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Meet DALL-E 2, the robot artist using AI to make dreams a reality

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Teddy bears working on new AI research underwater with 1990s technology © DALL-E 2. You may have thought your jobs were safe from robots as an artist or creator. Think again.

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15 New Corporate Business Brochure Templates

Graphic Design Junction

Clean creative business brochure templates for corporate firm, company catalog or business annual report, proposal brochures, booklet or personal portfolio. The brochure designs will help you save time and money in creating a professional informant.


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Brent Watts on the five books that help him tell great stories through design

Creative Boom

Brent Watts. If you had to choose five books you love and explain why they're important to you, what would you choose? In our series, Five Books , we continue to ask some of the best talents in the creative industry to reveal what's on their bookshelf.

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Jardins do Porto

Mindsparkle Mag

In perfect harmony with the original details of a bourgeois townhouse from the 19th century, Jardins do Porto is a boutique guesthouse located in the bustling heart of Porto that provides a new era of unassuming luxury with all the comfort of modern-day living.


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The Filtered Photo Revival Is a Sign of the Times

Eye on Design

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The post SQURL appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Designer Website design fun interactive mindsparkle mag sotd spin SQURL ui ux web Web Design website site of the day studio


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Man Creates Custom Fish Tank So He Can Take His Goldfish For a Walk

Design You Trust

The problem with having goldfish as pets is that you can’t really take them for a walk like you can do with land animals like dogs and cats. Well, unless you build a custom fish tank on wheels, that is! More: Youtube h/t: sadnaduseless.

5 Bokeh Effect Ideas with Pixlr


Whether you’re a creative professional or just a photography enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the term bokeh (pronounced “BOW-keyh”) before.

Artist Uses Right Hand to Turn Her Left hand Into Optical Illusions

Design You Trust

Israeli artist Vika Bren paints her left hand to create various optical illusions that capture the viewer’s imagination when placed against a dark background. More: Instagram , Facebook h/t: odditycentral.

How to Connect WordPress to Cloud Storage Services


For many of us, cloud storage has become a key component of our workflow. These services make it incredibly easy to back up files and share them with others. You can even set them up so that they run quietly in the background – copying your files as you work.

Self-Taught Artist Turns Dead Cockroaches Into Painted Works of Art

Design You Trust

Brenda Delgado, a self-taught artist from Manila, in the Philippines, paints dead cockroaches into miniature artworks inspired by classics like Starry Night or Girl With a Pearl Earring. More: Instagram , Facebook h/t: odditycentral.

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Artist Spotlight: Elena Redmond


Art Painting art artist brooklyn Elena Redmond new york painter

This Polish Artist Would Consume Peyote, Cocaine, and Other Intoxicants Before Creating Stunning Pastel Portraits

Design You Trust

Stanis?aw aw Ignacy Witkiewicz, Self-Portrait, 1938. In pursuit of Pure Form, the Polish artist Stanis?aw aw Ignacy Witkiewicz known as “Witkacy” would consume peyote, cocaine, and other intoxicants before creating pastel portraits.



Fonts: Sneak

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An English Student’s Street Photographs of Edinburgh In the 1950s and 1960s

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Raeburn Place, Stockbridge, 1965. Robert Blomfield’s photographs take us to Edinburgh between 1957 and 1966. Born in Leeds in 1938, Bloomfield studied medicine in Scotland’s capital. He took pictures for pleasure, recording things that caught his eye.

The treachery of interfaces

UX Collective

As UX/UI designers, we tend to associate interfaces with experience. Some of these deliverables, particularly from tech companies, are pure digital play.

Someone's created a Wordle. for posters

Creative Bloq

And of course, I'm obsessed


Design flaws in everyday things: Samsung washer and dryer

UX Collective

Doing laundry is the worst. It involves weekly interactions with two appliances — the washer and dryer. Even though these appliances have… Continue reading on UX Collective ». product-design design ui user-experience psychology

How to Make an Authentic Marketing Strategy

Inkbot Design

How to Make an Authentic Marketing Strategy. We’ve been helping businesses become more profitable for over 20 years. And we’ve had our fair share of experience with different marketing strategies. Many companies have a vision for the type of business they want to have in the future.

How these 3 stunning bottle designs reflect the post-pandemic zeitgeist

UX Collective

Producers and designers are reaching new levels in innovation and thus reaching new audiences in the process Continue reading on UX Collective ». product-design design ux innovation design-thinking

DIY Online Course: Design & Build a Resin Lamp

We And The Color

With this online course by Piergiorgio Robino of Studio Nucleo, you can discover the versatility of resin and learn how to color, cast, and mold it to create a unique lamp design. Piergiorgio Robino is a functional artist and creative director at Studio Nucleo.

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You can learn a lot from a chicken: Color 101

UX Collective

How one little hen’s fascination with color led to an amazing discovery Continue reading on UX Collective ». ux colors design creativity art

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Download resources for ImagineFX 214

Creative Bloq

Here you'll find all the files, resources and videos to accompany issue 214 of ImagineFX magazine

The accessibility rating for 5 popular websites?—?how did they score?

UX Collective

The accessibility rating for 5 popular websites?—?how how did they score? Disclaimer : I am using a free accessibility checker. I cannot say definitively that is comprehensively auditing these sites with 100% accuracy. I am also only scanning the homepages of the sites.

Atelier d’Alves

Communication Arts

Every medium presents new opportunities to explore design philosophy for this Porto, Portugal–based design studio. Article

10 Favourite free calligraphy fonts you should download

Creative Nerds

As designer you can never have to many fonts in your design toolbox especially when their high quality free fonts, which are free to download and use. In this post we have cherry picked our personal favourite free calligraphy fonts we recommend downloading and using in your design projects.

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Deardeer Herb Drink

Mindsparkle Mag

CH LAB. The post Deardeer Herb Drink appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Design Graphic brand branding colorful DEARDEER HERB drink geometric mindsparkle mag minimal neon package packaging

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Download resources for ImagineFX 214

Creative Bloq

Here you'll find all the files, resources and videos to accompany issue 214 of ImagineFX magazine

Good & Common

Communication Arts

This online resource by Landscape and civil rights attorney DeWitt Lacy informs US citizens of their rights through accessible, straightforward content. Article

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