May, 2021

Examples of websites that do web typography properly

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Typography has become fundamental in web design projects. It makes the copy clear, legible, and appealing to readers as it’s considered an art of arranging text and letters. Typography assists in providing an excellent experience for users before they even click a button or read.

10 Vital Elements of Art That Make a Good Design

Graphic Design Junction

Creating a good print design can be quite a challenge.


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Showcase of Designs and Illustrations of Witches & Witchcraft

Spoon Graphics

I recently did a search for witch themed graphics for a little project I’m working on and discovered there’s an entire sub-genre of art styles dedicated to witches and witchcraft. Become bewitched by this inspirational showcase of wicked designs and illustrations with a witchy aesthetic.

Talking about type

I Love Typography

Read the book, Typographic Firsts. After more than 50 years, the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) chose to dump the Vox-ATypI font classification system. Why the breakup? And does it really matter? Is there anything to be gained by devising replacement systems?

Fonts 229

The Complete List of Web Design Services and Deliverables (Updated May 2021)


Web design services and deliverables can be overwhelming. When you are looking for web design services (design agency), you need to know what it is you need. It may seem easy, but it’s not. This is because a lot of the time web design packages are recommended.

27 Artists Reveal Who Inspires Their Work



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23 Fresh Free Fonts For Graphic Designers

Graphic Design Junction

New fresh free fonts collection for typography lovers. The fresh fonts are perfect for graphic design, print design, logos and t-shirt designs. The following fonts are ideal to create branding and best for logo fonts, business cards, mockups, packaging design and any other web and graphic projects.

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Video Tutorial: How to Design a Holographic Sticker Using Photoshop & Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

In today’s tutorial I’m going to take you through the process of designing a sticker using Photoshop & Illustrator, but more specifically, I’ll show you how to set up your print artwork file to create cool sticker effects with a colourful holographic finish.

Graphic designer Dan Polyak talks us through working with the visual world of drag queens in the “drag renaissance”

Its Nice That

Based in Chicago, Dan is a go-to name for drag queens looking to diversify their graphic art, logo design, art direction, photography, and more.

Lipman: How the Internet Ruined Design…

Graphic Design USA

Gregg Lipman of CBX on why design is a process and a craft, not a software-driven deliverable, and is best left to design professionals. All Posts Top Stories cbx CPG design GDUSA Graphic Design blog Graphic Design News Graphic Design USA Gregg Lippman How The Internet Ruined Design

“Reaching for Dawn” by Photographer Elliot Verdier


Photo elliot verdier france paris photographer photography reaching for dawn

36 Days of Type 2021 Contribution by Get it studio

We And The Color

Discover Get it studio’s stunning contribution to the 2021 edition of 36 Days of Type. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the creative people at Get it studio are working at the threshold between CGI, photography, and animation.

Color 93

Creative Business Card PSD Templates (25 Print Ready Design)

Graphic Design Junction

Beautiful business card templates excellent & good for any type of business and personal use. A modern and stylish business cards with creative design and easy to customize in photoshop.

The Biggest Brush Sets Made Specifically for Affinity Designer

Spoon Graphics

I receive requests for design resources for the Affinity creative software more and more frequently from Spoon Graphics subscribers.

The 20 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating Retro & Vintage Effects


Lace up your boots and let’s travel back in time! We don’t even have to travel far. Vintage and retro are coming back, big time. More and more photographers, designers, and clients are charmed by the appeal of vintage aesthetics.

11 Elements of Design and How to Use Them

Design Wizard

Elements of design are the parts of your work of art that you arrange and craft to create visually pleasing designs. It’s important to be aware of how these basic principles work together to find your way towards stunning designs more easily. .

“Non so dare un nome a quell’estate” by Photographer Leandro Colantoni


Photo italy leandro colantoni non so dare un nome a quell'estate photographer photography sicily

The Complete List of Branding Services and Deliverables (Updated May 2021)


Branding services and branding deliverables can get ridiculously confusing. When you’re approaching a branding agency to work with, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. But it’s not that easy, when everyone you approach is simply going to recommend “you need the whole package.”.

Brand 124

21 Best Modern Fonts For Graphic Designers

Graphic Design Junction

New highest quality modern fonts with unique typefaces that will make your design looks hi-tech and modern. You can use these fonts for any purpose, especially to make logotype and t-shirt design. All fonts are modern, classy serif typeface.

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Video Tutorial: How to Create a Distressed Letterpress Print Effect in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you how to add grungy, distressed, ink stamped effects to your type, logos, or illustrations. The effect resembles the letterpress printing style, or any other impact print method, like a rubber stamp, or an old typewriter.

Why Web Design Is Never Simple


When watching a great athlete perform, they often make it seem effortless. Demonstrating great speed, coordination and agility is just what they do. Yet, what our eyes don’t see is all of the hard work that went into making those amazing moments possible.

GDUSA Poll: Designers Expect 2021 Economic Rebound

Graphic Design USA

The vast majority of creative professionals expect an economic recovery in the second half of 2021 and an attendant rise in demand for graphic communications. .

Photographer Spotlight: Guttæ


Photo angelo guttadauro florence guttæ italy photographer photography

Atlas Obscure: Morocco Photography by Jacob Howard

We And The Color

The High Atlas of Morocco captured by photographer Jacob Howard. Jacob Howard is a Wellington, New Zealand-based photographer. Jacob’s photographic work is mostly built around travel and his curiosity for the unknown.

Color 114

Web Design Quotes: Wisdom Inside

Template Monster

Why do people like quotes so much? The answer is pretty clear. Web design quotes can precisely and definitively express what we know, recognize, feel, believe, think, accept, imagine, hope, fear, desire, acknowledge, and/or have experienced as a life truth.

Vintage Lightroom Presets for Access All Areas Members

Spoon Graphics

Access All Areas members have a useful collection of Lightroom Presets to download this week, courtesy of Hydrozi. These Vintage Lightroom presets are designed to make a photo feel more emotional and nostalgic by giving the image an old-fashioned appearance.

35+ Best Photoshop Actions for Designers & Photographers

Graphic Design Junction

The best professional Photoshop actions can make your photographs unique and attention-grabbing. The hand-picked high quality Photoshop actions that will transform your Photographs into Oily effect, newspaper print, abstract, watercolor effect, comic and dots effects within a seconds.

Inspiring Examples of Brand-Related Splash Screens in Web Design


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the real world, some workarounds may fix the situation and help you make a better general impression, but in the digital world, your prospects are poor.

Photographer Spotlight: Guilherme da Silva


Photo brazil guilherme da silva photographer photography sao paulo

Vintage Collage Creator for Adobe Photoshop

We And The Color

Build stunning vintage collages in no time using a multitude of simple drag and drop design assets including photos, text, illustrations, and textures.

Adobe 92