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Addressing topics of identity, Grant Gasser's new Riso art project is inspired by the topic of martyrdom

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© Grant Gasser. In Grant Gasser 's latest project, Martyrs, he shows us how it's always important to keep working on your own personal work.

Art Exhibition Poster Templates with Abstract Geometric Elements

We And The Color

Available for free download with an Adobe Stock trial subscription, these poster templates by Denys Koltovskyi are ideal for exhibitions or other art and design-related events. Adobe Stock contributor @Denys Koltovskyi has created this amazing set of poster templates.


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The top of Cakes

Mindsparkle Mag

Is there a better way to start the week with a yummy treat? Well, we’re here to satisfy our audience’s wishes, so we bring some delightful goods and pastries. On this occasion, we’re showcasing Requena Office ‘s work for Annapurna: The top of Cakes. .

MEMFIS: Bauhaus/Memphis Tribute in 3D


MEMFIS: Bauhaus/Memphis Tribute in 3D. abduzeedo 0703—22 Andrej Troha shared a 3D project inspired by the Bauhaus but it didn’t end there. The 3D illustration features a cocktail glass set with some Bauhaus and Memphis Milano DNK. The tools used were Maxon Cinema 4D and some Photoshop. .

Artist Creates Surrealistic Paintings Of Hidden Portals

Design You Trust

Scottish artist Andrew McIntosh creates surrealistic paintings of hidden portals. Andrew is a self-taught artist and a landscape painter for 8 years before shifting direction to more surreal work.

Tokyo Tracks

Mindsparkle Mag

Four exclusive publications have been published, which have been curated for the main sponsors. An additional edition shows the joint Olympic journey to Tokyo. Photographs taken especially for Team D provide a detailed insight into the emotionally charged world of high-performance athletes.

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Pop Culture Posters & Illustrations by Tomasz Majewski

Design You Trust

Polish illustrator and graphic designer Tomasz Majewski combines traditional techniques with digital work to produce cool pop culture creations. More: Instagram , Behance. Source. Inspirations covers culture movies pop posters Tomasz Majewski

Top 10 Organic Instagram Growth Strategies For Brand Building

Design Hill

Share 0. Tweet 0. Share. Many brands around the world have been using Instagram to expand their audience. With around 2.5 billion monthly active users, Instagram’s growth may provide unique possibilities to attract people who are likely to become your clients.

Canadian Artist Creates Humorous And Satirical Oil Paintings

Design You Trust

Canadian artist Toni Hamel creates humorous and satirical oil paintings. Rooted in story-telling, her art practice draws from personal experiences and outward observations to create thematic bodies of work that reflect on and interpret the psychological unease characteristic of our age.

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Looking after your mental health as a product manager

UX Collective

Product management is a mentally taxing job. Whilst software engineers can afford to put their heads down and focus on one task at a time, PMs have to juggle different things, maintain different points of view, and deal with many different functions.

Intimate Vintage Portraits Documented the Lives of Irish Travellers Outside Dublin in the Late 1960s and Early 1970s

Design You Trust

When Alen Macweeney returned to his native Ireland in the 1960s, after working as Richard Avedon’s assistant, he first intended to do a photo essay about W.B. Yeats.

Black Music Project

Communication Arts

Composite’s online exhibition educates visitors on the history of Black American music with an extensive compendium of artists and genres. Article

FLUGT Refugee Museum of Denmark by BIG

This is Paper

BIG has designed a museum dedicated to refugees in Oksbøl at the site of Denmark‘s largest refugee camp from World War II


Christian Werner

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The post Christian Werner appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Designer Website christian werner design mindsparkle mag photographer site of the day sotd website


Incredible Feather Artworks by Chris Maynard

Design You Trust

Chris Maynard has worked with feathers since he was twelve. His unique feather shadowboxes are recognized by art collectors, bird lovers, and a wide and interesting variety of people from around the world.

Art 71

Breezing Fun: 5 Types of Summer Themed Stories Templates 


Let’s welcome the summer breeze with Pixlr’s cool templates Now that summertime fun is upon us, you may already have an array of exciting activities planned ahead.