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What To Do When the Plagiarist Strikes?

Creative Review

Of all the projects I’ve been involved with since my career in design and branding kicked off some 20 years ago, there are few I feel as fondly towards as the Studiocanal cinema ident.

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How to Pave Your Own Path as a Freelancer

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Have you ever asked yourself why you became a freelance web designer? As funny as it sounds, it may be one of those questions that we don’t ask ourselves until well after we’ve started a business. Odds are that your initial answer has something to do with freedom.

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8 Famous Logo Designs and their accompanying Final Logo Sketches

The Logo Smith

The post 8 Famous Logo Designs and their accompanying Final Logo Sketches appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 The Logo Smith.™ |. Arek Dvornechuck has compiled a great post showing famous logo sketches and napkin doodle sketches for 8 famous brands and companies.

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Animal Crossing: Oil paintings by Mayuka Yamamoto of enigmatic children dressed as animals

Creative Boom

It was the cute, welcoming game of mundane fruit picking and creative crafting that got us through the first lockdown, now Animal Crossing has inspired a new series of paintings by Japanese artist Mayuka Yamamoto.

Design Thinking Strategies for Facilitating Growth and Performance

Speaker: Carrie Cousins, Founder and Freelancer Writer & Designer at Carrie Cousins LLC

Design thinking is at the root of creative success. Seriously! But do you know how to shift your mindset and creative process – as well as that of your team – to create and ideate in ways that are truly innovative? The most inspired and innovative teams and individual designers need to be a part of a culture that enables forward-thinking, acceleration, and efficiency. It’s a combination of creative, analytical, and collaborative approaches that produce results.

9 Best Illustration & Drawing Courses for Artists (Free & Paid)

Just Creative

Did you ever want to be an artist growing up? Maybe you reached that goal and work in graphic design but for some of us, maybe we didn’t possess the natural skill or talent that the best artists in the world have.

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Booooooom x Capture Photography Festival: Public Art Open Call


Photo Capture Photography Festival exhibition photography vancouver

Cultural Diversity: The illustrators who are proving just how much representation matters

Creative Boom

Black Lives Matter has been the rallying cry of 2020. All around the world, people of all kinds have taken to the streets during the pandemic to demand systemic change.

7 Design Tips to Help Boost the Affiliate Sales of Your Blog

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Nick Kanter. Whether you have started your blog out of sheer passion or for purely business reasons, there comes a time when you begin to contemplate monetizing it.

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Ediya Beanist by Studio fnt


Text by Richard Baird EDIYA is a well-established South Korean coffee brand, with franchised stores and array of drinks and branded products. It has the largest number of stores, exceeding that of Starbucks and any other international brands, opening its 3000th store at the end of 2019.

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Now More Than Ever: Why Communication is Essential For Your Business

Speaker: Danielle Hughes, Chief Personality Officer, More Than Words Marketing

In this presentation, you'll hear from Danielle Hughes, a copywriting and branding expert, on how you can use your personality to connect with your clients and stand out from the clutter. On how being vulnerable and real will create stronger connections and affinity, and how knowing your brand and your audience makes messaging easier for you and more relatable for them.

5 Tips for Designing a Better Logo

Six Leaf Design

Creating a unique and memorable logo may sound easy, but there are so many things to take into consideration when trying to create the most important aspect of your branding and professional image.

Vibrant watercolour paintings by Rance Jones of Cuba and its 'survivors and dreamers'

Creative Boom

In his latest series of watercolour paintings, The Lingering Revolution, American artist Rance Jones explores the children, farmers, workers, shoppers and tradespeople of Cuba against its remarkable backdrop of history.

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How to Get a Graphic Design Education with Coursera Plus

Just Creative

Are you wanting to learn graphic design online with a comprehensive course? You’ve found the right place. Although we’ve shared free & premium graphic design courses in the past, this offer from Coursera has to be one of the most comprehensive graphic design courses available online. In fact, the “ Graphic Design Specialization ” career learning path from Coursera is compromised of 5 courses in one and you can get access with Coursera Plus. More on that below.

“City Parks” by Sophie Wedgewood


Photo city parks london photographer photography sophie wedgewood

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Recession Proof Your Business

Speaker: Ean

Facts fight fear. This presentation will outline specific actions you can take to protect your cash manage debt to increase your chances of success in an economic downturn. Suitable for all size businesses (side hustle to C-Corp) with any bookkeeping system.

Famous Architecture Recreated with CSS and JavaScript

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Architecture is one of the most instantly-recognizable artforms. Show a picture of a famous structure and odds are that a plurality of people will immediately identify it. It also serves as a source of pride and inspiration.

Noa Maller's delicate teapot illustrations for Secret Garden, a Danish tea brand

Creative Boom

As illustrators, it's not every day that you get the chance to create the packaging for a gorgeous new tea brand, which is why Noa Maller was excited to share her latest project for Secret Garden.

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Top 9 Best Animation Courses Online (Free & Paid)

Just Creative

Animation has come a long way from the first animated cartoon in 1908, but thankfully as the technology of animation has moved forward, so have the opportunities that amateur animators have to not only learn their craft but to improve upon it as well.

“The Painted Wall” by Photographer Jared Landberg


Photo indiana indianapolis jared landberg photographer photography the painted wall

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Practical Financial Advice for Creatives in Crisis

Speaker: Jason Blumer, CPA

This webinar provides practical and honest financial advice for those running creative businesses in crisis. The economic disruption brought about by the spread of the coronavirus has caught us all by surprise. Come learn how you need to act now in areas of cash, finances, tax, and the financial side of your business. There will be a time for Q&A as well

The Animade rebrand by Koto uses its logo as eyes, adding instant character to all it touches

Its Nice That

This jubilant identity also brings out the animation studio’s distinct personality through abstract shapes, bright colours and a typeface full of “fun quirks”.

Behind Tired Eyes: Paintings by Tristan Pigott inspired by a 'lost generation' of young people

Creative Boom

In Tristan Pigott 's latest series, Behind Tired Eyes, the London-based artist captures the mood of a "lost generation" of young people, struggling to find their place in the world at a time when life feels, weird, warped and full of uncertainty.

Top 15 Best Gouche Brushes for Procreate (Free & Premium)

Just Creative

In the world of art, there are few mediums with such an extensive history as gouache.

“Imag[in]ing America” by Photographer Jennifer Garza-Cuen


Photo imag[in]ing america jennifer garza-cuen photographer photography san antonio texas

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Web Design for All: Accessibility, Inclusivity and Beyond

Speaker: Eden Spivak, Design Expert and Editor at Wix & Nir Horesh, Accessibility Lead and Senior Product Manager at Wix

When we design products or websites for people like ourselves, there are many others who are, as a result, left out. In this webinar, we’ll delve into why accessibility matters. Yet however well-intended, website accessibility is too often seen as a checklist to be marked off at the end of the design process. Our goal is to shift the discussion around accessible design from accommodating the needs of a small minority group to creating better, more inclusive interfaces for us all - no matter our identity, background, knowledge, or ability.

Jungeun Lee utilises graphic design as if a guessing game between herself and the viewer

Its Nice That

Not knowing quite what she wanted to do thankfully led the Rotterdam-based creative towards graphic design – yet the possibility of what's next is still wide open.

B&Q's 'Build a Life' campaign by Uncommon celebrates the belief that DIY can lift our spirits

Creative Boom

In what has been a hugely challenging year for many businesses, B&Q is one retailer to thrive as people have turned increasingly to DIY projects and home improvement during the pandemic.

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8 Types of Videos Brands Should Use in Marketing Campaigns

Just Creative

This video has been contributed by Dave Schneider. 85% of internet users in the U.S. consume video content at least once a month. And the demand for video is increasing every year. Brands can no longer get by without adding video to their arsenal of marketing tools.

“El fuego no es un juego” by Photographer Jonathan LLense


Photo el fuego no es un juego jonathan LLense paris photographer photography

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What in the World is a Force Majeure?

Speaker: Michele Berdinis

This session will answer business law questions that people are asking most during the pandemic.

Dive into Alice’s Wonderland in the V&A’s first-ever VR event

Its Nice That

The curator takes visitors on a sneak preview of the museum’s upcoming Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser show, with added psychedelic effects, while a new VR experience sees the world down the rabbit hole brought to life by illustrator Kristjana Williams.

Portraits of young gay men by Gilbert Lewis influenced by Virginia Woolf's gender-fluid Orlando

Creative Boom

"But time, unfortunately, though it makes animals and vegetables bloom and fade with amazing punctuality, has no such simple effect on the mind of man. The mind of man, moreover, works with equal strangeness on the body of time.".

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Best Oil Brushes for Procreate

Just Creative

Since the 15th century, artists have been using oil paint as a medium to bring their imaginations to life. These days, the medium is still viewed by many as an important art form. The downside is that oil paint can take some time to dry, so with the advent and improvements in technology, artists can now use their Procreate app to create masterpieces with “digital” oil paint.