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25 Photorealistic Packaging Product Mockups

Graphic Design Junction

Highest quality packaging product mockups to present your work in a realistic and professional style. These mockups can make your design presentation stand out from other mockups and give it truly photorealistic look.

Designing for social justice: What does it mean to create radical posters for the 21st Century?

Its Nice That

In conversation with the Labour Party Graphic Designers and the Autonomous Design Group, we explore how UK-based collectives are using historical design movements to inspire their bold aesthetic approach. Features


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'I destroy the work after an exhibition': Inside the weird worlds of artist JeeYoung Lee

Creative Boom

© JeeYoung Lee. South Korean visual artist and designer JeeYoung Lee is returning to London's NOW Gallery with her upcoming exhibition, Maiden Voyage. Make sure you see it while you can, though, because once it's gone, it's gone for good.

Retro Striped Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Spoon Graphics

Over the years I’ve shared several tutorials showing how to create retro text effects mostly using Adobe Illustrator, so today I thought I’d mix things up and show some techniques for creating retro striped text effects with a 70s vibe using tools in Photoshop.

How To Design Custom Online Learning Programs

Designer Daily

Nowadays, it’s more accessible to learn new skills or earn certification through online programs. Various platforms provide opportunities to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge or supplement their studies.

Illustrator Spotlight: Rinnae Huang


Rinnae Huang. Rinnae Huang’s Website. Rinnae Huang on Instagram. Illustration illustration illustrator Rinnae Huang san francisco

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Matoke Experience Poster Collection by Xavier Esclusa Trias

We And The Color

Xavier Esclusa Trias created this beautiful poster collection for Matoke Experience. Commissioned by the travel agency Matoke Experience, Xavier Esclusa Trias, a Barcelona-based art director and freelance graphic designer created this beautiful poster collection.

Color 102

Amazing Digital Paintings Illustrations By Hanaa Medhat

Graphic Design Junction

Once again we are featuring passionate and hardworking professional Digital Paintings Illustrations Instructor and Art director “ Hanaa Medhat “. She has extensive experience managing and creating a wide range of design project s from posters to brochures.

Guil Hernandez, Dave McFarland, and More: Will’s Inspirations


To understand what inspired me to become a website developer, we need to go back to the beginning. It all really started during my college days, when I was given web assignments.

Oliver Jeffers' paintings explode the night sky into floral bouquets - and there's a message too

Creative Boom

© Oliver Jeffers, Universes, 2022, acrylic on panel. Image courtesy the artist. When we seek inspiration, the most natural way in the world is to look up; in the words of Oscar Wilde, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

Narrative Photography Online Course

We And The Color

With this online course by Dara Scully, you will learn the resources to tell a story through photography. Dara Scully is a renowned photographer and writer specializing in narrative photography.

Dive into the random, genius, alphabetically-organised world of HejHelloHalloAnnyeong’s web design experiments

Its Nice That

Since the pandemic the collective have been meeting every fortnight to create innovative web-based experiments inspired by their random word selector.

Storytelling, Cinematography, and More: Matt’s Inspirations


Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools of humankind. An argument is that telling stories is what differentiates us from the other sapiens in the first place, and is the one thing that transcends through time almost untouched. Resources. The Video Brief Template. The Video Brief Template.

Ukraine war exhibition at Wieden+Kennedy gallery updates its images in real-time

Creative Boom

© Volodymyr Petrov. In Ukraine right now, history is being written, recorded and documented; history will undoubtedly be studied by our children and grandchildren for decades to come.

Designing for emotional delight

UX Collective

When was the last time that you used a product that left you with a smile?—?whether whether it be the overall product experience or a small unexpected moment? Every company has the same goal of building great products, but is there more we can do?

“Blue Crawfish” by Photographer Niall O’Brien


Photo blue crawfish Niall O'Brien photographer photography

A4 Brand Guidelines Template for Adobe InDesign

We And The Color

Consisting of 33 customizable pages, this brand guidelines template includes everything you need to showcase any branding project the right way. This professional brand guidelines template was made by Adobe Stock contributor @PixWork.

Adobe 109

Constanze Bachmann's groundbreaking UAL project redefines what fashion means

Creative Boom

Constanze Bachmann at LCFMA22 Catwalk Show. Photography by Ana Blumenkron, Styling Collaboration. If you want to know the future of the creative industries, the universities are an excellent place to look.

Is Bionic Reading the future?

UX Collective

“Reading that feels like the sensation of walking on a moving walkway at an airport.” ” Continue reading on UX Collective ». accessibility ux adhd typography reading

The Instagram rebrand embraces the “squircle” – a perfect union between the circle and square

Its Nice That

As Instagram’s first refresh in over five years introduces an illuminated gradient and logo-inspired brand typeface, we speak to the design team about how the biggest challenges came typographically.

How to Ensure that the Grumpy Designer Never Buys Your Product


When it comes to products and services geared towards web designers, the “hustle” is unique. The classic methods of marketing in-person or on a printed page aren’t as relevant. That means the real legwork has to be done online. It’s a monumental challenge.

Japanese artist En Iwamura's fanciful sculptures are a holiday for the mind

Creative Boom

En Iwamura, launching his new show, Neo Jomon: Beans. No artist can be immune to the confusion, chaos and climate disasters taking place around the world right now. But there is more than one way to reflect these realities in your work.

An overview of web accessibility and good semantics

UX Collective

Today, May 19, 2022, is the 11th Global Accessibility Awareness Day. This article is a tiny contribution and an attempt at educating myself further on the matters of accessibility. Icon of a pointer with a blue emphasis on the index finger.

What if bacteria celebrated Christmas? Illustrator Wenjing Yang investigates

Its Nice That

Creating work that explores the “what ifs”, the Maine-based illustrator Wenjing Yang tells us how speculative fiction serves as her biggest inspiration.

12 inspirational free courses to get your creative juices flowing

Creative Bloq

Improve your art by mastering everything from colour and light to sketching with freedom

Art 100

Franck Bohbot captures people's passion for gaming in stunning arcade photos

Creative Boom

LA-based photographer Franck Bohbot has captured people's love for gaming in Back To The Arcade , a new series of photos which focuses on the beautiful, neon-lit aesthetics of entertainment machines through the ages.

The sonic dimension of the Metaverse

UX Collective

Credit: Dmitry Demidov If there is one aspect of metaverse design I have not seen anyone write about, it is the sonic dimension and how the conscious integration of soundscapes into virtual worlds can radically amplify our experiences and sense of place within them.

“It’s almost like a country that has no flag”: Designers propose the first glyph for the Icelandic króna

Its Nice That

With a recent open call, the Icelandic Graphic Design Association and Central Bank of Iceland try to solve a taxing design challenge: inventing a country’s first monetary symbol.

Ars Gratia Artis Illustrations by Alessandro Pautasso

We And The Color

The act of destruction explored in an illustration series by Alessandro Pautasso. “Ars Gratia Artis” is an illustration collection by Alessandro Pautasso that explores the act of destruction as an act of creation, revisiting classical and iconic symbols of the past.

Color 83

Sabina Speich crafts large-scale pizza, bacon and chips through her 'freestyle' method of crochet

Creative Boom

© Sabina Speich. Sabina Speich is a creator of all things yarn. And when we say all things, we mean all things. From eggs to bacon, pizza to noodle soup, the artist has no limits when it comes to subject matter and creativity.

How to create Figma design loved by developers

UX Collective

I recently gave a presentation at Figma Config 2022 titled “How to Create Figma Design Loved by Developers”. link] Figma Since the presentation was done in Japanese and I wanted to share the content to more people, I decided to transcribe the presentation in English. Hope you would like it!

Coding 105

Essential Guides for Newborn Wrap Photography

Graphic Design Junction

Many parents love wrapping their babies especially when they are preparing for a newborn photography prop. For this reason, it is necessary to learn some of the essential guidelines that will help you wrap your baby for you to have a successful photography prop.

Karol ?liwka

Logo Design Love

Born in 1932 in the Silesian Foothills in Harbutowice, southern Poland, Karol ?liwka liwka began his art education in 1946 at the Evening School of Painting, Sculpture and Graphics in Bielsko-Bia?a. I was 13 years old and I had been disarming mines in the field. One of them exploded.

Spotify unveils the world's first 'tapestry billboard' to promote Florence + The Machine album

Creative Boom

The more digitised our society and social lives become, the more we crave older, analogue forms of media. So along with streaming music, audiences are also turning back to vinyl and even cassettes to regain that physical, haptic connection with their favourite artists.