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Deciding Your Web Design Priorities


A well-designed website is an incredibly important aspect of any business. Think of your website as your home base. It’s where most of your customers go to get information about your brand and what you offer.

Visual Branding: How to Make a Strong Identity

Inkbot Design

Visual Branding: How to Make a Strong Identity. Visual branding, also called graphic design , is the art and science of presenting information visually using words, pictures, symbols, colours, typefaces, and shapes. Visual branding is an integral part of all forms of marketing and communication.

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20+ Best Photoshop Extensions and Plugins for Designers


Adobe Photoshop is a powerful platform for designers, but sometimes it may seem lacking of features that can help improve productivity and workflow and make life just that much easier. Luckily for us, Photoshop supports using an extension or a plugin, which help extend its capabilities.

How to Make an Avatar without Background for Social Media Platforms

Designer Daily

Everyone has a profile picture representing their images on social media, which is called an avatar. Just like different colorful social media platforms that have many features, the avatar for your profile can also be interesting by removing the background from the image.

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Top Aesthetic PowerPoint Design Ideas For Presentations in 2022

Designer Daily

When it comes to an engaging presentation, there are two things you need to have – a confident presenter and pleasing PowerPoint slides.

Featured Fonts

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. These font families might have flown under your radar: Six must-have font families. All available from the ILT store. The post Featured Fonts appeared first on I Love Typography. typography featured fonts

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Why Figma’s acquisition is bad for designers

UX Collective

Figma took on a giant, now it’s part of their team. On Thursday morning, Dylan Field, Co-founder and CEO of Figma announced that the company was acquired by software giant, Adobe. In his statement Field called the acquisition a “new collaboration.”

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Neon Lights Layer Styles for Adobe Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

Easily create colourful neon signs with this collection of ready-made neon lights layer styles for Adobe Photoshop. A combination of effects produces a realistic neon tube with a glossy appearance that can be illuminated with a bright glow in a variety of colours.

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How Eye Tracking Can Optimise Website Design & UI

Inkbot Design

How Eye Tracking Can Optimise Website Design & UI. Eye tracking technology allows us to track and record a person's eye movements when they view a screen. It effectively improves user experience, allowing developers to understand what the user is looking at and react appropriately.

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Halloween freebies: 11 Types of Halloween Illustrations and Templates for Free Download

Designer Daily

Holiday seasons, such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year, are good chances to renew living and working environments, boost sales, and send love to the beloved. When it comes to design for holiday seasons, ideas, inspirations, color palettes and design resources are truly necessary.

26 Best Procreate Brushes For Designers

Graphic Design Junction

With these best Procreate brushes you can create amazing realistic illustrations, portraits and landscape artwork. Download realistic high quality 26 brush sets with over 2500 hand-crafted , pro-quality brushes, all finely tuned to take advantage of Procreate 5’s powerful brush engine.

Artist Spotlight: Lola Dupre


Lola Dupre. Lola Dupre’s Website. Lola Dupre on Instagram. Collage artist collage illustrator Lola Dupre scotland

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How to Create an Emotional Branding Strategy & Brand Examples

Inkbot Design

How to Create an Emotional Branding Strategy & Brand Examples. There’s power in our emotions. As human beings, emotions are a natural part of our everyday lives.

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Robert Szot: Special Music in Downtown NYC

We And The Color

Paintings by artist Robert Szot are currently on view at Anita Rogers Gallery in Downtown NYC. From September 7 – October 15, 2022, Anita Rogers Gallery presents Special Music, a solo show of paintings and works on paper by Robert Szot. Special Music is Robert Szot’s largest exhibition to date.

25 of the Best Dental Websites

Vandelay Design

These real-world dental websites serve as inspiration if you're creating a dentist site for your own practice or for a client. The post 25 of the Best Dental Websites appeared first on Vandelay Design. Design Inspiration

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Landscape’s “clean and appetising” Sharebite revamp encapsulates the joy of food itself

Its Nice That

Intersplicing the detailed illustrations of Jaedoo Lee with a simple brand symbol – inspired by shared meals – Landscape aims to draw users to Sharebite.

Create a Business Logo That Works For You and Your Brand

Inkbot Design

Create a Business Logo That Works For You and Your Brand. A saying goes like this; “you get what you pay for” We can apply it to graphic design and logo development services. While some logos are created by a professional designer or made by an artist, other options are available.

CASA EM BRUFE by Architecture Studio Oval

We And The Color

Photographer Ivo Tavares shot some beautiful images of this outstanding home designed by Oval studio. Located in Brufe in the north of Portugal, the terrain is almost flat and has a water line that borders the west side of the property.

The Challenges of Building a Modern eCommerce Website


The further we get into the 21st century, the more contradictory the web seems to become. We have a plethora of no-code tools aimed to make things easier for novices and professionals alike. On the other hand, we see service providers that are increasingly complicated to work with.

KesselsKramer calls on 25 creatives to redesign the Risk of Fire warning sign

Its Nice That

As part of London Fire Brigade’s inaugural LDF exhibition, London-based creatives reimagine a piece of enduring graphic design, synonymous with the fire service.

San Francisco Symphony by Collins


Formed in 1911, while San Francisco was rapidly rebuilding after the devastating earthquake of 1906, the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) has been serving audiences in the Bay Area and beyond for 111 years.

AQTIS 514 IATSE rebrand by Sid Lee

We And The Color

Sid Lee collaborated with Quebec’s audiovisual union AQTIS 514 IATSE to launch their rebrand.

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“Clayton Sisterhood Project” by Photographer Laila Annmarie Stevens


Laila Annmarie Stevens. Laila Annmarie Stevens’s Website. Laila Annmarie Stevens on Instagram. Photo Laila Annmarie Stevens new york photographer photography queens

Sem Langendijk deals with the human repercussions of gentrification and displacement

Its Nice That

The Amsterdam-based photographer uses a blend of portraits and landscape photography to create a visual narrative asking viewers to muse upon their own perceptions of place.

The 10 Best Free Lightroom Presets for Creating Stunning Portraits


Photography isn’t easy, and portrait presets help you make every photo look its best. You can boost colors, smooth edges, and stylishly fade surroundings into the background.

Design 4.0: leading design in the new industry

UX Collective

Is there a need for designers to up their skills and knowledge in the new industrial revolution? Yes, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Download Trendy Geometric Vector Patterns

We And The Color

Created by Adobe Stock contributor Wavebreak Media, this geometric pattern collection is fully customizable. Consisting of five sets, this series of fully editable geometric vector patterns by @Wavebreak Media will give your work a trendy look. You can use them for both print and web design projects.

The highs and lows of freelance illustration, with the illustrious Saiman Chow

Its Nice That

Reflecting on his career thus far, the illustrator tells us why he has no interest in having a ‘style’ and how a change of location has offered a new perspective on both his life and practice. Features

The 10 Best Lower Thirds Templates for Adobe After Effects


If you create videos in Adobe After Effects, you’re sure to need a lower thirds overlay. You’ll see these overlays covering the bottom third of a video and are used to add more detail.

Why designers quit

UX Collective

Why did you quit your last job? This was the main question in my recent study I did with designers. I received 156 responses to my survey, most of them were from Product/UX designers, second and third in number of responses were graphic designers, and web designers. Let’s dive into the results!