Mon.Sep 26, 2022

How to Make This Colourful ‘Rainbow’ Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Illustrator tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a colourful text effect, which comprises of a stack of text elements that transition through the colour spectrum to produce a rainbow effect.

Adobe 178

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Scott


Kyle Scott. Kyle Scott’s Website. Kyle Scott on Instagram. Painting artist illustrator Kyle Scott painting vancouver

Artist 124

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8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Building Mega Menus


When it comes to website navigation, the old rule of thumb is that content should be no more than a click or two away. It’s all about ensuring users can find what they need without having to jump through hoops. But the more content you have, the more difficult it becomes to organize navigation.

Before: I Asked an Influencer to Design My Living Room and She Didn’t Disappoint

Design Milk

As an editor at Design Milk, I’ve been writing about design for 7+ years.

Artist Elspeth Vince finds endless inspiration within the human body and mind

Its Nice That

The London-based painter uses emotion to create her beautifully moody and reflective oil paintings.

Glyph Enables Children to Become “Authors of Their Own Cities”

Azure Magazine

Even the most seasoned designers struggle to tackle today’s most pressing design imperatives, from placemaking to sustainability. But in the case of Glyph, a collection of 3D-printed play furniture, children had the creativity and capability to address both.

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Brilliant Star Trails Sweep Above a Fierce Tangle of Lightning in a Striking Photo


Image © Marc Sellés Llimós, shared with permission. Back in June, Marc Sellés Llimós photographed multiple instances of illumination in a single nighttime sky.

Print 64

How to thrive as a UX research manager

UX Collective

Originally presented as a talk at User Research London 2022. I want you to think about the worst manager you ever had. Can you picture this person? It could be your current manager. It could be a manager you had when you were a teenager. What made them a bad manager?

Special Charisma Font by Say Studio

We And The Color

Download a stylish vintage retro font with a special charisma. As the name suggests, Say Studio’s Special Charisma font provides a unique look and feel. This lovely vintage retro font is inspired by the groovy vibe of the 60s and 70s.

Fonts 61

30 of the Best Pixel Fonts for a Genuine Retro Look

Vandelay Design

The best pixel fonts are extremely useful for retro designs like game covers, posters, flyers, t-shirts, merchandise, and more. The post 30 of the Best Pixel Fonts for a Genuine Retro Look appeared first on Vandelay Design. Fonts Design fonts graphic design resources typography

Fonts 52

Popwell Wellness Discovery Banding by Jasmina Zornic

We And The Color

Jasmina Zornic is a Belgrade, Serbia-based design director at Unibrand Communications. Just recently, she created a visual identity, brand guidelines, and packaging design for Popwell, a new wellness concept. The result is a fresh, colorful design.

Color 54


Mindsparkle Mag

Gyroscope is a revolutionary digital platform thats changing the way stablecoins are designed, and demystifying the world of decentralised finance (DeFi).

How Hjärta Smärta Challenged the Male-Dominated Status Quo in the Early 2000s

Eye on Design

Long before higher education in art and design was within reach for me, and before my imagination stretched to even considering book design as something one could do for a living, I accidentally found a publication in the school library that absorbed me and still sits in my heart as one of the “magic” books of my life. . It was an artist book depicting a character called “Miss Universum” (Miss Universe), the alterego of Swedish pop and performance artist Catti Brandelius.

Lenovo Yoga 9 Series full CGI spot and a new visual language


Lenovo Yoga 9 Series full CGI spot and a new visual language. abduzeedo 0926—22 Ars Thanea shared another incredible 3D project. This one is for the full CGI spot and a new visual language for the Lenovo Yoga. The starting point for them were shapes, colors, and most of all, motion.

Cranbrook Academy of Art Announces a Free Online Conversation Series About Graduate Programs


Clockwise from left: Madeline Isakson (3D Design ’22), Julian Jones (Photography ’22), Erika Nj Allen (Ceramics ’23). All photos by PD Rearick.

Type & Treats a vivid, colorful brush like type treatment


Type & Treats a vivid, colorful brush like type treatment. abduzeedo 0926—22 Type & Treats is a collection of type treatments, done in a very unique and specific style Stefan Chinoff is using. It’s a vivid, colorful brush like type treatment, quite expressive in nature and two letters are the same.

Color Splash Effect and Why We Love Them


What is a color splash effect? True to its name, the color splash effect is an image editing trick that transforms full-color photos into black and white, with a dash of colors left usually to emphasize its main subject.

Artist Spotlight: Aglaé Bassens


Painting aglae bassens art brooklyn new york painting

Artist 124

Has a US intelligence office really just put a UFO on its logo?

Creative Bloq

It's sent the internet into a frenzy


Studio Lisboa ltd


The post Studio Lisboa ltd appeared first on Shillington Design Blog. Shillington Graphic Design Job Board

How Disruptive Innovation Happens and What It Means for Business

Inkbot Design

How Disruptive Innovation Happens and What It Means for Business. Disruptive innovation occurs when a new technology is introduced that changes the way people live. Usually, innovation is so powerful and valuable that it completely revolutionises how we do things.

Golden Brown Gifts + A Haunting House: Photography 2023 New Entries


The Extended Late deadline for the Photography 2023 competition is tomorrow, so enter your work while you.

With fractal visualisers and 90s web aesthetics, Fisk Projects designs an ecosystem for Toro y Moi’s new album

Its Nice That

With ideas and references spanning decades, genres and cultures, Fisk Projects has created a diverse yet unified world for Toro y Moi’s most recent album, Mahal.


5 Unexpected SEO Factors You Should Be Tapping Into


What is an SEO ranking factor? SEO ranking factors affect your website’s search engine ranking. For example, Google’s algorithm will decide whether your outstanding article on cat eye colors will make it to page one.

The Land Rover Defender 75th Limited Edition Will Make Others Green With Envy

Design Milk

Named after the verdant Lake District countryside village in England, Land Rover has bestowed the Defender 75th Limited Edition a captivating new Grasmere Green color theme.

Theme 83

Making a kids clothing rental brand feel simple and stress-free with Studio Parallel

Its Nice That

Studio Parallel tells us about building a sense of ease into a brand via direct communication and a simplified design approach.

Brand 83

Link + Loop Make Being Seated Look Oh So Good

Design Milk

Talk about a collaboration that’s overflowing with colorful fun. Industrial design studio Raw Color and Sancal have released a two part sofa project: LINK and LOOP.

Xencelabs scoops drawing tablet of the year in the Creative Bloq Awards 2022

Creative Bloq

Apple, Wacom and XP-Pen all earn awards in the Drawing Tablets category


Flip Whip Flips The Script On Whipped Toppings With Ranch and Bleu Cheese

The Die Line

Ranch and Blue Cheese get the whipped cream treatment with Flip Whip


Apple MacBook Air (M2) wins big in the Creative Bloq Awards 2022

Creative Bloq

Apple joins Razer, HP and Asus by scooping awards in the Laptops category