Top 25 Free Photoshop Plugins

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Photoshop is an expensive and powerful piece of software. It is difficult to learn and some tasks are tricky to perform in Photoshop. Photoshop plugins can help you with some difficult tasks.

Double Colour Exposure Photoshop Tutorial

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you a simple technique to create what has become known as double colour exposure, where two images are overlaid to produce an interesting effect with contrasting colours. Double Color Exposure Photoshop Action.


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8 Websites That Will Turn You into a Photoshop Guru

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Photoshop is one of, probably the, most power graphic design application around. With endless features and functions, Photoshop is hard to master. If you’re new to Photoshop, all of the features and buttons can be very intimidating.

15 Best Photoshop Alternatives (Free & Paid)

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While Adobe Photoshop has been a leader in the design space, helping creatives design meaningful graphics and stunning logos, not everyone prefers to use Adobe’s software or pay for a subscription to use it. Adobe Photoshop Discount – 40-70% Off.

Unique Photoshop Brushes Pack

Graphic Design Junction

Amazing Photoshop Brushes that can transform your photos to realistic watercolor, abstract and digital artworks with no work at all! All brushes are very high quality, super detailed brushes for Photoshop. Super high resolution Photoshop brushes , up to 5000 pixels in size.

Top 20 Photoshop Actions (Free & Premium)

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Photoshop is an amazing program that can help you create amazing pieces of artwork. With that in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at the Top 20 Best Premium & Free Photoshop Actions. Top 20 Best Photoshop Actions. Dual Lighting Gel Photoshop Action – $16.

Top 12 Photoshop Alternatives


Photoshop is one of them. Even if people aren’t using Photoshop, they call editing photos as photoshopping. It’s only natural that Photoshop became so popular as it was the first comprehensive “photoshopping tool”. Photoshop Alternatives.

Five Advanced Adobe Photoshop Online Courses in One

We And The Color

Take this set of five advanced Adobe Photoshop online courses to become a pro. Just recently, we introduced you to his online courses for Photoshop newbies. This time, we want to go much deeper with his set of five online courses for advanced Adobe Photoshop techniques.

Photoshop 2022 review

Creative Bloq

Photoshop is perfect for photography and design work, catering to artists as well as image editors

35+ Best Photoshop Actions for Designers & Photographers

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The best professional Photoshop actions can make your photographs unique and attention-grabbing. The hand-picked high quality Photoshop actions that will transform your Photographs into Oily effect, newspaper print, abstract, watercolor effect, comic and dots effects within a seconds.

The 20 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating Retro & Vintage Effects


So if you’re thinking of editing your photos and graphics to look more vintage, you don’t have to spend hours in Photoshop or Lightroom. You just need a little help from our friends: The best Photoshop actions for creating retro and vintage effects!

[Tutorial] How to Fix Photo Exposure Using Photoshop

Just Creative

But that’s exactly why we have Photoshop! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to bring a balanced exposure and coloring to images using a range of techniques in Photoshop. First, open your image in Photoshop. You can pick different colors to match your photography style.

Photoshop Tutorials: 30 New Tutorials to Learn Retouching and Manipulation Tricks

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Latest Adobe Photoshop tutorials, video tutorials will teach you the new Photoshop features and tricks. These photo manipulation tutorials , photo retouching tutorials are best for beginners to expert Photoshop designers. Best Photo Retouching Photoshop Tutorials.

Photoshop Tutorials: 30 New Tutorials From 2020

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Fresh free Adobe Photoshop tutorials from 2020. There are 30 new tutorials to learn exciting manipulation skills and learn how to create Photoshop Actions and how to convert boring photos into dashing portraits, photo editing and much more. How to Create a Leaf Brush in Photoshop.

25 Beautiful HDR Photoshop Actions for Dramatic Effects

Vandelay Design

In the past, we compiled a showcase of beautiful HDR photography. Photoshop allows you to mimic the HDR effects with just one image. The post 25 Beautiful HDR Photoshop Actions for Dramatic Effects appeared first on Vandelay Design.

The 15 Best Cinema & Movie Effect Photoshop Action Sets


And while you can manually create these looks within Photoshop, it would take you a good amount of time. Photoshop actions to the rescue! Be sure to read the terms of use and licensing information on each of these Photoshop action sets before you use them. Launch Photoshop.

The 25 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating Stunning Art Effects in 2021


Photoshop actions can take a lot of the guesswork out of editing and finishing your photos. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of Photoshop actions that make it super easy to add artistic effects to your images. Code Art Photoshop Actions. Launch Photoshop.

Retro Photo Effect Mockup for Adobe Photoshop

We And The Color

Available for free download with an Adobe Stock trial subscription, this Photoshop mockup lets you create stylish retro photo effects in no time. Created by the skilled team of @Pixelbuddha , this retro photo effect mockup for Adobe Photoshop comes with seven different design options.

Adobe 71

Retro Film Analog Photo Effect Mockup for Adobe Photoshop

We And The Color

Created by the skilled team of Pixelbuddha, using this Photoshop mockup you can add an authentic analog film effect to your photos. This premium Photoshop mockup is available for download on Adobe Stock. Please note, the mockup requires Adobe Photoshop.

The 12 Best Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Action Sets

Speckyboy Design Magazine

With this in mind, Photoshop actions are the most likely choice for achieving the end results you want. So, if you want to create cool double exposure effects without having manually captured this via camera settings, Photoshop action sets can help you out tremendously.

Digitally Distorted Glitch Photoshop Effect Mockup by Pixelbuddha

We And The Color

Available on Adobe Stock, this high-quality distorted glitch Photoshop effect mockup will add an eye-catching style to your images. Created by the team of @Pixelbuddha , this distorted glitch Photoshop effect mockup comes with seven design options.

Perspective Bending Photoshop Effect Mockup

We And The Color

Using this Photoshop mockup, you can add stylish bending effects to your images in no time. As mentioned before, this mockup requires Adobe Photoshop. This perspective-bending Photoshop effect mockup is available here.

50 Free Time-Saving Photoshop Actions

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Most designers and photographers spend many hours in Photoshop, whether it be for designing or editing photos. Photoshop brings endless potential for photo editing , and one of the best ways to make use of Photoshop’s capabilities is to use actions. Launch Photoshop.

The 12 Best Photoshop Actions for Comic & Cartoon Effects


Or, you could rely on Photoshop actions to take some of the guesswork and manual labor out of the process for you. In fact, Photoshop actions can save you time on a wide variety of effects. GTA Photoshop Action. Retro Comic Book Photoshop Action Kit. Launch Photoshop.

The 20 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating Stunning Dispersion Effects

Speckyboy Design Magazine

However, this can be easily remedied by the use of a Photoshop action. There are several Photoshop actions that make it possible to create a dispersion effect with just a few clicks. Dispersion Photoshop Action. First up is the Dispersion Photoshop Action.

The 15 Best Light Leak Effects Photoshop Action Sets


Unless you’re capturing light leaks in your photography out in the wild, recreating this effect digitally is difficult. That’s why using Photoshop actions is always a preferred method of recourse. FilterGrade Light Leak Photoshop Actions. Photoshop Presets.

40 Free Photoshop Actions for Adding Vintage Effects to Your Images


That’s where Photoshop actions come in handy. Photoshop actions are nothing more than a series of tasks you can record and apply to a single file or a batch of files. For a more general collection of Photoshop Actions, take a look at this article: 50 Free Time-Saving Photoshop Actions.

The 10 Best HDR Effect Photoshop Actions

Speckyboy Design Magazine

That’s where Photoshop actions come in. What we’ve compiled here is a great selection of HDR effect Photoshop actions that produce stunning results and save you a ton of time. HDR Stock Photoshop Actions. First on our list is the HDR Stock Photoshop Actions.

The 20 Best Photoshop Actions for Incredible Sketching Effects


If you want to give your photography a little bit more impact, turning them into sketches could be a good approach. Why, through Photoshop actions, of course. What you’ll find here is a solid resource of sketch effects that can be added to your photos via Photoshop actions.

Narrative Photography Online Course

We And The Color

With this online course by Dara Scully, you will learn the resources to tell a story through photography. Dara Scully is a renowned photographer and writer specializing in narrative photography. Narrative Photography Online Course.

50 Best Photography Business Cards For Photographers

Graphic Design Junction

Best photography business cards for photo studio, photographers and photo designers. The Photography business cards make your business identity look professional. Best Photoshop Actions for Photographers & Designers. 20+ Best High Quality Photoshop Brushes.

30 Poster Frame Mockup Photoshop PSD Templates


Today, we’re going to show you 30 phenomenal poster frame mockup templates for Photoshop. All you have to do is open Photoshop, and replace the smart objects with your content. A2 Elegant Poster Frame Mock-Ups (Photoshop PSD). Poster Frame Mockup Templates (Photoshop PSD).

Subtle light grunge free photoshop brush texture

Creative Nerds

This a great brush set for using in backgrounds in your project to overlay over photography. The post Subtle light grunge free photoshop brush texture first appeared on Creative Nerds. Freebies Photoshop Brushes brushes grunge light photoshop brushes subtle

The 12 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating the Duotone Effect

Speckyboy Design Magazine

But as you might’ve guessed, that’s where Photoshop actions come into play. With as little as a single click, a Photoshop action can create a duotone effect in your photos that makes a real impact and takes your photography to the next level. Launch Photoshop.

The 10 Best Photoshop Action Sets for Creating the Bokeh Effect


Thank goodness for Photoshop actions, right? What you’ll find here is a fantastic set of Photoshop actions that greatly simplify the process for making the bokeh effect. Dual Light Photoshop Actions. Soft Focus Photoshop Actions. Bokeh Kit for Photoshop.

10 Free Design Agency Web Templates for Photoshop


This includes web templates for Photoshop that you can use when you need inspiration. You can use it for designer, photography, web agency and studio websites. The template includes a fully editable Photoshop file.

15 Free Hero Scene Creator Mockup Templates for Photoshop


Check out the collection below with the best free hero and scene mockup creators for Photoshop. Free Coffee Scene Creator for Photoshop (Free). This coffee scene creator for Photoshop is a perfect choice for any restaurant of cafe website.

The 12 Best Photoshop Actions for Black & White Photo Effects in 2021

Speckyboy Design Magazine

If you’re looking to work on black and white photos, it’s a good idea to have a solid set of Photoshop actions on hand. If you’re stumped as to how to locate quality photoshop actions for black and white photos, we’ve put together a good list here of options.

20 Best HD Photoshop Actions for Photographers and Designers

Graphic Design Junction

The Best Photoshop actions for your HDR photography effects. The hand-picked fresh twenty high quality Photoshop actions that will transform your Photos into realistic Oily effect, newspaper print, abstract, watercolor effect, comic and dots effects within a seconds. Mostly Photoshop actions available with video tutorials that shows how to setup action files and how to use. There are so many Photoshop actions are available for free download.

Clever Shadow Photography | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials #photography


Clever Shadow Photography | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials #photography