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Graphic Design: Your Ultimate List of Tools and Resources


We can’t do what we want to do without the aid of tools. Chefs employ fire to conjure up gastronomic wonders in the kitchen. Playing an instrument is an essential part of the music.

40+ Websites with Modern Design Trends For Inspiration

Graphic Design Junction

New modern websites design with amazing concepts and modern design trends. List of 40+ Websites design and created by professional web designers and webdesign agencies from all over the world. Each website design have unique story with amazing UIUX design.


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Photoshop Gold Text Effect Tutorial

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a lovely gold text effect. It’s made using a combination of Photoshop layer styles, plus a couple of my own secret ingredients that really brings the effect to life with a nice shiny finish.

Featured Fonts

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. Six must-have font familes. All available from ILT. And a bonus free font too. The post Featured Fonts appeared first on I Love Typography. typography featured fonts

Fonts 257

“The Rooted Heart Began to Change” by Photographer Allan Salas


Photo allan salas costa rica photographer photography San Jose the rooted heart began to change

Pursue Hard Seltzer by OlssønBarbieri


New products, new markets and new consumer groups generate new aesthetics – or, at least, you would hope so. Too often, style migrates from one category to another, or the identity of a sub-culture (visually speaking), is exploited in a commercial context.

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11 Examples of Candy Packaging That Hits the Sweet Spot


Candy packaging is one of the most exciting categories of food packaging design. The rules are, there are no rules! The more fun, colourful, and engaging the better, as these brands need to appeal to such a vast audience, and packaging is the way to catch the attention of consumers. Resources.

Fonts 124

Photographer Spotlight: Tony Westman


Tony Westman. Tony Westman’s Website. Photo photographer photography Tony Westman

Deroy Peraza: Branding Nonprofits Is Different From Companies

Graphic Design USA

Branding commercial enterprises and purpose-centric nonprofits are two vastly different projects, argues Deroy Peraza, and the reasons for those differences are important to understand.

Brand 131

23 Best Handwritten Fonts For Graphic Designers

Graphic Design Junction

Beautiful hand-picked collection of best handwritten fonts. Modern calligraphy makes it appear wonderfully, readable, and incredibly versatile. The handwritten fonts will look outstanding in any context, whether it’s being used on busy backgrounds or as a standalone headline!

Fonts 96

Janet&Co Branding by Pop & Pac Studio

We And The Color

Pop & Pac Studio created this artsy visual identity for Janet&Co. Janet&Co design and direct human-centric properties of the future. Pop & Pac Studio was commissioned to work on a unique brand identity and web design brand.

Color 92

“Newsstands” by Photographer Trevor Traynor


Trevor Traynor. Trevor Traynor’s Website. Trevor Traynor on Instagram. Photo photographer photography Trevor Traynor

Microsoft's new clothing line is gloriously 90s

Creative Bloq

But will anyone pay this price for MS Paint-inspired threads

50+ Best Modern Living Room Design & Decor Ideas

Graphic Design Junction

Decorating a happy home, specially living room design is probably the most exciting yet challenging space you’ll have to design and decorate in your home. Decor a livingroom it’s an art and peoples always been dreaming about good, comfort and eye-catching decorated homes.

Sinc & Magoz—A Journey of Discovery Into the World of NFTs

We And The Color

Over the past few months, Amsterdam-based creative agency Sinc teamed up with renowned digital artist Magoz to create a series of NFTs focusing on the relationship between humans and the organizations they work for. Magoz is a digital artist based in Malmö, Sweden.

Color 92

How to Minimize Wasted Time during a Web Design Project


Time is such a precious thing – and yet it’s so easy to waste. To illustrate, a friend of mine who served in the military once remarked that much of their day was spent standing around, awaiting orders. It sounds a lot like a typical web design project – albeit on a smaller scale.

Artist Spotlight: Anna Leigh Clem


Anna Leigh Clem. Anna Leigh Clem’s Website. Anna Leigh Clem on Instagram. Photo Anna Leigh Clem artist photography

Artist 111

Node.js Framework – A Panoramic View for Web Designers & Developers

Graphic Design Junction

In recent times business owners are incessantly looking for ways to drive the growth of their businesses, and web application development seems to be the most viable option with the advancement of technology.

Business Stationery Mockup Set for Adobe Photoshop

We And The Color

Using this hyper-realistic Photoshop mockup, you can visualize any business stationery design in a high-quality way. Created by Adobe Stock contributor @blackcatstudio , this stationery mockup has been arranged on a gray background. You can easily place your own design on all individual items.

Adobe 92

Vector animations with Figma and SVG-Animate

UX Collective

Have you ever gotten frustrated because you couldn’t describe complex animations to your developers? Finding references, polishing details… Continue reading on UX Collective ». illustration animation figma design ux

Five creatives inspired by early gaming nostalgia

Its Nice That

From the fantasy realms of RPG graphics to sheer 8-bit pixelation, video game visuals don’t mean any one thing, as these brilliant creatives prove.

Weekly News for Designers ? 653


How I Experience the Web Today – Cookie consent banners, annoying push notification requests, and distracting ads – they’re all here! The History of User Interfaces – Take a tour through various UIs that have marked the past five decades.

Download These Graphic Poster Design Templates as Vector Graphics

We And The Color

Choose from a wide range of fully customizable graphic poster designs based on abstract geometric shapes, various colors, organic ornaments, and stylish typography.

These Modern Clocks Are Inspired by Jewelry + Furniture Design

Design Milk

In the age of smart phones, some might argue that wall clocks have (sadly) lost a bit of their luster. But what if we considered clocks as more than purely mechanisms for telling time – what if clocks were as central to home decor, as say, furniture to a room or a necklace to an outfit?

Helvetica, the world’s most popular font, serves as a creative muse in a new NFT collection

Its Nice That

As art and technology become ever-more entwined, designers are finding new possibilities for typography.

11 Examples of Candy Packaging That Hits the Sweet Spot


Candy packaging is one of the most exciting categories of food packaging design. The rules are, there are no rules! The more fun, colourful, and engaging the better, as these brands need to appeal to such a vast audience, and packaging is the way to catch the attention of consumers. Resources.

Fonts 78

Learn Mobile Phone Travel Photography

We And The Color

With this popular online course by Dan Tom, you can learn to create stunning travel photography with your mobile phone. Dan Tom is a professional designer and photographer in his free time. He has traveled all over the world from Kenya, Tahiti, India, and Chile.

A White Cottage Expands Into a Black + White, Asymmetrical Modern Home

Design Milk

Originally a white cottage in Northern Melbourne, the Host House underwent a massive renovation and expansion to work for a growing family. Splinter Society first extended the pitched roof volume running front to the back behind the original facade.

Why HR Management System is Practical for a Community


Scaling, optimization of workflows, and automation are all issues businesses face as they grow. As a business grows, managing its human resources becomes more difficult.

How a “hypersensitive character” dictates the psychedelic-infused digital drawings of Luca Schenardi

Its Nice That

After many years of switching between contemporary art and illustration, the Altford-based illustrator has settled into the creatively boundless realm of digital drawing.