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How to Design a Stellar UX for Long-form Articles


After putting in multiple hours on researching, outlining, writing, and editing the first draft of your article, you’re eager to press the publish button. You want to share it with your audience, and earn some appreciation. But guess what?

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Ask the Designer: Pitch Decks vs. Media Kits

Purple Rose Graphics

I was watching a T.V. show the other day about a scrappy bunch of software developers in California. In the show the team of four nerdy guys is preparing for a meeting to present their company to potential investors. They kept talking about their clothes and the demo of their product. It must have been my public relations education kicking in because I could not stop thinking about badly they needed a pitch deck.

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Grounded in Fantasy

Communication Arts

Inspired by fictional worlds, Tofunmi Yosola mixes the everyday and the fantastical in her illustrations. Article

Inspirational graphic ephemera courtesy of Tat, a new book by Andy Altmann

Creative Boom

As any graphic designer will know, creative inspiration is everywhere. From storefronts, books and interiors to packaging, fashion.even 'tat'. Yes, that glorious noun that describes junk, rubbish, debris or crap, essentially.

Design Thinking Strategies for Facilitating Growth and Performance

Speaker: Carrie Cousins, Founder and Freelancer Writer & Designer at Carrie Cousins LLC

Design thinking is at the root of creative success. Seriously! But do you know how to shift your mindset and creative process – as well as that of your team – to create and ideate in ways that are truly innovative? The most inspired and innovative teams and individual designers need to be a part of a culture that enables forward-thinking, acceleration, and efficiency. It’s a combination of creative, analytical, and collaborative approaches that produce results.

15 Best Photoshop Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Just Creative

As the world continues to put a premium on good visuals and captivating designs, it makes perfect sense why more entrepreneurs and creatives are looking to explore new tools and instruments they can optimize to better produce profitable content.

Video Tutorial: How to Replace the Sky in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to take a look at a few different methods of replacing the sky within a photograph. You know how it is, you capture a great shot, but the weather at that particular moment results in a lacklustre grey, overcast sky in the background.

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Wistful, soft portraits by Bao Pham full of colour and eastern influences

Creative Boom

Xuan © Bao Pham. All images courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery and the artists. Iowa-based Vietnamese painter and illustrator Bao Pham is renowned for his soft and precise portraits of wistful and melancholic figures bursting with colour and set in lush natural settings.

Top 25 Fonts for Comic Books and Cartoons (Free & Paid)

Just Creative

If you’re creating comic books or cartoons, a natural choice with their bold designs are comic and cartoon fonts, which are also a great choice for just about any design project. For some time, Comic Sans was one of the few fonts you could choose for a project that needed a comic book look.

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‘Pulpo’ – A New Font Download for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a brilliant new font to download this week, courtesy of Floodfonts. Pulpo is a friendly and comfortable looking typeface inspired by Century Schoolbook and Clarendon. Longer extenders give the text more room to breathe and improves legibility at small sizes.

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“Chinese Food” by Photographer Carmen Chan


Photo carmen chan photographer photography

Now More Than Ever: Why Communication is Essential For Your Business

Speaker: Danielle Hughes, Chief Personality Officer, More Than Words Marketing

In this presentation, you'll hear from Danielle Hughes, a copywriting and branding expert, on how you can use your personality to connect with your clients and stand out from the clutter. On how being vulnerable and real will create stronger connections and affinity, and how knowing your brand and your audience makes messaging easier for you and more relatable for them.

Boats and Other Phallic Symbols: The Extraordinary Life of Yayoi Kusama

Creative Boom

Image credit: Itsuo Inouye/AP/Shutterstock. A new book in publisher Laurence King's Lives of Artists series is published later this month, detailing the incredible life of Yayoi Kusama.

The Best 5K and 8K Monitors of 2021

Just Creative

The technology that new computer monitors use has come a long way from the monitors that used cathode ray tubes.

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Fonts in Focus: Louche

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. Issue #3 of Fonts in Focus takes a look at Joona Louhi's weird and wonderful, high contrast display typeface, Louche. Unusual weight distribution and some unorthodox and quirky details make this new release well worth a second look.

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Onomatopee is a visual exploration of sound through interwoven typography and illustration

Its Nice That

This delightful book by graphic designer Broos Stoffels and illustrator Lukas Verstraete brings noises to the printed page in unexpected ways.

Recession Proof Your Business

Speaker: Ean

Facts fight fear. This presentation will outline specific actions you can take to protect your cash manage debt to increase your chances of success in an economic downturn. Suitable for all size businesses (side hustle to C-Corp) with any bookkeeping system.

Pentagram designs a new global identity for Fedrigoni

Creative Boom

Pentagram is behind a new brand identity for Fedrigoni.

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17 Rebranding Failures and How Much They Cost (Updated: March 2021)


If a company ends up on our list of rebranding failures, chances are the financial repercussions for that said company have been huge. Branding any company is a huge challenge. Rebranding one of the world’s biggest companies is a project that many a design or branding agency would love to take on.

How to Gain the Trust of Your Web Design Clients

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Trust is the foundation of a good client/designer relationship. It provides confidence and security to everyone involved. Without it, there is no means to achieve any sort of comfort level or positive productivity. Just about every freelancer has a story about an untrustworthy client.

“American Dream” by Photographer Drew Sangria


Photo american dream california drew sangria photographer photography sacramento

Practical Financial Advice for Creatives in Crisis

Speaker: Jason Blumer, CPA

This webinar provides practical and honest financial advice for those running creative businesses in crisis. The economic disruption brought about by the spread of the coronavirus has caught us all by surprise. Come learn how you need to act now in areas of cash, finances, tax, and the financial side of your business. There will be a time for Q&A as well

Don’t fall behind! Why now's the time to learn UI and UX

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Adobe Stock. What career can I study that's future-proof?" With everything from lockdown to the rise of AI threatening previously stable professions, you're right to ask that question.

Through his mosaics, Ruaidhri Ryan elevates overlooked and mundane objects

Its Nice That

First finding inspiration during a work trip to Venice, the London-based artist talks us through the effect that mosaics has on certain images.

How to Connect Your Business With New Audiences

Just Creative

In the commercial world, the age-old question of how to connect with new audiences continues to be a focal point of every business. Regardless of which sector of business you are in, reaching new audiences is constantly an underlying goal in order to survive.

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Capture 2021: “al’taqiaq: it spirals” by Jordan Bennett


Photo capture Jordan Bennett photography

Web Design for All: Accessibility, Inclusivity and Beyond

Speaker: Eden Spivak, Design Expert and Editor at Wix & Nir Horesh, Accessibility Lead and Senior Product Manager at Wix

When we design products or websites for people like ourselves, there are many others who are, as a result, left out. In this webinar, we’ll delve into why accessibility matters. Yet however well-intended, website accessibility is too often seen as a checklist to be marked off at the end of the design process. Our goal is to shift the discussion around accessible design from accommodating the needs of a small minority group to creating better, more inclusive interfaces for us all - no matter our identity, background, knowledge, or ability.

How to up your remote working game for 2021

Creative Boom

Image licensed via Shutterstock / Olesya Kuznetsova. Most of us have been working from home for at least a year by now. Are you loving it, or is it getting you down? If the latter applies, it's time to make some changes.

Rankin to helm new BBC series, the Great British Photography Challenge

Its Nice That

The photographer will mentor six amateur photography talents from across the UK, alongside celebrity guests and leading creatives such as Chris Packham, Lamarr Golding, Anna Friel and Cheryl Konteh.

Natasha MacKenzie on Designing Everyday Monsters

Spine Magazine

Natasha MacKenzie (aka miss nat mack) is a coffee-addicted book designer primarily based out of Manchester. With a professional background in marketing, branding and book design, she helps authors and publishers across the globe bring their stories to life!

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“Roosevelt Station” by Photographer David Rothenberg


Photo David Rothenberg new york photographer photography roosevelt station

What in the World is a Force Majeure?

Speaker: Michele Berdinis

This session will answer business law questions that people are asking most during the pandemic.

Ad agency Liquid+Arcade's new branding was inspired by retro gaming arcades

Creative Boom

New York-based creative agency Sunday Afternoon has created the new visual identity and branding for Liquid+Arcade , the ad agency for the gaming and entertainment industry formerly known as Liquid Advertising.

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Hokusai: A Graphic Biography tells the iconic Japanese artist’s life story through illustration

Its Nice That

Created by Francesco Matteuzzi and Giuseppe Latanza, the book examines Katsushika Hokusai’s path to creating The Wave in the context of Edo-era Japan.

25 High-Quality Free Swirl & Ribbon Photoshop Brushes

Speckyboy Design Magazine

One can never have too many Photoshop brushes. After all, a Photoshop brush is a versatile tool that can help you create a work of art or add those few missing finishing touches to your design.

“Topographies” by Photographer Jess Gough


Photo jess gough london photographer photography topographies

Ken Carbone of CSA on the three most important things designers need to know, and more

Creative Boom

If anyone knows a thing or two about design and running an agency (and staying on excellent terms with whoever you're working with, over more than four decades), it's Ken Carbone.

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