which famous figures countries choose to represent them.

Build a common language by referring to design movements

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Let’s check out a couple of words that are vital to us. Without them or their functions, life would be a nightmare. It would take ages to get anything done!

Uncommon’s modular Coventry City of Culture identity references the city’s brutalist history

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The design uses a square grid system that applies bold geometric shapes and symbols to represent Coventry’s industries, alongside photos of its residents.

What is Creativity?

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When talking about creativity, it has become common to associate it with art, creative writing, and music. Although this idea is partly correct, limiting it to only these three areas is certainly erroneous.

O-Ring Material Reference Guide for Selecting the Right Product Design

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O-rings are critically important for a wide range of applications, from aircraft and automobile components to medical devices and scuba diving equipment.

House of Flying Reference Marks

Fonts by Hoefler&Co.

Daggers come from that archipelago of typographic symbols known as reference marks, which refer readers elsewhere for explanatory or exegetic notes. The traditional first-order reference mark is the asterisk{footnote_1}, a longtime favorite: in The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst observes that asterisks have been in continuous use for five thousand years.

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Great Content Planning Results In A Great Website

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Many articles have been written explaining how you must design interfaces, graphics and how to deal with clients.

Marta Cerdà Alimbau on her expressive, trial-and-error approach to graphic design

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Working between control and freedom, the Amsterdam-based designer refers to her practice as a “dance”.

Jun Lin on how graphic design brings a physicality to the written word

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The Los Angeles-based graphic designer explores Duchamp’s concept of infrathin referring to the minute differences between experience and perception.

A movie-type identity for a Barcelona production firm is inspired by a love of cinema

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Drawing on the cinematic references the team shares, the idea was to create a brand that is "personal" and "conveys the essence" of the firm, according to Jaume Leis, the creative partner at Full Circle Karma.

Bold and lush detailed illustrations by Molly Hankinson that celebrate Glasgow and its women

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Whilst they don't specifically refer to the pandemic I think that they are a nice subliminal nod to the experiences we've collectively been facing and they look at how to grow and adapt in times of crisis.".

Meet Paul Berg?s, a graphic designer who draws alphabets with the same freedom as he constructs images

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The graphic designer refers to himself as a “bricoleur”, someone who can make objects using any material around them. Here, he explains more.

Organic shapes and middle eastern colors in the collection of Abs Objects


The visual language of ABS Objects refers to nature, with organic shapes and colors and material of the Middle East as creative signature. Words Mariana Bettinelli.

Terry Hearnshaw's 'joy of painting nothing' helps him to turn off, tune out, and nod off

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He originally created his site as a way to keep a visual reference for everything in one place. London-based graphic designer Terry Hearnshaw turns to art when he needs to completely relax.

Illustrations by artist and cyclist Jen Lewis for the UCI that celebrate World Bicycle Day

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The UCI was wonderful and supplied me with several photographs to use as a reference, some of which I didn't think would work and I suggested alternatives. It was probably the best decision of her career when Jen Lewis decided to combine her two greatest passions: cycling and illustration. Not only has she been selling beautiful fine art prints via her online shop, but she also just completed a special series for the Union Cycliste Internationale for World Bicycle Day.

An anime-inspired campaign for Wagamama by Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios

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Created through a combination of hand-drawn and computer illustrated artwork, the film brings together a broad range of modern, diverse references and characters, with each frame existing as a unique illustration inspired by anime art. MullenLowe has collaborated with Danish anime director Mads Broni and Passion Animation Studios to create an anime-inspired campaign for one of the UK's favourite restaurant chains, Wagamama.

David Vanadia's bold and minimalist illustrations that fuse graphic design with art

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I am passionate about the idea that the visual arts can play the role of a universal language, which refers to very primitive, even almost mystical, aspects of human expression. French artist and illustrator David Vanadia is on a quest to find "meaning" through his minimalist artworks, full of bold graphics and human emotion. Working with mediums such as engraving, collage or digital, his practice is based around people and philosophy.

Candy-coloured photographs of LA's glorious hidden beauty by George Byrne

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The artist references the clean lines, starkness and clarity of Modernism, while also citing the urban photography of the New Topographics movement.

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Paintings by Jérôme Lagarrigue inspired by an impassioned plea to 'end the racial nightmare'

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The title of the series, The Fire This Time, refers to James Baldwin's landmark book, The Fire New Time, which was an impassioned plea to "end the racial nightmare" in America back in 1963. In his latest series, French-American artist Jérôme Lagarrigue explores the theme of urban violence and the challenges the black community still faces in America today.

Alice Tye's latest Street View-inspired paintings take us on a virtual road trip through America

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Using only Google Street View for reference, the paintings make use of the distorted perspective created by the revolving camera to create scenes that are both vivid and detailed yet eerily still.

New brand guidelines design tool Standards 'takes the best from the past, and is built for design today'

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The typography uses similar reference points: the team chose Klim Type Foundry's Söhne family , which was designed to capture the essence of Standard Medium, as used in Unimark's NYCTA Graphic Standards Manual.

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See Inside a 1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom, the Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Ever Made

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Referred to as the “Phantom of Love,” the car was customized by Charles Clark and Sons.

Colourful sculptures by Rachel Klinghoffer made entirely from everyday trash and discarded toys

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The title references a lyric from Bruce Springsteen's Growin' Up, which inspires an emotional connection to her own youth. Surface colours reference the Romantics, particularly the Hudson River School with its emphasis on the subtleties and range of light. From used lingerie, designer footwear and costume jewellery to old toys, naff souvenirs and broken paintbrushes, artist Rachel Klinghoffer takes the things we throw out and turns them into sculptural artworks.

50 Graphic Design Terms You Should Know

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Kerning refers to the space between two consecutive letters, numbers, or any other characters. It also refers to the process of adjusting space between characters to improve how the text is read. Leading is one of those graphic design terms that can be confusing, it refers to line spacing. Tracking refers to the spacing of words or a whole paragraph, not just the letters in the word. Opacity refers to the degree of transparency a design element has.

Universe 113: The Superb Detailed Video Games Posters And Sci-Fi Art Works Of Egor Klyuchnyk

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They features many movie, TV, video game and comic book references. Egor Klyuchnyk is a talented Ukraine-based artist and illustrator behind these incredible images. It is just WOW. More: Egor Klyuchnyk, Artstation, Instagram, Behance. Source.

Dianne Van der Hoeven maps her inspirations to her work in Symbiotic Hues

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The Rotterdam-based designer wanted to create a tactile way to interact with her references as a way to reflect on her design process. How do you collect and archive your design inspirations? Read more

Behind Tired Eyes: Paintings by Tristan Pigott inspired by a 'lost generation' of young people

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It references Old Masters, juxtapositioned with allusions to GPS, google maps, drones and satellites.

Designs for a long-prohibited 'magical' Mexican spirit inspired by secrecy and myth

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The typefaces reference colonial printed media and writings found in confidential documents, contracts and letters, for instance. With a clean design, it still incorporates subtle details that reference Sotol’s manufacturing process; for the pattern at the bottom alludes to the rhombus shapes found in the Sereque plants when cut

Bisa Butler's work aims to 'reorient angst and despair' faced by Black Americans

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Her choice of bright, striking colour palettes is down to the fact she wants to "represent our skin because these colours are how African Americans refer to our complexions," says the artist. The show title references a quotation from an 1852 speech by American social reformer and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, delivered on U.S.

Design Bridge's Holsten beer rebrand draws on Hamburg’s 'rich industrial heritage'

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This references the oxidised copper of the knight statue that sits on top of Holsten's brewery tower. Design Bridge has looked to restore local pride in Holsten, Hamburg's "most iconic beer", with a new look and feel drawing on the city's industrial heritage.

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Whereabouts: Alice Pasquini's line drawings on the back of postcards document her travels

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It's a way of remembering where she's been, creating a tangible memory that she can refer back to whenever she likes. Over the last three years, Italian artist Alice Pasquini has travelled the world, sketching street scenes or landscapes on the back of postcards which she then posts to herself back home. Now, for the first time, Pasquini is revealing her collection in a new exhibition in Amsterdam.

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Acid Grotesk: Folch's 'fluid and energetic' smiley typeface for Acid House Barcelona

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It could have happened the other way round, but according to this business model we positioned ourselves as a reference for what many people call the 'new normality'.". We wanted to make a direct reference to the pop element that nowadays is accessible and recognised worldwide. Folch has unveiled the custom typeface it designed for Acid House Barcelona , the creative innovation hub it launched in Poblenou last year in collaboration with Adidas Originals, Elisava, OFFF, and Vice.

Pentagram creates the 'most authentic' logo in iconic department store Liberty's history

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For Londoners, at least, any reference to the department store instantly conjures up a mental picture of busy floral prints that somehow avoid tweeness in favour of luxury. According to Pentagram, the new identity had to both reference Liberty's rich heritage and "embody Liberty's forward-thinking ethos" to "take it confidently into its next chapter".