Mon.Aug 08, 2022

A Stone-Cold Success: GoodPop’s Refresh Ties Good Design to Stronger Sales

The Die Line

A maker of “reinvented childhood favorites” reinvents its own packaging with delicious results


Paper Craft Illustrations by Beatriz Costo

We And The Color

Take a look at this handpicked selection of illustrations created by Beatriz Costo using colored paper as the main medium. Beatriz Costo is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives and works in Madrid, Spain. She loves to work with paper.

Color 95

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Rakhmat Jaka animates the “vernacular visuals” of Indonesian culture with his lively moving posters

Its Nice That

The South Borneo-based graphic designer and illustrator uses mood boards to weave childhood memories with a multitude of graphic references.

TAN NEW YORK Font by TanType

We And The Color

Say hello to the TAN NEW YORK font, a blackletter-inspired display typeface. Created and published by the skilled team of foundry TanType, the TAN NEW YORK font is ideal for a wide range of display usage such as signage, social media, packaging, fashion, websites, etc.

Fonts 88

“Juliet’s Postcard” by Photographer Brian Van Lau


A selection of images from “Juliet’s Postcard,” the most recent series by photographer Brian Van Lau (previously featured here). Currently based in Seattle Washington, Lau is a freelance photographer, often on the road. His work is about “searching for fictitious evidence.”

Love Hultén’s Doodlestation Synthesizes Sounds and Smiles

Design Milk

Even while braving the most experimental, niche corners of the Consumer Electronics Show floors nearly every year well over the span of a decade, I can only recollect a handful of moments when any contraption stopped me dead in my tracks and compelled a turn heel to ask, “What is this?!”

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5 Social Media Campaign Ideas for Your Startup or Business

Inkbot Design

5 Social Media Campaign Ideas for Your Startup or Business. You can use social media to promote your startup or business, depending on your business. This article will guide you through some of the most popular options.

Media 84

Color Therapy: Orange Crush From Walls to Wear

Design Milk

While I might be hard pressed to work it into a rhyme, orange is a color that works pretty much everywhere. It’s a pleasant and positive hue that adds an air of warmth and playfulness to any room, outfit, or object.

Color 81

Top 20 Best Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Inkbot Design

Top 20 Best Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs. To help you get started on the right foot, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular and influential blogs for entrepreneurs, covering a wide range of topics.

35 Beautiful Typographic T-Shirt Designs

Inspiration Feed

Typography has grown dramatically in the last few years and now plays a huge in design. Usually people want to purchase typographic shirts because they like to express themselves, start conversations, and make others think.

Q&A: A Ukrainian Designer Shares His Wartime Understanding of Home and Shelter

Azure Magazine

Since February 24th, the world has watched in horror as Ukraine has suffered tragic loss and massive destruction. Russia’s invasion has left many lives unrecognizable — and that impact has been felt throughout the architecture and design community.

22 Mind-Opening Packaging Designs Featuring Psychedelic Typography

The Die Line

22 psychedelic-inspired packaging designs highlighting the rise of trippy visuals


Logo Design Love

Seems like it’s been around forever. I stop by the website every once in a while, normally after clicking a link in an article, or clicking through from a logo in an image search. I think to myself, oh, this is good, I should add it to the site. Then I go back to whatever I was doing.

Speed Up Your Design Projects with These Online Tools


When you are working on an online project , anything from collaboration to testing services and task management can add a lot to your productivity. Fortunately, there are tons of tools that can help us do online projects faster and better.

Amorphous Ceramic Vessels by Julie Bergeron Merge the Shapes and Textures of Organic Matter


All images by Alain Delorme , © Julie Bergeron, shared with permission. From her studio in Paris, artist Julie Bergeron hand-builds amorphous stoneware vessels that mimic a wide array of creatures and lifeforms found in nature.

Interiors Inspiration: Design Week’s favourite new projects


In the heart of Antwerp’s fashion district, the ground floor of a 17th Century renaissance building is now home to Blueness. The new restaurant attempts to merge classical interior architecture with modern Scandinavian design.

UnReal Estate X: Tim Doyle @ Spoke Art's Pop-Up in Austin, Texas

Juxapoz Magazine

Spoke Art is honored to announce UnReal Estate X - an all new solo exhibition a decade in the making. Longtime Spoke Art artist, Tim Doyle is taking us on one last tour of his favorite pop culture destinations and we are inviting you along.

AXE And Lil Baby Team Up To Keep You Smelling and Feeling Fresh

The Die Line

AXE and Lil Baby collaborated to bring the market limited-edition 'WHAXE" Packs, which feature products inspired by Lil Baby and the men's grooming brand

Handling cross-team feedback loops on design work

UX Collective

Escape the siloing trap when you are both part of a design team and a product team, involve people early and often, and foster the right conversation at the right time If you are a designer working in a product organization you are maybe also part of two teams at the same time: a design team and a product team.

Cradle To Cradle

Mindsparkle Mag

Continuing with yesterday’s sustainable line of design projects, today, we’re featuring Gonzalo Rodriguez Studio’s 3D art project and editorial design. Cradle to Cradle is a well-known concept among many industries, precisely in technology. .

Project Spotlight: Future Music Stars

Purple Rose Graphics

I love working with my clients to create an amazing logo or even full brand visuals for them. The process differs a little for each customer based on what I’m doing for them and their goals. Today I’ll be sharing how I created the logo for Future Music Stars.

Top 10: Construction Branding

Mindsparkle Mag

If you had the chance to build your own house with any budget limit, which would be your chosen style? For some, this sounds like daydreaming. Not everybody dreams of a palace or giant skyscraper but a comfy, warm place of your own.

Brand 52

How photography became gamified

Creative Review

We talk to the curators of How to Win at Photography, now on show at the Photographers’ Gallery in London, about how imagemaking turned into a numbers game and why artists are using humour to examine it in their work

Ford Money Loops

Mindsparkle Mag

The post Ford Money Loops appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Art & Design Video animation design display Ford Money fun Loops mindsparkle mag monochrome motion movement music

7 Photographers Using Their Cameras to Navigate Grief

Feature Shoot

© Erik Simander. Argus Paul Estabrook documents his father’s battle with pancreatic cancer. Erik Simander captures his grandfather’s grief after losing his wife. Jackie Dives creates double exposures in her father’s memory.

TikTok’s privacy harm, Figma’s new features, font ligatures, dynamic logos

UX Collective

Weekly curated resources for designers?—?thinkers thinkers and makers. Let’s face it, design school leaves budding designers unprepared for the world. The real learning begins in your first years, and it is up to design leaders to set new designers up for success.” Junior designers need your help ?

Illustration Play by Andrew Footit


Illustration Play by Andrew Footit. abduzeedo 0808—22 Andrew Footit shared another set of beautiful illustration work. You know that Andrew is no stranger to the blog, we’ve featured his work quite a few times because we love the style, colors and pretty much everything about them.

Color 68

Double-Exposure Photos by Christoffer Relander Superimpose Everyday Scenes onto Human Silhouettes


All images © Christoffer Relander, shared with permission. Spontaneity, honesty, and a desire for experimentation are at the heart of an ongoing project by Christoffer Relander , whose dreamy compositions masterfully blend portraiture and nature.

Branding and visual identity for delivery company


Branding and visual identity for delivery company. abduzeedo 0808—22 Andstudio shared a branding and visual identity for Venipak, a company that has been in the delivery market for over 15 years now, reaching milestones even above what we could have expected.

Andrew Satake Blauvelt Elevated Graphic Design Far Beyond Notions of “Problem Solving”

Eye on Design

“Graphic design must be seen as a discipline capable of generating meaning on its own terms without undue reliance on commissions, prescriptive social functions, or specific media or styles,” wrote designer, curator, and writer Andrew Satake Blauvelt in 2003. . His influential essay “Towards Critical Autonomy or Can Graphic Design Save Itself?” was published in Emigre magazine alongside a body of other writing on the notion of “design authorship.”