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How to get a job in design after graduation (and what you definitely mustn't do)

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Graduation always brings a mix of emotions. Mainly of joy and excitement to be entering the working world, but also a little anticipation of what happens next and perhaps a little sadness that you'll be saying goodbye to another chapter of your life.

10 Easy Ways to Take Your Landing Page to the Next Level

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This article has been contributed by Stephanie Jones. It’s really disheartening to build a landing page, publish it, and then get only a couple of conversions. You spent hours crafting your copy and designing everything.

Photographs by Oleg Pulemjotov that looks into the curious world of Brighton's 'eccentric' folk

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Brighton's residents have something of a reputation for being a tad eccentric; something Oleg Pulemjotov discovered when he arrived in England over a decade ago and made the seaside resort his new home.

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Noted: New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for Filthy Food by Mother Design

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“Filthy, not Stirred”. 2009) " Filthy Food (stuffed olives, cherries, onions) is the cocktail garnish choice of the best bars, restaurants, hotels and liquor stores in the world. For decades, oily, salty, salad olives have been re-purposed to garnish premium drinks.

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British sculptor Jamie Frost brings wood to life in new powerful, captivating sculptures

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It's incredible to think that Jamie Frost 's figurative and captivating sculptures were once part of a tree. The skill, time and patience that must go into carving each piece from fallen wood is undoubtedly painstaking.

Do All of the Projects in Your Portfolio Look the Same? That’s OK.

Speckyboy Design Magazine

All creative professionals can benefit from having an online portfolio. They’re great for attracting new clients and can even provide a trip down memory lane – letting you reminisce about what you’ve learned over time. Still, it’s possible to obsess over a portfolio a little too much.

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Once Appon a Time – A Retro Project Where Modern Meets Retro by Luli Kibudi

The Logo Smith

The post Once Appon a Time – A Retro Project Where Modern Meets Retro by Luli Kibudi appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 The Logo Smith.™ |. Once Appon a Time is a joyously colourful retro brand & app project by Luli Kibudi, that certainly deserves a bit of your time.

Artist Spotlight: Lena Gustafson


Paintings by San Francisco-born, Oakland-based artist Lena Gustafson. Gustafson graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a BA in Illustration and Art Therapy in 2011.

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Reviewed: New Logo and Identity for Tend by Mythology

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“Making a Dent… ist in the Industry”. Established in 2018 and opened for business in late 2019, Tend is a full-service dentist start-up with six locations in New York, NY, created with the goal of redefining the dentist experience from beginning to end.

“Greer Road” by Photographer Macaulay Lerman


Photo burlington macaulay lerman photographer photography vermont

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Coco Chocolatier Is Inspired by Art


Words Francois Correia. Born in Scotland, raised in Colombia, the leading British ethical chocolate manufacturer COCO Chocolatier aims to inspire the consumer and industry that a different road to chocolate production is possible – uniting art and ethics. BRANDING FOOD chocolate

MC24, Bruce Mau’s New Book, Provides a Roadmap for Radical Optimism

Azure Magazine

It is the worst of times.

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How Freelance Designers Can Work Safely


Even as many countries start to emerge from pandemic-induced lockdown, it’s unlikely that the business world as a whole will ever return in full force to the traditional office structure.

Music, typography and Indian politics combine in Suprit Parulkar’s design portfolio

Its Nice That

A recent graduate of Central Saint Martins’ graphic communication design BA, the designer embraces experimentation, chaos and randomness in his portfolio.

Universe 113: The Superb Detailed Video Games Posters And Sci-Fi Art Works Of Egor Klyuchnyk

Design You Trust

Egor Klyuchnyk is a talented Ukraine-based artist and illustrator behind these incredible images. They features many movie, TV, video game and comic book references. It is just WOW. More: Egor Klyuchnyk, Artstation, Instagram, Behance. Source.

Mitka Will Inspire You To Leave Your Mark

The Die Line

The shape here is responsible for making it easy to find Mitka on the shelf, and the color accent is for making it easy to choose the right color

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Need Something to Draw This Week? Try ‘Still Here,’ a Fun Still Life Art Challenge

Brown Paper Bag

View this post on Instagram. Week 16 by @laurendoughty_. A post shared by STILL HERE (@stillherestilllife) on Jul 24, 2020 at 7:18am PDT. I love art challenges.

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Guy Catalogs Hotel Carpets, Creates The Most Boring Instagram Account Ever

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The greatest thing about the internet is that no matter how long you have been using it, it still has the ability to surprise you. Would you have ever thought that there’s a guy who takes pictures of hotel carpets and posts them on Instagram? That’s the Internet for you.

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UAL kicks off graduate showcase with expansive event series

Creative Review

This year has seen the creative industries thrown into flux. The global coronavirus pandemic has disrupted livelihoods and upended the way we work, and more recently, the issue of inequality in the arts has been thrust under the microscope.

Can the design industry’s diversity problem be fixed?

Design Week

“I suffered for a very long time, for over a decade, where I felt like I had imposter syndrome,” John Glasgow tells Design Week. “I’d worry that someone would call me out, that my opinion wasn’t right.”

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Charlie Smith Design creates website to bring a Santa Monica bakery's new brand to fresh audience

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With shops and businesses around the world wondering how to serve customers during the Covid-19 crisis, Breadblok – an organic bakery in Santa Monica, California – has worked with London design studio Charlie Smith Design to rapidly launch a new website following a revamped visual identity and packaging design.

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Henry Sene Yee on Designing Poetry Collection Mezzanine

Spine Magazine

Henry Sene Yee is a book cover designer, photographer and illustrator who lives in New York. Here he takes us through his process for designing the cover of Zoe Hetzig’s Mezzanine. You’ve got mail. “Hi Hi Henry, I have a lovely little project I’m hoping you’ll take on.

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Paintings by Jarvis Brookfield that explore what it means to be human

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In Jarvis Brookfield 's latest series of paintings, the Leicester-based artist questions what it means to be human. With faceless figures, aged masks and rays of pastel-coloured light, his artworks feature themes of Eastern mysticism and altered states of consciousness.

Good Reads: Club Sandwich will get your cultural tastebuds tingling

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While most food magazines rely on the tried and tested formula of recipe ideas and interviews with celebrity chefs, indie mag Club Sandwich focuses on an entirely different side of our relationship with food.

A Nondescript Character Sheds Suits of Fur, Bubbling Liquids, and Gnarly Wood in Hypnotic CGI Animation


?. From gurgling liquids to crackling fire to rainbow-colored fur, a range of materials envelop an indistinct figure in Universal Everything ’s new animation.

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Drag Queen From Manchester Is So Good At Makeup, He Can Turn Into Literally Any Person

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Have you ever wanted to look like someone else? Well, Alexis Stone, an incredible makeup artist with almost 840k followers on Instagram, can look like anyone he wants. This beautiful British drag queen transforms himself into any celebrity he wishes to.

3 easy ways to choose colors for your business

Purple Rose Graphics

One of the top questions I get regularly is “how do I pick a color palette” for my business. Here I have three tips for picking a color palette and two reasons why color is good for business. Why you need it: Reason 1: Color helps a business get remembered. People remember colors more than anything else! If your potential client or referral partner remembers you more easily, they are more likely to refer you. Reason 2: Colors can affect people’s mood.

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Flower By Edie's New Vapes Looks Like Something Straight Out Of 'Mad Men'

The Die Line

A passion for mid-century design is what led Flower by Edie Parker founder Brett Heyman to create a line of cannabis accessories inspired by the chic purses from the 50s and 60s

Magnum’s Print Sale Offers More Than 100 Archival Photographs Benefitting the NAACP


Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos. The Danish artist, Olafur Eliasson’s installation of a huge artificial sun in the Turbine Hall. Tate Modern. London. Great Britain. In collaboration with Vogue , Magnum Photos just launched a massive print sale with half of all proceeds being donated to the NAACP.

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Verve's New Flash Brew Coffee Creates and Instantly Recognizable System

The Die Line

Each variety has a unique hue and dynamic typography, which work in unison to give the brand a tight, iconic aesthetic

The Work From Home Needs, LLC: Graphic Design Consultant


The post The Work From Home Needs, LLC: Graphic Design Consultant appeared first on Shillington Design Blog.

In a ‘Anastomosis’ World Viewed by Laura Berson


Words TL Team. 'It It is through a raw hypersensitivity that French multi-media artist Laura Berson directs her work towards a questioning that is both intimate and systemic, by playing on the different layers of reality.' Laura submitted us her latest series called " Anastomôsis ". MIXED MEDIA

The Creative Assistant: Graphic Designer/Digital Marketing Assistant


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Through rich and colourful symbolism, Bony Ramírez uses art to reflect on his Caribbean culture

Its Nice That

The artist, now based in New Jersey, refers to his aesthetic as “pre-colonisation Caribbean luxury”. Here, we discuss his thought-provoking practice.