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11 Powerful Graphic Design Tips


Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst. If you’re a beginner, chances are you’re looking for some high-impact graphic design tips to help you quickly improve your skills and understand the industry. Perhaps for years, you didn’t fully grasp what a graphic designer does.

How to Apply Cyberpunk Style Color Grading & Neon Effects to Your Photos

Spoon Graphics

The cyberpunk aesthetic is commonly associated with densely populated, futuristic cities illuminated by bright neon signs and advertisements.

Color 225

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How Web Designers Can Help in a Crisis

Speckyboy Design Magazine

As I write this, the lives of potentially billions of people have been altered in one way or another. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an untold amount of changes – both big and small – not to mention tragic. To be sure, this is a crisis on a global scale.

Printed Pandemic: Plague Books

I Love Typography

The Black Death of the fourteenth century, a disease named after the symptomatic boils and darkened skin caused by internal bleeding, claimed as many as 200 million lives.

Print 237

Gali Erez on working in-house for Wix, her love of UX and how it feels to solve web design problems

Creative Boom

Gali Erez is Head of Product for Editor X , a new website design tool created by Wix that hopes to ditch any need for CSS skills. She joined Wix in 2015 as a senior UX designer before becoming the manager of all UX consumer experience groups at the platform.

Best Office Chairs for Designers & Creatives in 2020

Just Creative

For centuries, a chair has been seen as a place of power that battles and even wars have been fought over them. While things today aren’t that dire, having the right chair can help you be more productive and in turn, successful.

2020 179

Benefits of Approval Studio Proofing Tool for Designers and Creative Teams

Designer Daily

Among all of the design agencies’ headaches, artwork proofing is probably one of the most acute ones.

2020 164

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Bisa Butler's work aims to 'reorient angst and despair' faced by Black Americans

Creative Boom

Created entirely from cotton, silk, wool and velvet quilted and appliqué; it would be easy to assume the work of artist Bisa Butler is somewhat traditional – feminine, maybe, and delicate. But while it's undoubtedly exquisitely detailed and nuanced, it really packs a punch.

2020 196

20 Free Admin Dashboard UI Templates for Photoshop & Sketch App

Speckyboy Design Magazine

In recent years, much has changed in the way web users interact with dashboard data and complete simple backend tasks.

Magical Butterflies and Insects Stitched in Dense Thread Paintings by Emillie Ferris


All images © Emillie Ferris, shared with permission. Since she first began embroidering in 2013, Emillie Ferris ( previously ) has stitched a few rows nearly every day.

Stunningly Decorative US Vintage Motor Oil Cans, Gas and Grease Cans by TNT Petronliana

The Logo Smith

The post Stunningly Decorative US Vintage Motor Oil Cans, Gas and Grease Cans by TNT Petronliana appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 |. Stunningly Decorative US Vintage Motor Oil Cans, Gas and Grease Cans by TNT Petronliana.

Metamorphism and chess-inspired illustrative packaging designs for Salad & Jam

Creative Boom

Romania-based food and beverage design agency, CreativeByDefinition has created the striking packaging for the range Salad & Jam.

Inspired By Nature, National Parks Photography Competition 2020

Design You Trust

The UK National Parks and Campaign for National Parks are delighted to announce the winner, runner up and shortlisted entrants for our joint photography competition underscoring the importance of nature in our national parks.

2020 82

Human Subjects Distorted by Nature in Double-Exposure Photographs by Christoffer Relander


“Miss Autumn.” ” All images © Christoffer Relander, shared with permission. During the first frost in the southern region of Finland, Christoffer Relander ( previously ) shot dense patches of branches, ferns, and blades of grass as part of a new set of double-exposure photographs.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Copper by Siren

Under Consideration / Brand

“A Penny to your Name”. Established in 2019 and launching this year, Copper is an all-digital bank, built specifically for teenagers.

36 Days of Type gloriously illustrated and animated by Manchester designer Robert Lomas

Creative Boom

If you weren't already aware, 36 Days of Type invites artists to create a letter a day and post their creations on Instagram using the '36 Days' hashtag. It was a challenge Manchester designer Robert Lomas set himself recently to boost his skills.

The 100 Best Free Fonts for Designers

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Are you struggling to find that particular typeface that matches your creative vision? Then you’ve come to the right place! We do know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find good, high-quality fonts, so we’ve done the searching for you.

Fonts 85

Queremos Sonreír by Mucho


2020 83

Coronavirus Logos: Iconic Logos Reimagined For The Age Of Coronavirus

Design You Trust

Jure Tovrljan, a creative director based in Slovenia, has given makeovers to famous brand’s logos to make them more relevant for the coronavirus age. Just an idea of how logos should look like in these difficult times. Hang in there, guys.

Quarantine is looking good thanks to a brand refresh (the art collective, not self-isolation)

Creative Boom

Quarantine is very much a hot topic at the moment, which may or may not work in the favour of the Manchester-based ensemble of artists and producers of the same name, which recently unveiled its new visual identity to mark its 21st birthday.

Art 141

Skillshare Classes to Keep You Busy—and Give You a Break from the News—While Social Distancing


As many of us are stuck at home the next few weeks due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus, Colossal aims to help fill the hours both productively—and unproductively—with some fun lists of activities: think art podcasts, animated shorts, online classes, our favorite art documentaries streaming now, and a few great new books.

21 Graphic Design Tools You Can’t Live Without


No designer can push boundaries without having the right graphic design tools by their side. In fact, think of graphic design tools as your right-hand man. You see, the graphic design industry comes with a lot of surprises—good surprises, of course.

On The Front Line: Chinese Artists Pay Tribute To Medics In The Fight With Coronavirus Outbrake

Design You Trust

Chinese artists created a sort of amazing illustrations to pay tribute to medical staff fighting the coronavirus. A lot of them are dedicated to Dr. Li Wenliang, the Wuhan ophthalmologist who warned of the coronavirus outbreak and who died from its effects in early February. More: Source.

Tips on working from home: How to stay motivated and sane

Creative Boom

For many of us, working from home is nothing new. We know only too well the joy of not having a commute, being able to keep costs low and giving ourselves a flexible schedule. But we also know that it can be lonely and soul-destroying at times.

2020 184

Watch the Aquatic Animals at Monterey Bay Aquarium via These Free Live Streams


?. You may have had to cancel your spring vacation, but you still can (virtually) visit the aquatic animals housed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Weekly News for Designers ? 532

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Why In-Person Conferences Are Still Relevant for Web Designers – While conferences are understandably being held virtually or canceled, it will be nice to get back to in-person events. Snapfont – A browser extension that lets you test Google Fonts on a live website.

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands: Vintage Handwashing Propaganda Posters Between The 1920s And 1940s

Design You Trust

Dutch diligence: this poster from the Netherlands says, “Paper is good but hand washing is better.” Judgy sandwich etiquette, but good advice. Handwashing can help prevent illness.

2020 91

Bielke&Yang's redesign of one of Norway's biggest magazines aims to help build 'a better future'

Creative Boom

Oslo-based Bielke&Yang has recently completed a significant redesign of one of Norway's biggest magazines, OBOS-bladet.

The 6 Visual Trends That Will Define 2020

Inspiration Feed

Do trendy visuals of 2020 remind you of something you’ve seen before? Keep calm, you are not alone. Trends tend to evolve inevitably get built on with new references and movements in visual communication.

2020 62

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Clube de Criação by Wieden+Kennedy

Under Consideration / Brand

“Star-struck”. Established in 1975, Clube de Criação (The Creative Club in English) is a non-profit organization founded by advertising professionals in São Paulo, Brazil, to celebrate and promote the work of the industry.

Gummy Bears, Sugary Cereal, and Sushi Converted into Playful Apparel by Nicole McLaughlin


All images © Nicole McLaughlin. Nicole McLaughlin ( previously ) ensures she always has a snack at her fingertips—or stashed in a puffy vest or lining the top of her sandals.

Prints by Benjamin Craven, Camille Walala, Jenni Sparks and more to mark Earth Hour 2020

Creative Boom

For this year's Earth Hour (which couldn't be more relevant), Evermade is collaborating with WWF on its new series of limited edition art prints with 100% of profits donated to the world's leading conservation organisation.

2020 158

VIS-UEL Blends Minimalist Design with High Fashion Photography


Blending her love of art, editorial and high fashion, Gemma Hewson, the London-based mixed-media artist behind VIS-UEL, creates work with the intent to evoke curiosity and emotion.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Inner West Council by For The People

Under Consideration / Brand

“Join the Inner Circle”. Established in 2016, Inner West Council is a local government area located in, as its name implies, the inner western region of (not implied) Sydney, Australia.

2016 66

Photographer Captures Photos Of Empty Budapest During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Design You Trust

According to the official data, right now, Hungary has 58 confirmed coronavirus cases and 122 people in quarantine. This week, like in many other European countries, many public spaces and services were closed down, with only pharmacies and groceries working past 3 p.m.

How a radical Christian sect inspired two very different contemporary artists

Creative Boom

Useless Flowers is a new show at Fisher Parrish Gallery in Brooklyn of work by Caitlin MacBride and Sam Stewart; whose work is very different in form, but united by their shared use of the form of a bonnet.

Fantastical Video Imagines the Crystalized Intricacies of Mineral Deposits


?. In an enchanting new video titled “ Waiting to Be Found ,” Dan Hoopert dives into the details within Earth’s minerals. The United-Kingdom-based designer highlights the sprawling crystallization process as it expands within each deposit and alters its colors.