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What Should New & Inexperienced Designers Be Learning?

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Today I’m speaking to those just getting started in design. Maybe you just graduated from design school, or you’ve read through all the fundamental lessons offered here and on other design blogs, and you feel you’re ready to start taking on clients.

9 Best Creatives from Portugal


At Shillington, we love to explore and celebrate great design from around the world. We’ve covered many different countries so far and are now exploring the creative scene in Portugal. It’s the oldest country in Europe and the official language in 9 countries!

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Studio Studio discuss its type-led approach to graphic design

Its Nice That

Since we last covered the Icelandic studio five years ago, the graphic designers have found new ways of working, influenced by their time abroad.

Duncan Brazzil's ongoing experiment with kinetic typography is a must for type lovers everywhere

Creative Boom

Of all the work we come across, it's often the side projects we love the most; like this Kinetic Typography Experiments by Portland-based designer, Duncan Brazzil.

The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers in 2020

Just Creative

Technology changes every day and what was the best option out there even six months ago can suddenly be yesterday’s news. With 2020 in full swing, we wanted to make sure that we provide you with the best tech available so you can be successful all year long.

2020 197

Video Tutorial: Retro Text Effect with Concentric Stripes

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Adobe Illustrator video tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a retro text effect with colourful concentric stripes.

Fonts 198

The Best Design Examples for 2020 Part I: Infinite Inspiration

Graphic Mama

Looking for some great design examples in 2020? Read on. Towards the end of any year, predictions abound about the next 12 months, what will be in? What will be out? What will suddenly come from nowhere to be the next big thing? Even more so when it’s the start of a new decade.

2020 88

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Best Monitors for Graphic Design in 2020

Just Creative

Back in 2018, we provided you with the best monitors you could use as a designer to do your best work. And today, we circle back and update our selections so that this year if you’re looking to upgrade your tools you can choose from the best of the best.

2020 160

Dice visualises sound, and fandom, in energetic rebrand

Its Nice That

Creative director Patrick Duffy explains how and why they made the glitchy graphics (with a Chladni plate), the punk-inspired typography and fan-focused photography.

A Hanging Mobile of Bronze Hand Sculptures Casts Playful Silhouettes of Animals


“Os Pássaros e o Lobo” (2017), bronze, steel cables, metal bars, and light projector, 200 x 200. Image © Casa Triângulo. A bronze piece by Brazilian artist Albano Afonso uses multiple sets of dangling hands that mimic shadow puppetry.

Adobe Stock expands its collection to 'champion creative inclusivity', bringing Hero, Caia and EyeEm into its fold

Creative Boom

Adobe Stock has welcomed Hero Images and Caia Image to its expanding collection of stock photography and other assets to "champion creative inclusivity".

Adobe 164

Best Cameras for Designers & Creatives in 2020

Just Creative

Taking a trip in our Wayback machine, we came across our post for the best cameras for designers and believed it was time for an update. We wanted to present you with the best camera for creatives in 2020 in case you were looking to upgrade or even start a new side business.

2020 181

The 10 Best Web Design Podcasts for 2020

Speckyboy Design Magazine

If you’ve worked as a web designer for any length of time, one thing you might have figured out by now is that learning never ends. New technologies are developed, styles come into favor and fashion, and UI features change, necessitating the ability to stay abreast of these changes.

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for The Coronet Theatre by North

Under Consideration / Brand

“System of a Crown”. Established in 2010 as the Print Room, The Coronet Theatre presents a risk-taking, eclectic program of theatre, film, dance, music, poetry, and visual art in London, UK.

2010 77

Why you should approach magazines to feature your work (and insider tips on how to get published)

Creative Boom

You might think an interview or article about yourself in a magazine won't directly result in some paid creative work, but you'd be wrong. Raising your profile in lots of different places helps to build your brand and put you in front of many relevant people.

Shanghai Studio Creates Posters To Help Fight Against Coronavirus, Inspired By Vintage Chinese Public Health Notices

Design You Trust

Shanghai brand design studio JWDK has launched a series of illustrated posters to help in the fight against coronavirus in China, inspired by vintage Chinese public health notices from the 1950s.

Photoshop Tutorials: 30 New Tutorials From 2020

Graphic Design Junction

Fresh free Adobe Photoshop tutorials from 2020. There are 30 new tutorials to learn exciting manipulation skills and learn how to create Photoshop Actions and how to convert boring photos into dashing portraits, photo editing and much more.

Illustrator Spotlight: Jee-ook Choi


A selection of recent work by Jee-ook Choi from South Korea (previously featured here). See more images below. Jee-ook Choi’s Website. Jee-ook Choi on Instagram. Illustration illustration illustrator jee-ook choi south korea

David Hockney unveils new drawings of his close friends in National Portrait Gallery show

Creative Boom

New portraits of David Hockney's close friends have been unveiled for the first time at the National Portrait Gallery today, ahead of the legendary artist's major new exhibition there.

We Can’t Wait for These Design Conferences in 2020

Graphic Mama

In terms of digital design, the year 2020 has already started strong with several powerful conferences that have given thousands of people in the creative industries unforgettable experience, fresh ideas, and motivation. But the flame must be kept alive all year round, right?

2020 64

Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Sing King by Nomad

Under Consideration / Brand

“The King is Dead, Long Sing the King!”. Established in 2012, Sing King is the world's largest online karaoke track depository with a huge presence on YouTube. With over 3.3

2012 83

Behind The Lens: Paulet the Penguin

Richard Bernabe

Richard Bernabe takes you Behind The Lens to offer thoughts on Paulet the Penguin and an important tip for effective wildlife photography. The post Behind The Lens: Paulet the Penguin appeared first on Richard Bernabe.

Books for March: Five inspiring reads for creatives this spring

Creative Boom

Spring is on its way, and after the storm-battered, virus-addled winter we've experienced this year, not a moment too soon. Finally, we can venture out of our rain-battered dwellings and spend some of our hard-earned downtime in the great outdoors.

Book 141

13 Websites with Creative Menus to Feed Your Creative Mind

Graphic Mama

A selection of modern websites with creative menus that impress with good taste, pleasant animations, and even unconventional placements. Designers are always striving to demonstrate a really innovative and unique approach in order to create designs that pop from the mass.

6 Must Have Food Photography Props to Give Your Images Something Extra

Creative Live

When it comes to photographing your food, it’s all about setting the “right” scene.

Frightening Animation Compares the Size of Asteroids in the Solar System to New York City


new animation created by Alvaro Gracia Montoya of MetaBallStudio provides a terrifying look at the exceptional asteroids currently in the solar system.

Remembering Starman: Mick Rock's legendary photographs of David Bowie as Ziggy

Creative Boom

In 1972, David Bowie released his groundbreaking album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. With it came Bowie's alter ego and fellow Londoner and photographer, Mick Rock , was there to capture it all.

2020 169

Tissue Paper Illustrations Celebrate the Animal Kingdom With an Unexpectedly Printmakerly Feel

Brown Paper Bag

You might think of tissue paper as only being used for gift wrap, but Stacey Elaine has another use for it—the raw material in her illustrations.

Noted: New Logo and Identity for Music Publishers Association by The Playground

Under Consideration / Brand

“The Music of Sound”. 1881) "Music publishing generates over a quarter of the UK music industry's £2.6 billion in export revenue. In 2018 Music publishing in the UK contributes £459 million to the UK economy, this has increased by 5% since 2017.

Underwater Footage Captures a Blanket Octopus Revealing Her Billowing Iridescent Membrane


?. In a short clip captured during a blackwater night dive in the Lembeh Strait , a blanket octopus unfolds and displays a colorful web multiple times her original size.

Color 90

A printed book that can only be read in 360-degrees

Creative Boom

Studio Miles , a graphic design studio based in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, has managed to create a 360-degree view of a city in printed form.

Print 164

Mesmerizing Narrative Illustrations Champion a World of Wonders (and Beyond)

Brown Paper Bag

Portland-based creative Yas Imamura is an illustrator whose work has graced products (you might know her shop, Quill & Fox ) and picture books—the latter she is focusing on now.

Reviewed: New Logo and Packaging for Alaffia by Chen Design Associates

Under Consideration / Brand

“All Being Well”.

2003 79

Tales From the Loop Enlivens the Gravity-Defying Dystopia of Simon Stålenhag’s Illustrations


?. An uncanny television series is founded in Simon Stålenhag ’s fantastical worlds. Covered previously on Colossal, the Swedish artist’s digital illustrations often position robots in open countrysides and consider the prosthetic capabilities of virtual reality.

Illustrator Silvia Stecher's textured artworks reveal a journey of creative self-discovery

Creative Boom

There's a pleasing textural feel to illustrator Silvia Stecher 's editorial work. The Swiss-Italian creative loves to build her artworks on textured paper, using watercolours or crayons, creating backgrounds with collage that she then prints onto her subjects.

Behind the “tripartite” rebrand for a 1980s Cardiff club

Design Week

Clwb Ifor Bach has been given a new identity by London-based design studio Nissen Richards. The club, whose name translates to Ivor the Short Club in English, first opened in 1983 as a Welsh language social club.

Noted: New Logo and Packaging for Denver Distillery by O Street

Under Consideration / Brand

“A Tear Drop in the Bucket”. 2018) "In the historic Baker neighborhood, Denver Distillery is the city's first distillery-pub in town. Denver Distillery's spirits evoke a feeling of historic Denver, the 'Queen City of the Plains'.