Fri.Jul 31, 2020

Inventing Posters

I Love Typography

The modern poster first appeared in France in the 19th century, but its antecedents can be found in Renaissance printmaking.

Noted: New Logo for Mars2020 by House of van Schneider

Under Consideration / Brand

“R’over the Moon”. NASA's next mission to Mars -- the Mars 2020 Perseverance mission -- launched on July 30 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It will land in Jezero Crater on the Red Planet on Feb. 18, 2021.

2021 114

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Weekly News for Designers ? 551

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Shoelace – A forward-thinking library of web components that works with all frameworks. Teeny Icons – These little icons are built to look crisp at any size. Recursive Sans & Mono – A five-axis variable font with plenty of styles – all in a single file.

Someone Noticed That Cats Use Parking Bumpers As Pillows, And It’s Oddly Wholesome

Design You Trust

ijnaoba1927 Twitter user Ijnaoba1927 from Japan captured the internet’s attention when they posted a couple of photos of their neighborhood cats resting their heads on parking bumpers. They’re using them just like pillows!

2020 80

Why do we find things funny? Graphic designer Danyang Ma on her algorithm for stand-up comedy

Its Nice That

The New York-based designer creates an algorithm revealing the formulaic violations within stand-up comedy.

Can “visceral” graphic design bring the plastic crisis to life?

Design Week

The plastic crisis is well-documented. Around 8bn metric tonnes of plastic has been created worldwide – with a projected figure of 34bn by 2050 – and much of the material is single-use.

More Trending

Exquisite Digital Illustrations by Maxim Shkret Render Tousled Manes and Ruffled Feathers of Fantastical Creatures


All images © Maxim Shkret, shared with permission. Based in Moscow, artist Maxim Shkret ( previously ) renders animals’ coats with refined details, presenting a horse’s mane or crow’s feathers through distinct, sinuous pieces.

7 of the Best Creative Products to Illustrate Your Life This Week

Brown Paper Bag

This post contains some affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Brown Paper Bag may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more here. Quilted Hip Bag by Ponderosa Creative. Cat Nap PDF Embroidery Pattern by Ell Violet Design. Dancing Serpents Embroidery Kit by Mixed Color.

Perception-Twisting Miniatures by Artist Frank Kunert Transform the Mundane into the Surreal


All images © Frank Kunert, shared with permission.

Why it’s time to decolonise the creative industries

Creative Review

The cultural canon has been the subject of recurring debate over the years, but has taken on new significance in light of recent events. Here, CR speaks to graphic design publisher Sold Out and photo editor Sara Urbaez about why decolonisation should be a movement, not a moment.

Abduzeedo - Untitled Article


Gabriel Dzieslaw shared one of those branding and visual identity projects that made me jealous because of how awesome it is. It was created for Favilla Studio, a Danish design company exploring sustainable and unique solutions.

Ethereal Underwater Photographs by Elinleticia Högabo Glimpse the Subjects Below the Surface


All images © Elinleticia Högabo, shared with permission. As a child, Elinleticia Högabo had a troubled relationship with water.

John Madere Exposes True Human Character in His Portrait Photography Featured in New Journal #366!


Graphis Master John Madere is an exceptional photographer who has been honored by many prestigious art and photography organizations such as The Art Directors Club, the AR 100 Show, The ARC Awards, and American Photography.

Abduzeedo - Untitled Article


Pes Motion Studio is a creative studio based in Chicago, IL, USA. They have shared their work on the launch campaign for Fandango app in Latin America.

A Month in Photos: July


Photo alba zari dan mcmahon dan rubenbauer darsh seneviratne hanif castle jemma castiglione Kent Andreasen mary kang max mikulecky maya iman melissa alcena myesha evon myles loftin trent davis bailey ward long

2020 113

Abduzeedo - Untitled Article


The NASA MARS 2020 MISSION targeted to explore Mars for all humanity on earth, the Perseverance Rover will be touching down in Jezero crater on Mars, with its missions to investigate signs of life, characterizing climate, collect geology data and cache samples on the red planet.

2018 55

Craig Gibson tells us about his time photographing Mulletfest, a convention for those with mullets

Its Nice That

Taking place in the small town of Kurri Kurri in Australia, Mulletfest is a celebration of the characteristic cut.

2020 97

Abduzeedo - Untitled Article


Our good pal Denise Rashidi released her new book entitled: Daydreaming in Japan. It's not any kind of book, it's a coloring book! This book utilizes her stylish, 'pastel-ish' and detailed illustrations of the hidden backstreets of Japan.

Book 53

Linked: Logo Mash-ups

Under Consideration / Brand

Visit Link. Some bad, some good, some great, most of them enjoyable on a Summer Friday, here are some logo mash-ups by Montréal, Québec-based Olivier Bruel. More at the link

2020 92

Pandemic Summer: Children and the Urban Geography of COVID-19

Azure Magazine

School is out and the sun is shining , but it doesn’t quite feel like summer. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape urban life, signs of the season are conspicuously absent.

“We got the bodacious, shameless brown girls covered”: Meet the unapologetic and hilarious duo, Sonic Yonix

Its Nice That

Get ready to laugh with Bianca Gonzalez-Marra and Diandre Fuentes, the creative duo behind the bio-coastal Sonic Yonix.

2020 87

Nike’s split screen ad is an epic ode to togetherness

Creative Review

Wieden+Kennedy Portland created the campaign, which is made using only archive footage. It cleverly combines disparate moments from different times in history, in an attempt to emphasise the many ways sport brings us together and, in some cases, helps prompt change.

Events 110

Markéta Luska?ová’s Chiswick Women’s Aid 1976-77 is finally brought to light after 44 years

Its Nice That

After going “out of fashion”, the series – now published by Cafe Royal Books – has remained unseen for nearly half a decade. But now, it has more pertinence than ever.

Best of July 2020

The Die Line

What was the best this past month? Here is a quick round-up!

2020 109

This Alien Face Mask Is Sure To Keep Covid At Bay

Design You Trust

Leather craftsman ‘Pirate’s Leatherworks’ made this Facehugger face mask because it was only a matter of time and I’m surprised it took this long. It looks as incredible as it does non-breathable. I mean, is that leather? Viruses aren’t getting through there, but neither is oxygen or anything else.

Budweiser Releases Its First-Ever Alcohol-Free Beer

The Die Line

Pardon the Cool as Ice reference, but you can finally drop that hero and get with the zero now

Spotted: New Logo for Clai by Rob Janoff

Under Consideration / Brand

Visit Link. About Spotted posts. No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open

2020 61

Shopping Habits Are Changing, Is Your Packaging Keeping Up?

The Die Line

Our new normal means we spend a lot less time in the grocery store

2020 84

Incredible Photos Of Two Roman Ships Which Were Recovered After 2,000 Years In 1929 And Lost Again During WWII

Design You Trust

The Nemi ships were two ships, one larger than the other, built under the reign of the Roman emperor Caligula in the 1st century AD at Lake Nemi.

2020 57

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Announced, Hipsters Already Saying They Drank It Before It Was Cool

The Die Line

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is coming to a cooler near you

2020 80

The Fresh Fund is open

Courier Media

The post The Fresh Fund is open appeared first on Courier. Uncategorised

2020 52

Jobs of the week from Sony Music, The Correspondent and Bureau for Visual Affairs!

Its Nice That

Our weekly round-up of jobs posted on our sister site If You Could Jobs.

2020 52

Designers are helping the fashion industry spark a digital fashion revolution

Design Week

Stepping into the Museum of Other Realities is, in some ways, like entering any other gallery. Exhibitions are curated by experts and there is a wealth of talent on display which you are free to explore.

Twister’s identity refresh highlights its iconic ice cream shape

Its Nice That

Receiving a refresh courtesy of creative agency Sunhouse, the new identity sees a simplified brand marque as well as a packaging switch up.