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Abstract Logo Design Inspiration & Top 10 Examples

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Abstract Logo Design Inspiration & Top 10 Examples. Abstract logo designs have been popular for startups, but large organisations have recently begun adopting them. This is no ordinary art as it involves using graphics software to create them.

Centrio Font Family by Joelmaker

We And The Color

Say hello to Centrio, a vintage-inspired typeface that comes in four styles.

Fonts 78

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Photographer Spotlight: Julius Frazer


Photo brooklyn julius frazer new york photographer photography

Vimeo’s new interactive video magazine lets users “choose their own adventure”

Its Nice That

Spotlighting “supremely silly” work and “terrific animations”, issue two of the enterprise marries “the curated joy of magazines and the richness of video”.

Giving Household Brands the Apple Treatment — How to Upgrade a Brand

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Giving Household Brands the Apple Treatment — How to Upgrade a Brand. What would household brands look like if you gave them an “Apple make-over”? There are so-called household brands that we’ve grown so used to we’ve stopped questioning them.

Brand 87

Wistful and weightless, Anne-Dauphine Borione’s hot air balloon typeface is about to take off

Its Nice That

The graphic designer, who goes by the moniker Daytona Mess, shares the family history behind her Annonay typeface.

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We Tested 50 Web Tools For Online Entrepreneurs


A small team that uses the right web tools and services can achieve the same results as medium and large teams. We reviewed 50 web tools and services that are known to effectively help businesses of all sizes. Expect to see solutions like the following: SEO agencies. Collaboration platforms.

Theme 52

How to Effectively Critique a Client’s Ideas


Much of the web design process depends on feedback. We learn about our client’s needs, then design a website with them and their audience in mind. For their part, clients are pretty good at telling us if we’ve hit the mark (or not).

Gucci ventures into the world of NFTs

Creative Review

Launched last year, Gucci’s online platform Vault looks back across the fashion house’s 100 years of design history with a series of rotating ‘editions’, inspired by the layout of magazines.

Mapping how far you can travel by train in five hours, from any European station


This European travel map by Benjamin Td shows how far you can travel in five hours, given a station location. Just hover over the map, and you see the areas, or isochrones that are reachable in five hours, assuming 20 minutes for interchanges.

Travel 102

nendo Shares New, Minimalist Furniture for Ichidoº

Design Milk

Japanese home furnishings brand nendo recently created several new pieces of furniture for Ichido, beginning with the modular soft brick sofa. It features cube-shaped cushions that are staggered, similar to a brick wall. You can change the sofa by connecting multiple units together.

August 2022 Opportunities: Open Calls, Residencies, and Grants for Artists


Image © Katharina Grosse. Every month, Colossal shares a selection of opportunities for artists and designers, including open calls, grants, fellowships, and residencies. If you’d like to list an opportunity here, please get in touch at

Full of “freaks, weirdos and monsters”, Margaux Bigou’s illustrations are bizarrely beautiful

Its Nice That

The Tahiti-based illustrator discusses how the myths and visual culture of the South Pacific inspire her work.

Zero ABV Brand Spiritless Releases Tequila-Inspired Jalisco 55

The Die Line

Your margarita just got a whole lot less boozey

Desktop Wallpaper: August 2022

Design Milk

Another month, another Designer Desktop ! This month’s designer feature is Ahmad AbouZanat of PROJECT AZ , a Qatar-born, Lebanon-raised, current New Yorker whose work is a mix of French and Middle Eastern aesthetics.

Presentation Tips for Start-UPS and Small Teams

Template Monster

Entrepreneurs out to know how to pitch their businesses. The information in a pitch deck can be useful when you finally choose to seek investment. You may be asking yourself — what is a pitch deck?

DAO start-up Metaphor’s branding aims to defy “techy tropes”


Wildish & Co has rebranded DAO platform Metaphor, with space race-inspired illustrations designed to make web 3.0 (the the third generation of web technologies) more accessible.


Mindsparkle Mag

The post CARA MIA appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Designer Website ASTRO beautiful cara Mia digital interactive mindsparkle mag Mindsparkle Magcara Mia new site photography service site of the day sotd Web Design website


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design graphic graphic design print layout typography book book design

5 Creative Leadership Skills Every Leader Needs To Master

Inkbot Design

5 Creative Leadership Skills Every Leader Needs To Master. From visioning and planning to mentorship and team building, leadership is essential to every team, but it can be hard to stay motivated as a leader.

Dense Cross-Hatching Adds Deceptive Volume to Albert Chamillard’s Geometric Drawings


All images © Albert Chamillard, shared with permission. On vintage ledgers and notebooks, artist Albert Chamillard ( previously ) harnesses the power of crosshatching and simple outlines to render flat, geometric shapes that appear to emerge from the page.

Emoji kitchen, Figma responsive cards, obsessive note-taking, CTA database

UX Collective

Weekly curated resources for designers?—?thinkers thinkers and makers. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, more specifically, Machine Learning are pervasive in our daily lives.

What does the way you carry your Business Cards say about you?


It’s a question you may have asked yourself, possibly. So here’s a totally scientific guide. If you can’t find the answer here, you’re obviously doing your own unique thing and to that we say, “Fair play”. In your back pocket.

Mitsubishi Stories

Mindsparkle Mag

The post Mitsubishi Stories appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Service Website beautiful mindsparkle mag mitsubishi new site service site of the day sotd Web Design website

A photographic celebration of Manchester’s LGBTQ+ community

Creative Review

Manchester club the Haçienda is synonymous with a few things: Factory Records, New Order, Peter Saville’s design, acid house, and people generally having it large. And while Manchester itself has a rich and storied LGBTQ+ history, the iconic nightclub’s own associations with that community aren’t discussed perhaps as often as they should be. Now a new photography exhibition has opened in the city. Source

Porthos Identity

Mindsparkle Mag

PORTHOS canned fish is the best representation of Macau’s exclusive Sino-Portuguese culture. It has been a part of Macau people’s lifestyle for over a hundred years and profoundly influenced Macau gastronomy with dishes such as Macau-style sardine bun and sardine noodles.

Six Years on Skillshare!

Ohn Mar Win

This August marks six years since I released my first Skillshare class as a teacher. Like many other teachers on the platform, I was a student first, way back in 2014. I’d been a stay-at-home mum for eight years, and my Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator skills were very rusty.

Branding and visual identity for Sapphire Casa


Branding and visual identity for Sapphire Casa. abduzeedo 0801—22 xtremely Unusual is a design studio based in Accra, Ghana and they shared a branding and visual identity for Sapphire Casa. Sapphire Casa is more than just any construction company. They love to build peoples dreams.

Feminist, Open-Access, and Decentralized — Cita Press Share Five Favorite Books

Eye on Design

Cita Press is a library and press devoted to curating, highlighting, publishing, and promoting works written by women. It pairs contemporary authors and designers with open-access texts, and makes thoughtfully designed books available for free. We asked Cita’s Project and Editorial Coordinator Jessi Haley to share some of her favorite reads and tell us a bit more about the project. “It

Sinc x Magoz — A journey of discovery into the world of NFTs


Sinc x Magoz — A journey of discovery into the world of NFTs. abduzeedo 0801—22 Sinc introduces its clients to NFTs. The Amsterdam-based creative agency expects design to become a full-fledged part of online marketing now that intellectual property of digital files is safeguarded by blockchain.

Artist Spotlight: Randy Laybourne


Randy Laybourne. Randy Laybourne’s Website. Randy Laybourne on Instagram. Drawing artist drawing ink randy laybourne watercolour

Artist 146

Top 25+ Tools for Graphic Designers

Inkbot Design

Top 25+ Tools for Graphic Designers. These essential tools will give you everything you need to get started if you want to boost your graphic design skills. As graphic designers, you might think all your work is done once you finish your design.

How To Measure Your Content Marketing ROI


How do you know if your content marketing efforts are working? How do you know if they’re making you money? And just what does your content marketing impact? If you’re struggling to answer these questions, then you might be due for a refresher on how content marketing ROI works.

Let People Live

Swiss Miss

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