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25 Japanese Graphic Design Examples for Your Brand

Creative Market

Japanese art and design are widely used and celebrated all around the world. From anime and origami to lolita fashion and minimalist interior designs, even in a small way, Japanese culture has become a part of our everyday lives.

The Best Fonts of 2021, As Chosen By Type Designers

Eye on Design

Ruthless as asking a parent to disclose which child they love most, we pressed a dozen typeface designers around the globe to name their favorite fonts released over the past year.

Fonts 103

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British artist Alex Chinneck bends a giant spiral staircase against a building in Brighton

Creative Boom

Alex Chinneck, A Spring in Your Step – making of. Phtotography by Marc Wilmot. British artist Alex Chinneck has today unveiled his most complex and ambitious sculpture to date in Brighton.

Artist 346

A Guide To Social Media Banner Sizes In 2021

Designer Daily

When setting up social media accounts, one of the first things you will need to design will be the banners that serve as your identity on the platforms.

70s Graphic Design Trends With Today’s Tastes

Creative Market

The 1970s was a time for revolutionary typography that influenced graphic design in such an irreversible way. Modern projects that emulate a retro touch are now synonymous to this decade. But what exactly makes a design retro and very specifically the ’70s?

Swiss-Style Poster Template for Adobe Illustrator

We And The Color

This Swiss-style poster template for Adobe Illustrator is characterized by creative typography in two styles. Adobe Stock contributor @Blackcatstudio has created this Adobe Illustrator poster template. It is inspired by good old Swiss graphic design.

Adobe 100

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Resource: Card decks for creatives and designers

UX Collective

Innovation methods and materials to put in your UX toolbox Introduction Did you ever want to be inspired like an artist, full of ideas like an engineer or creative like a designer? Did you read of great inventors like da Vinci, Edison, Jobs or Musk?

20 Collage Graphic Design Ideas and Creative Tips

Creative Market

Collage making is one of the simplest yet most creative forms of contemporary design. It may be defined as merely putting a bunch of images together to create one artwork, but it actually requires more skill and discipline than that.

Christmas Templates Collection by Irina Anashkevich

We And The Color

Graphic designer and illustrator Irina Anashkevich just published this huge collection of lovely illustrated Christmas-themed design templates.

30 Stylish Modern Fonts For Designers

Graphic Design Junction

A Beautiful stylish and modern fonts that looks incredible in both capital and small caps. Stylish fonts works great in layout design, display for headings and logos. We are publishing fresh and free fonts on every week, and you just found the right place to download fonts.

Fonts 94

The role of personality in design

UX Collective

Source: tubik.arts on Dribbble Personality can be felt as a force that both attracts us and repels us from others. It’s the driving force of the overall identity. Personality has a significant effect on our decision-making process, and thus, it can be a powerful tool to use in design.

19 Book Cover Design Ideas and Tips for Your Next Best Seller

Creative Market

Admit it or not, the first thing that attracts us to a book is the cover. There’s something about book covers that gets the reader’s imagination running wild and makes them want to know more.

15 Color Palette Tricks That Are Fun To Watch on TikTok


We all have to admit that social media is, sometimes, a good tool to learn some new tricks for design. On TikTok, there are lots of color palette tricks that are enjoyable to watch.

Spector Press Branding by Yura Park

We And The Color

Freelance designer Yura Park has created this award-winning brand identity for Spector Press.

Brand 100

Insectum Portraits

Mindsparkle Mag

As a creative community, we all at some point struggled to unlock our mindset when designing. Sometimes we need to pay attention to the small items surrounding us. The most curious and unexpected things might trigger new, beautiful ones.

Plain vs simple in product design

UX Collective

Source: Alina Starovoitova on Dribbble Most designers are familiar with Dieter Rams’ principle “Good design is as little design as possible.” Quote “it’s plain and simple” is a common phrase, but what does that actually mean?

25 Best WordPress Themes For Blog/Magazine Website

Graphic Design Junction

Blog magazine WordPress themes are best and excellent choice for magazine, online newspaper, travel blog, money making blog , fashion magazine, personal blog or editorial websites.

Theme 85

GenArts Design Experiments by Antlii

We And The Color

Check out some experimental generative images created by Antlii. Anatolii Babii, aka Antlii, just published a collection of experimental generative images that he posts every day on Cryptoforma’s social accounts.

Adobe 100

10 Free Portfolio & Lookbook Templates for Adobe InDesign


Thinking of putting together a portfolio of your best work? Or perhaps you want to compile a fashion lookbook? If either of these scenarios describes your situation, read on.

Adobe 74

Nature-inspired innovations: Applying design thinking to biomimicry

UX Collective

Nature-inspired innovations: Applying design thinking to biomimicry Source: Science 101, GI This paper aims to discuss the Design Thinking approach to solving problems for humans, and how it is being used to build a framework called Biomimicry Thinking, which guides the process of nature-inspired innovations.

35 Creative Digital Illustrations By Kerem Beyit

Graphic Design Junction

Today we again feature creative, professional freelancer and illustrator “ Kerem Beyit “ with his magnificent digital illustration artwork. Drawing and illustration is his passion. He works very hard to inspire others with his amazing drawing and illustration work. He is from Ankara, Turkey.

Online Course: Contemporary Brand Identity Design

We And The Color

This online course by designer and creative director Michael Johnson will teach you how to create contemporary brand identities using verbal and visual branding methods.

Brand 99

What’s Past is Prologue: Inside the Redesign of The Paris Review

Eye on Design

I remember the first time I bought a hard copy of The Paris Review. I was at a sleek coffee shop in Brooklyn; the kind that has polished oak chairs and sells vegan doughnuts. The magazine cost me more than $20 after tax, but it seemed like a worthwhile purchase.

What designers can do about internet addiction

UX Collective

In 1996, Dr Kimberly Young was one of the first scientists to warn against the addictiveness of computer use. That’s right, 25 years ago.

Creative Line Art Logo Examples – 37 Great Logos

Graphic Design Junction

A clean and modern hand drawn detailed vector design Line Art Logo examples are very cute. Vector graphics of various sizes without losing quality. Inspiring Line logos created with simple lines with modern art. Minimalist logo designs are best logos for business or events.

Customizable Photoshop Christmas Gift Voucher Template

We And The Color

For those who are once again a little late with Christmas gifts, this fully customizable Adobe Photoshop Christmas gift voucher template might be exactly what you need. Created by Adobe Stock contributor @McLittle Stock , this Photoshop Christmas gift voucher template is fully customizable.

Best Technology Posts of 2021

Design Milk

Trone Toilets Might Be the Coolest Toilets on the Planet. French brand Trone’s sleek, rimless toilets look nothing like traditional cistern-style loos and that explains their popularity.

Every startup should be familiar with mental models and here’s why

UX Collective

Understanding the role of mental models in solving problems rapidly and preventing you from remaining stuck Stephan Schmitz illustration “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.”?—?E.

Modern Business Card Examples – 25 Design

Graphic Design Junction

Beautiful modern business card examples very simple, clean and minimal designs. Easy to use and customize. An elegant business cards, perfect for your next brand or personal identity. All texts are fully editable and colors can be easily change to whatever you may want.

Create better animation characters with the new ImagineFX

Creative Bloq

Design animation characters, sets, and more with issue 209 of ImagineFX

Set of 9 Vintage Logos & Badges

We And The Color

Download a fully editable set of 9 vintage-inspired logos and badges. Roverto Castillo , the master of vintage design, just created this beautifully designed set consisting of nine fully customizable vintage logos and badges. The sample text on each vector graphic is for display only.

Adobe 74

Review of the Year 2021: Top 25 Graphic Design

Its Nice That

Graphic design has always been a central pillar at It’s Nice That. Here, you’ll find 2021’s best performing stories, from the industry’s most controversial rebrands to lauded cultural identities and more. Features

An Elegant Bathtub Hidden in Plain Sight

Azure Magazine

Few things are more luxurious than a bathtub with a view — even (or maybe especially) if that view gives onto the interior of an elegant home. That’s the case in Endalt Arquitectes ’ part-reno, part-new-build Calvari House, where an eccentric floor plan includes an unconventional bathroom layout.

A Montage of 64 Portraits Reveals the Wildly Diverse Characteristics of Foxes


All images © Roeselien Raimond, shared with permission. Back in 2009, Dutch wildlife photographer Roeselien Raimond snapped a portrait of a fox that always seemed to be squinting her eyes in contemplation.