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That one question: “Which font is best for use for readability?”

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Image of typefaces up close As a Content Designer one of the most challenging questions to answer and often the one I can literally spend a day on is “Which font should I use for this project or, “Which font is best for the user?”

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How designers can solve the nightmare of forever-changing brand guidelines

Creative Boom

It's no secret that brand guidelines have become a major headache for graphic designers working today. With everything in constant flux, it's difficult to keep up with the increasing demands of visual identities. Corebook is on a mission to help and wants to make PDF brand guidelines extinct by 2025.

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10 Free Platforms for Building Websites and Pages


There’s no shortage of platforms and tools for building websites in the market. There are so many in fact, that finding a decent one is not much of a problem. If “decent” isn’t good enough for you, it gets tougher. Finding a top-of-the-line product becomes a challenge.

What is Sketching and Why a Designer Needs It

Designer Daily

Sketching is a quick drawing technique. Classic sense, sketching is a preparatory stage before the creation of artistic work. Such sketches help artists think through the composition, outline the main lines and assemble the elements of the future work. Fast does not mean poor quality.

Painted Effect Photoshop Action and Smart PSD

Spoon Graphics

Easily give your photographs a hand-painted look in just a few clicks with the help of my Painted Effect toolkit for Adobe Photoshop. A series of filters and adjustments are automatically applied to your image to mimic brush strokes and bold smudgy colours.

Class of 2022: A guide to all the UK's graduate shows this summer

Creative Boom

Students at Glasgow School of Art. Left to right: Billy Paterson (Communication Design Y3), Jihye Baek (MFA 2022), Fleur Connor (Painting and Printmaking 2022), Sophie Ammann, Leonie Hiller (Communication Design 2022). Grad shows are back in physical form: hooray!

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Artistic Photoshop Poster Template

We And The Color

You can download this unique poster template for your next design project on Adobe Stock. Created by Adobe Stock contributor @GrafVishenka , this beautifully designed poster template is based on a standard size of A3. The PSD file is completely print-ready and you can edit it in several ways.

Sitko Pizza Co. by Werklig


Pizza making is a lot like brand identity design. It has many potential configurations: it can be generic or wildly individual, but fundamentally, it’s systematic, a framework of organised elements. It is a base that holds a variety of communicative assets and techniques (the toppings, if you will).

Want to go freelance? These top illustrators share the big secrets to their success

Creative Boom

© Jungmin Ryu. All images courtesy of the artists. Going it alone as an illustrator is full of challenges, from creative to administrative. So the more advice you can get, the better.

25 Top Photography WordPress Themes 2022

Graphic Design Junction

? The best photography WordPress themes of all time. Top WordPress Themes for photographers, artists and personal wedding photos or portfolio studio. The clean and modern layout that comes with the themes makes it suitable for most professional photography business establishments.

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“Where I Was Born” by Photographer Lisa Bukreyeva


Lisa Bukreyeva. Born in 1993, starts photography in 2019. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. And I lived all my life in Kyiv. I mostly shot street and documentary photography. Important to me to establish a connection between people and the environment in which we are.

8 CSS Snippets That Demonstrate the Power of Shadow Effects


Where would web designers be without CSS? It wasn’t so long ago that something as simple as a drop shadow required the use of graphics. Now, it’s a matter of writing a line or two of code. That’s great for adding some basic effects to your text and containers.

Discover the latest creative talent at New Designers 2022, the mother of all grad shows

Creative Boom

Freedom Billboard by Hannah Davis. Looking to be inspired by the best new creative talent in the UK right now? It'd be near-impossible to attend all the individual grad shows at each college and university – but don't worry, you don't need to because New Designers is back!

23 Simple and Clean Resume Design with Cover Letter Templates

Graphic Design Junction

Simple clean resume design comes with cover letter and reference pages. The best high quality resume templates really stands out, so convince at the first sight and get your dream job.

Norsk Etikett Branding by Studio Oker

We And The Color

Check out this timeless new visual identity of Norsk Etikett. Located in Stavanger, Norway, Studio Oker is a design firm working with brands at the intersection of technology and culture.

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Fonts Rooted In Calligraphy Are The Most Trustworthy

Graphic Design USA

Collated in collaboration with Neurons, a new study from Monotype finds that the right type can boost positive reader response by 13%.

Humberto Cruz on defining artistic success and building a personal brand

Creative Boom

Tomorrow Creates & Sea Shepherd © Humberto Cruz. Illustrator, digital designer and creative artist Humberto Cruz has been making waves on Instagram thanks to his unique pop culture-inspired style.

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26 Best Photography WordPress Themes 2022

Graphic Design Junction

Responsive and clean Photography WordPress themes for the Photography creative portfolio websites. Also, best for creating unique and beautiful websites for photographers, photography agencies, photo studios, bloggers, videographers, musicians, and more.

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Material Girl Rebrand by STONES DESIGN Lab

We And The Color

The team of STONES DESIGN Lab. created a new brand identity for Material Girl. STONES DESIGN Lab. is a Beijing, China-based graphic design studio. Their skilled team was commissioned to work on a new brand identity for Material Girl including branding materials and packaging.

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Design it Yourself: Vintage Label

Creative Market

Branding spirits and beverages is truly a form of art. You’re bringing together the product’s tasting notes, aesthetic proposal, and its aspirational values to convey a story.

How to get a diversity scholarship to study graphic design at Shillington

Creative Boom

Shillington is known throughout the design industry as a flexible and reliable route into the profession. So it's great news that it has just announced two Diversity in Design scholarships for 2022, available to two lucky aspiring designers.

Weekly News for Designers ? 648


Single Element Loaders: The Spinner – Create a CSS loader animation using minimal code. Inspiral Web – This web/mobile app recreates the joy of drawing with a Spirograph. A Guide to Choosing the Right WordPress Block Plugins – Things to consider before you install custom blocks.

Thoughts on modernism, brutalism, and a number of other outdated “isms”

UX Collective

When hollowed-out ideologies produce failed outcomes. Collage detail from book?—?the

Explore queer design history through Days of Rage, a new online exhibition documenting LGBTQIA+ activist posters

Its Nice That

We speak to the One Archives Foundation and Studio Lutalica about the intentions behind the online exhibition, and its clean and minimalist web design approach.

Turner Prize to be hosted by Towner Eastbourne in 2023

Creative Boom

The world's leading and most notorious accolade for contemporary art, the Turner Prize, will be presented at London's Towner Eastbourne in 2023. And with the gallery notching up its centenary next year, this marks the centrepiece of its anniversary celebrations.

Everything You Need to Know About B2B Rebranding


When it comes to B2B rebranding, view this as your complete guide. From understanding why companies rebrand, to exploring when is the right time to rebrand, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

25 Best Business Proposal Brochures Design

Graphic Design Junction

Modern business proposal brochures with elegant design. The Proposal brochure templates use for multi-purpose like project proposal, corporate proposal, business proposal and more.

How Has Website Design Changed Over Time? A Detailed History

Inkbot Design

How Has Website Design Changed Over Time? A Detailed History. Remember the days when websites were entirely text-based? With minimal designs and images, sites speak only for headings and paragraphs. Website makers don't know what a high-speed internet connection is.

'Less is more': Ninki on Riso-inspired colours and illustrating with a simplistic and positive outlook

Creative Boom

© Ninki. There are many reasons why a person might turn towards creativity. Not only is the act of putting pen to paper a form of therapy, but it's also an effective way of expressing oneself and a means of putting your personal view out into the world.

UX & Agile: dream team or odd couple?

UX Collective

UX and Agile staff can form a Dream Team if they harmonize their practices. Otherwise, they’ll form an Odd Couple team. Are UX specialists satisfied with their experiences in Agile projects?

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Resume/CV Adobe InDesign Template for Web & Graphic Designers

We And The Color

This is the perfect resume/CV template for those who want to apply as a web or graphic designer. Created by Adobe Stock contributor @broluthfi , this resume/CV template comes in two standard sizes A4 and US Letter.

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Jaeyou Chung’s rebrand for Beijing’s X Museum features a type inspired by twisted dimensions and chair legs

Its Nice That

Being introduced to typography and design greats Paula Scher and Herb Lubalin at age ten by his father, New York-based Jaeyou Chung was destined to be a designer.

Javier Fuentes reconnects with his cultural roots via trippy digital illustrations

Creative Boom

Terraza Tropical © Xtrano by Javier Fuentes. Cuban multi-media artist and designer Javier Fuentes illustrates the mundane and ritualistic aspects of life as an immigrant in his recently launched project, Xtrano.

Metaverse architects, how to dark mode, a study of micro-aesthetics

UX Collective

Weekly curated resources for designers?—?thinkers thinkers and makers. The impact of our digital interactions on the environment may be less visible compared to physical products but very real. There are plenty of tools and frameworks to consider the environmental impact during a design process.