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4 Ways Marketing and Customer Service Can Work Together


In 2020, cross-departmental collaboration is not optional anymore. It is a necessity for any small business wanting to provide consistent and user-oriented customer experiences. One such example is the collaboration between your marketing and customer support teams.

How To Photograph Stunning Autumn Color

Richard Bernabe

Here are 5 essential tips for photographers to capture the most wonderful time of the year, the autumn color season from filters, light, lenses, refections. The post How To Photograph Stunning Autumn Color appeared first on Richard Bernabe.

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How to Make a Mockup in 5 Easy Steps

Tuts Plus

What You'll Be Creating If you want to learn how to make product mockups but you don't want to use Photoshop, in this tutorial I'll show you how to make a mockup without Photoshop in just five easy steps.

Last chance to enter the A’ Design Awards 2021, and get recognition for your work

Creative Boom

Are you fed up of seeing other creatives winning awards when you feel like your work is just as good, or better? Then why not do something about it? The A' Design Awards , the world's largest design competition, is currently accepting entries for 2021.

2021 415

Design Thinking Strategies for Facilitating Growth and Performance

Speaker: Carrie Cousins, Founder and Freelancer Writer & Designer at Carrie Cousins LLC

Design thinking is at the root of creative success. Seriously! But do you know how to shift your mindset and creative process – as well as that of your team – to create and ideate in ways that are truly innovative? The most inspired and innovative teams and individual designers need to be a part of a culture that enables forward-thinking, acceleration, and efficiency. It’s a combination of creative, analytical, and collaborative approaches that produce results.

How to Create an Ornate Vintage Logo Design in Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

Ever since I created the showcase of Unique Packaging and Label Designs for Whisky Bottles I have been wanting to have a go at creating some kind of liquor bottle label design of my own.

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Leandro Erlich: Both Sides Now Catalogue by Studio fnt


Text by Richard Baird Both Sides Now was an exhibition of works by Argentinian contemporary artist Leandro Erlich. This took place at the Seoul Museum of Art between December 2019 and March 2020.

2020 148

Marylou Faure's debut monograph gives us a pleasing insight into the illustrator's career so far

Creative Boom

Marylou Faure's voluptuous female characters, crafted with bold colours and appealing graphic compositions, have caught our attention for some time. And now the French illustrator is generously sharing some of her best work in her first monograph launched this month.

A Variety of Design Resources For Both Professional and Hobbyist Designers

Spoon Graphics

Design bundles like this are the most affordable way to get the best creative tools to use in your projects. As designers, we always feel most inspired when working with amazing tools at our fingertips.

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Top 12 Most Popular Courses on Domestika

Just Creative

We live in a digital world, and only those who adapt to new technology truly thrive today. Fast-tracked by a growing pandemic, people have had to resort to online solutions, and efforts to continue working, complete transactions, and socially connect with friends and family.

Now More Than Ever: Why Communication is Essential For Your Business

Speaker: Danielle Hughes, Chief Personality Officer, More Than Words Marketing

In this presentation, you'll hear from Danielle Hughes, a copywriting and branding expert, on how you can use your personality to connect with your clients and stand out from the clutter. On how being vulnerable and real will create stronger connections and affinity, and how knowing your brand and your audience makes messaging easier for you and more relatable for them.

Photographer Spotlight: Geoff Haggray


Photo geoff haggray georgia phographer photography savannah

2020 166

Photography series by Peter Bartlett captures the chaotic energy of a race meet

Creative Boom

If ever there was a group that justified the phrase 'mixed bunch', it would be horse race crowds. From the serious punter nose-deep in statistics to the casual racegoer enjoying an excuse for a pint, you'll find the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the country set and the townies.

Graphic Design No. 11, 1963


Text by Richard Baird. “Graphic Design” / ?????????? was a monthly magazine from Diamond that moved between the flourishing practice of graphic design (commercial art) and more broadly, visual culture (historical and of the present) both nationally in Japan and internationally.

The Best Branding Podcasts Today

Just Creative

Are you looking for the absolute best podcasts in the branding and brand strategy space? You may have already found a few ‘top branding podcasts’ lists through Google search and been disappointed that only a handful of them are truly about branding.

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Recession Proof Your Business

Speaker: Ean

Facts fight fear. This presentation will outline specific actions you can take to protect your cash manage debt to increase your chances of success in an economic downturn. Suitable for all size businesses (side hustle to C-Corp) with any bookkeeping system.

50 Essential Books Every Graphic Designer Should Read in 2020


Even if you’re an experienced graphic designer, that doesn’t mean you ever stop learning. Indeed, graphic design should be a process of lifelong education for everyone.

Hellie Cartledge's paper-cut illustrations inspired by the 'little gems of life'

Creative Boom

Hailing from Manchester, Hellie Cartledge, aka The Small Illustrator (she's five foot one), is a 2020 Illustration graduate from Camberwell College of Arts (UAL). Before lockdown, she had barely touched a pair of scissors, but now she can't seem to put them down.

Futuristic Neon 3D Letters for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas have a really cool collection of 3D letter graphics to download this week, courtesy of Dealjumbo. This futuristic neon lettering set contains A-Z characters constructed with detailed blue neon tubes within a dark letter frame.

9 Best Desk Lamps to Keep the Lights On

Just Creative

Many millennia ago, someone pretty important decreed, “Let there be light” and we’ve been basking in its glow ever since. While technology has certainly changed, the search for the best light to work by hasn’t.

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Practical Financial Advice for Creatives in Crisis

Speaker: Jason Blumer, CPA

This webinar provides practical and honest financial advice for those running creative businesses in crisis. The economic disruption brought about by the spread of the coronavirus has caught us all by surprise. Come learn how you need to act now in areas of cash, finances, tax, and the financial side of your business. There will be a time for Q&A as well

“Mirror Portraits” by Photographer Matthew Morrocco


Photo los angeles matthew morrocco mirror portraits photographer photography

2020 153

Artist Coco Lom celebrates Hackney's community spirit in 30-foot mural

Creative Boom

Artist and designer Coco Lom's distinctive style mixes a bold, bright colour palette with black and white patterns, often created using a photocopier.

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George Orwell's Animal Farm gets Revamped for its 75th Anniversary

Spine Magazine

George Orwell's classic Animal Farm became 75 years old in August 2020. To celebrate this milestone, Berkley Books and Signet Classics have given their mass market and trade paperback editions some brand new covers. The equally seminal 1984 has had its editions revamped as well.

10 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Website’s Search Rankings

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Vaibhav Kakkar. Perhaps one of the most popular searches on the internet is how to improve your website ranking. Brands now understand the huge value that organic web traffic represents, so it makes sense that everyone wants to cash in on it.

Web Design for All: Accessibility, Inclusivity and Beyond

Speaker: Eden Spivak, Design Expert and Editor at Wix & Nir Horesh, Accessibility Lead and Senior Product Manager at Wix

When we design products or websites for people like ourselves, there are many others who are, as a result, left out. In this webinar, we’ll delve into why accessibility matters. Yet however well-intended, website accessibility is too often seen as a checklist to be marked off at the end of the design process. Our goal is to shift the discussion around accessible design from accommodating the needs of a small minority group to creating better, more inclusive interfaces for us all - no matter our identity, background, knowledge, or ability.

20 Tutorials for Creating Posters in Adobe Illustrator

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Posters are a great way to promote your event but they can also be used to promote your business or a cause. What’s more, they can be designed in many different ways and make use of illustrations as well as typography to convey all the necessary details.

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Isle of Chair: short animation explores mental illness through falling furniture

Creative Boom

Originally from Taiwan, Ivyy Chen is an animation director and illustrator based in London. Her recently completed passion project, Isle of Chair , is a six-minute animation inspired by Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood and her own, and others', experience of mental illness.

“Aftermath” by Photographer Olga Sokal


Photo aftermath appalachia london new york olga sokal photographer photography

2020 133

[Podcast] Psychology-Driven Brand Strategy with Kaye Putnam

Just Creative

In this episode we sit down with the wonderful Kaye Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist from South Carolina. We geek out about all things brand thinking. We get into the meaning of ‘psychology-driven branding’, about knowing your brand and living your brand.

Brand 168

What in the World is a Force Majeure?

Speaker: Michele Berdinis

This session will answer business law questions that people are asking most during the pandemic.

The 50 Best Fonts for Creating Stunning Logos

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Every font tells a story. Once upon a time, serifs ruled the world. When we look at them today, we can’t shake the feelings of tradition and elegance. Then, we switched to sans-serifs; practical and highly readable. Fonts that amplify your message. Today, we use all kinds of fonts.

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AI 'artist' creates new work inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Creative Boom

Can computers paint? According to Urbancoolab , an AI start-up focusing on applied computational creativity: yes they can. And to prove the point, they've launched ten new images by their 'AI artist' STiCH, inspired by iconic artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

“Soviet Signs and Street Relics” by Photographer Jason Guilbeau


Photographer Jason Guilbeau photographs Soviet Monuments from the comfort of his own home. Photo france jason guilbeau photographer photography soviet monuments Strasbourg

2020 126