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10 Simple Web Design Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Inkbot Design

10 Simple Web Design Lessons I Learned the Hard Way. Whether starting as a designer or having been at it for years, there are always ways to learn new things. Web design is often misunderstood.

Designer Ofir Mizrahi on creating diverse websites that convey the right vibe

Creative Boom

Ofir Mizrahi delivers award-winning websites that clients and visitors love. We chat to him about deep research, trying new things, and how the right tools can help unleash your creativity.

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The Best Graphic Design Software in 2022

We And The Color

No matter how talented you are as a graphic designer, good software is essential for a fast workflow and the daily creation of modern graphics. An intuitive UI, as well as diverse features, make a good graphic design software.

How to Create an Animal Fur Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you some simple steps to create an animal fur text effect. The process makes use of a real animal fur texture for maximum realism.

Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: Ambicase

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. In 1958 Bradbury Thompson developed the ‘monoalphabet’, a type whose distinctive concept was that uppercase and lowercase forms were identical.

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Sarah Madden on slowing down and finding escape through an exciting leap into freelancing

Creative Boom

It took a global pandemic to slow many of us down and make others reassess their entire lives. For Sarah Madden , a graphic designer based in Leeds, she realised she wanted to embrace freelance illustration and design full-time to explore a better lifestyle.

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Mama Mexa by Seachange


Tacos are a Mexican staple, consisting of a small hand-sized corn or wheat-based tortilla topped with a range of fillings. They make for perfect on-the-go food, packed full of flavour.

50 Best TShirt Mockups

Graphic Design Junction

The best tshirt mockups enable you to display your apparel designs on realistic t-shirts mockups which not only enhance the beauty of your designs but also impress your clients. These mockups come with various perks.

Addressing topics of identity, Grant Gasser's new Riso art project is inspired by the topic of martyrdom

Creative Boom

© Grant Gasser. In Grant Gasser 's latest project, Martyrs, he shows us how it's always important to keep working on your own personal work.

Giddy Citizen Branding by Smack Bang

We And The Color

Check out this funky new brand identity of Giddy Citizen, a modern company with a modern approach to wellbeing. Based in Sydney, Australia, Giddy Citizen is a memorable lifestyle brand creating feel-good products for everyday people within the wellness space.

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Meet the Shops Behind the Drop

Creative Market

Each month, we drop a curated collection of design assets from talented shops and make them free for all Creative Market members. Here are the design resources we’re dropping this month. Check out this list of shops and learn more about their style: CVR Presets.

Fiction and philosophy drive Benjamin Dumond’s experimental type projects

Its Nice That

Believing that for too long typography has existed “more as a matter of engineers than poets”, the Lyon-based graphic designer produces intricate fictional narratives to accompany his avant-garde typefaces.

'Insure Your Happiness': playful outdoor campaign celebrates the health benefits of pet ownership

Creative Boom

"Insure your happiness" is the rallying cry in a new campaign by Uncommon for cat and dog insurance brand, ManyPets. The outdoor series was inspired by new research that found that owning a pet improves our mental and physical health – helping us reduce stress or become more active.

Adobe Photoshop App UI Mockup Tablet Set

We And The Color

This set of colorful app UI mockups for Adobe Photoshop is available for free download with an adobe Stock trial subscription. Avelina Studio specializes in photos and mockups for designers, managers, communication professionals, etc.

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Learn to Prioritize Your Web Design Work


So much of being a freelance web designer is about balance. Make sure to take time for yourself. Create efficient processes or even outsource tasks to ensure that you have time for your projects. But what about the projects themselves?

“Cute, gentle and fun”: why silly characters are so integral to Larissa Laban’s eclectic portfolio

Its Nice That

The Sao Pãulo-based illustrator and designer on loving to laugh while she works and how recent Arabic classes have expanded her type design repertoire.

Code3's Rachel Brandt on nailing strategy, managing with empathy, and working flexibly

Creative Boom

Rachel Brandt. Code3 operates at the intersection of media, creative, and commerce. VP of creative strategy Rachel Brandt explains how that works in practice and how becoming a mother has changed her approach to managing creatives.

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Vacant Photo Series by Brad Walls

We And The Color

Vacant is a retrofuturistic photo series shot by award-winning Australian Photographer, Brad Walls. Award-winning photographer, Brad Walls has released a new series titled ‘Vacant’.

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Fantastic Examples of a Fullscreen Video Background in Web Design

Vandelay Design

These websites with video backgrounds provide plenty of inspiration. You'll see examples of websites that make effective and creative use of video within the web design. The post Fantastic Examples of a Fullscreen Video Background in Web Design appeared first on Vandelay Design.

Inspired by grime and films like Moonlight, Templo rebrands UD to reflect Black music culture today

Its Nice That

As UD relaunches with a state-of-the-art music hub unveiled by Sadiq Khan, Templo brings the brand forward, implementing a new name and bridging logo.

Art 101

Type foundry Frost enters the digital world with launch of new website

Creative Boom

Harrison Marshall has been busy. As well as spending the last few years working on commissions for brands such as Next and Basic Space, he's also founded his own independent type foundry, Frost , which recently launched its website.

Weekly News for Designers ? 651


WordPress Themes Team Releases New Plugin for Creating Block Themes – A new plugin lets you create a block theme directly within WordPress – then export it for use anywhere. Releasing Color.js: A library that takes color seriously – A look behind the scenes of this new JavaScript library.

Black and Red: Graphic Poster Designs by Taras L.

We And The Color

Check out these graphic artworks created by Taras L using simple geometric shapes in black and red. Taras L is a Polish freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He usually specializes in a range of branding and packaging design projects.

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A Ramen Shop in Japan Inspired by Old, Pixelated Video Games

Design Milk

If you want to feel like you’ve jumped inside a 1980’s video game, visit this ramen shop in Okinawa, Japan. It’s like a mix between Tetris and Q*bert and I’m 100% intrigued.

Photographer Brad Walls takes to the squash court for his next conceptual art series

Creative Boom

Future Passé, from the series Vacant © Brad Walls. Renowned for his geometric compositions and conceptual art imagery, Australian photographer Brad Walls has turned his attention to the humble squash court, creating a dramatic series that plays on the symmetry and lines of the space.

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Looks and Beyond: Choosing the Right Fonts for Your Website


Web typography is in its golden age. There is a nearly endless array of fonts available to web designers, along with great options for implementing them. We are spoiled, indeed. All of this variety is wonderful. Yet it can also make for tougher decisions when picking fonts.

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365 Days of Grunge Typography Posters by Janine Heinrichs

We And The Color

Take a look at this fine selection of grunge typography posters by Janine Heinrichs. Janine is an experienced graphic designer who lives and works in Ontario, Canada.

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Kiki Goti’s Designs Are Like Licorice Allsorts Turned Into Furniture

Azure Magazine

Edible Lego blocks aside, licorice allsorts feature some of the candy industry’s most architectural forms. Many allsorts stack together multiple layers of licorice and fondant to create miniature, multi-coloured sandwiches, while others wrap tiny tubes in contrasting coatings to form sugary pilotis.

Parenting Loudly: Why we need more working mothers in creative leadership roles

Creative Boom

If 53% of all graphic designers are women, but only 11% of those are in leadership roles (with even fewer as agency principals, according to recent figures ), what on earth does that mean for the number of mothers in those positions?

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The Peaches Collection Explores the Female Body + Its Curves

Design Milk

Having made its debut in an abandoned nunnery in Alcova for Milan Design Week , Bohinc Studio’s Peaches seating collection presented a curvaceous display. It’s inspired by the female body and all of the beautiful curves that some shapes include.

Art Exhibition Poster Templates with Abstract Geometric Elements

We And The Color

Available for free download with an Adobe Stock trial subscription, these poster templates by Denys Koltovskyi are ideal for exhibitions or other art and design-related events. Adobe Stock contributor @Denys Koltovskyi has created this amazing set of poster templates.

Photographer Spotlight: Tony Wang


ongoing series Urban Hallucination. Tony Wang. Urban Hallucination is an experimental visual study that sheds light on the tranquil and tender among the chaotic.

Photographs of the summer solstice at Stonehenge mark a new dawn of hope

Creative Boom

© Matt Badenoch. On visiting the famous summer solstice event at Stonehenge, London-based photographer Matt Badenoch discovered a sense of freedom and joy amongst the many revellers. Capturing the celebrations through the night and into the longest day of the year, his images paint a picture of hope.

What Role does an Onboarding Specialist Play in Preventing Drop-Offs During Onboarding?


So you already know it’s the most crucial and initial stage to drive a successful customer success journey ahead for your clients. Don’t take a chance to risk losing them while you have to be impressive.