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A New Generation of Designers Grapples With Social Media

Eye on Design

Social media has changed the way creators and visual artists think about representing their work. For many, Instagram, Behance, and Twitter have replaced or profoundly augmented how they can showcase their designs, gain a new audience and, ultimately, get more work. . With Covid-19 bringing most of the world into the online space as a powerful mode of communication and interaction, what does it mean to be on social media from a business perspective?

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Design is helping new age chewing gum stand out from plastic predecessors


For several centuries, the human species’ gum chewing habit was harmless. Gum of the past was made from chicle, a kind of sap collected from several species of Mesoamerican trees.


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How to Create a Vintage Logo T-Shirt Design in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you how to easily create cool looking vintage logo designs by combining antique illustrations with some visually interesting text styles and layouts.

Frank William Miller Jr on the five books that have helped chart his creative path and passions

Creative Boom

Frank William Miller Junior has enjoyed quite a varied career so far, navigating the worlds of culture, music and social good, and working with everyone from Tribe Called Quest and Nike to Rockstar Games. Here, we chat with Frank about the five books that have helped shape his creative path.

Design Thinking Strategies for Facilitating Growth and Performance

Speaker: Carrie Cousins, Founder and Freelancer Writer & Designer at Carrie Cousins LLC

Design thinking is at the root of creative success. Seriously! But do you know how to shift your mindset and creative process – as well as that of your team – to create and ideate in ways that are truly innovative? The most inspired and innovative teams and individual designers need to be a part of a culture that enables forward-thinking, acceleration, and efficiency. It’s a combination of creative, analytical, and collaborative approaches that produce results.

Ask ILT: Fashion Fonts

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. In episode one the new Ask ILT series, I answered, What’s the difference between Grotesque and Neo-Grotesque? In episode two we ask, Why do fashion brands and magazines use so much Bodoni & Didot?

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Unlock The Vintage Design Style with This Collection of Creative Tools. Just $29

Spoon Graphics

If you’re a fan of the vintage art style you’ll love digging through the wealth of quality design resources in this vintage-themed treasure chest!

Welcome to 'NEKO' World: The empathetic style of illustrator Neko Jiang

Creative Boom

Freelance New York-based illustrator Neko Jiang has developed a bold and adorable style to engage viewers with. Described by a friend as 'NEKO' World, the artist hopes her aesthetic will create a closer connection between her work and her audience. Art and stories have always come naturally to Neko.

“What Mo(u)rning Feels Like” by Photographer Houston Cofield


Photo Houston Cofield Memphis photographer photography tennessee what mo(u)rning feels like

30+ Creative Logo Design Inspiration #94

Graphic Design Junction

Cool and Unique Logo Designs perfect for your company. Professionally designed logos and creative logo concepts for your inspiration. This is the 94th roundup of logos, featuring modern design logo templates created by professional graphic designers.

Now More Than Ever: Why Communication is Essential For Your Business

Speaker: Danielle Hughes, Chief Personality Officer, More Than Words Marketing

In this presentation, you'll hear from Danielle Hughes, a copywriting and branding expert, on how you can use your personality to connect with your clients and stand out from the clutter. On how being vulnerable and real will create stronger connections and affinity, and how knowing your brand and your audience makes messaging easier for you and more relatable for them.

Never forget that the world is a cat playing with Australia

Creative Bloq

This classic Photoshop win is simple yet effective

Morag Myerscough's 'endless ribbon' brings light and colour to Coventry's high street

Creative Boom

Endless Ribbon Connecting Us © Morag Myerscough. Photography by Gareth Gardner. There's a new public artwork in Coventry by Morag Myerscough that transforms the City of Culture's main high street into a stunning space with the bold simplicity of light and colour in the artist's signature style.

Photographer Spotlight: Samuel Bradley


Photo london photographer photography samuel bradley

Is It Time for Web Designers to Retire the Slider?


It often seems like the most popular things can also be among the most divisive. That holds true for web design, just as it does in life. One prime example of this is the slider. Various types of sliders or slideshows have been deployed on websites for years.

Recession Proof Your Business

Speaker: Ean

Facts fight fear. This presentation will outline specific actions you can take to protect your cash manage debt to increase your chances of success in an economic downturn. Suitable for all size businesses (side hustle to C-Corp) with any bookkeeping system.

Designing persuasive banners that don’t ruin your UX

UX Collective

Managing banner expectations and their struggle for recognition. Banners get their roots from advertising. They are inspired by real-life banners and are translated into the world of UX to land users to desired end goals.

Jiaqi Wang's tribute to the restaurants that kept New York City going during lockdown

Creative Boom

They were the businesses that kept many of us sane during lockdown and ones we eagerly wanted to support as they faced the impact of restrictions. Now a new series by Jiaqi Wang is celebrating the iconic restaurants that helped New York City through the pandemic.

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Photographer Spotlight: Jakub Jakobiszyn


Photo jakub jakobiszyn photographer photography poland wroclaw

10 Free CSS Snippets for Creating Responsive Pricing Tables


The pricing page is a staple for any online shop. It’s used for SaaS products, service companies, and eCommerce shops all around the web. And no pricing page would be complete without a pricing table comparing options, features, and (naturally) prices.

Practical Financial Advice for Creatives in Crisis

Speaker: Jason Blumer, CPA

This webinar provides practical and honest financial advice for those running creative businesses in crisis. The economic disruption brought about by the spread of the coronavirus has caught us all by surprise. Come learn how you need to act now in areas of cash, finances, tax, and the financial side of your business. There will be a time for Q&A as well

The Shout show features graphic art and colourful social critique from Anthony Burrill, Eike König and more

Its Nice That

Inside a former coal mine, five graphic designers and artists use colour and typography to get across important messages.

How Lionel Taurus merges illustration and interaction design to create richer experiences

Creative Boom

Squarespace product designer Lionel Taurus has created unique and singular works by bringing together the beauty of art with the practicality of design systems. He hopes that by combining the diverse disciplines, users and viewers will be more active when interacting with content.

“Melt” by Photographer Pat O’Malley


Photo brooklyn melt new york pat o'malley photographer photography

15 Best Design Books for Learning to Make Website Textures, Icons, and More


The craft of web design is often overlooked as “easy” – as if anyone could pick it up and learn. In some ways, this is true: anyone can learn to be a great web designer. But it’s not as easy as it may seems and nobody just picks up web design in a few weeks.

Web Design for All: Accessibility, Inclusivity and Beyond

Speaker: Eden Spivak, Design Expert and Editor at Wix & Nir Horesh, Accessibility Lead and Senior Product Manager at Wix

When we design products or websites for people like ourselves, there are many others who are, as a result, left out. In this webinar, we’ll delve into why accessibility matters. Yet however well-intended, website accessibility is too often seen as a checklist to be marked off at the end of the design process. Our goal is to shift the discussion around accessible design from accommodating the needs of a small minority group to creating better, more inclusive interfaces for us all - no matter our identity, background, knowledge, or ability.

Billboards Subway Station Photoshop Mockup

We And The Color

Download a fully customizable Adobe Photoshop mockup of three vertical billboards in a subway station. French digital artist and Adobe Stock contributor @SdecoretMockup has created this hyper-realistic Adobe Photoshop mockup of three vertical billboards in a subway station.

Photographs of Gawain Hewitt's 'playable' sculptures that go against the usual art etiquette

Creative Boom

Please Touch © Gawain Hewitt. Photography by Emile Holba. Art in galleries and museums normally exists at a distance, sometimes behind rope barriers and often with the message, "please do not touch".

“East of Jesus” by Photographer Rhombie Sandoval


Photo east of jesus photographer photography rhombie sandoval slab city

A to Z of Graphic Design Software: InDesign, Affinity Designer and More! (Free & Premium)

Envato Tuts+

Discover 30+ programs to help you illustrate, design, animate and more! This is the A to Z of graphic design software, featuring both free and premium programs that you can download and start using today. . Interested in including your software on the list?

What in the World is a Force Majeure?

Speaker: Michele Berdinis

This session will answer business law questions that people are asking most during the pandemic.

Animal Studies by Charlie Davis

We And The Color

London-based illustrator Charlie Davis has created this beautiful series of animal studies. Charlie Davis is a skilled illustrator that has been featured several times before on WE AND THE COLOR. Today we are pleased to show you more of his creative work.

Eye Candy: Jon Burgerman reveals his 'route of escape' in cheerful new show in Boston

Creative Boom

Jon Burgerman at Eye Candy. Image by Dan Watkins Photography, courtesy of Praise Shadows Art Gallery. We could all do with a little lift right now. Enter one of our favourite doodlers, Jon Burgerman , who has revealed his latest body of work in a new exhibition in Boston.

33 of the best graphic design books

Creative Bloq

The must-read graphic design books for every designer