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Freelance finance: How to make more money

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Discover how to best manage your funds as a freelancer

Nina Bachmann's vibrant, hedonistic paintings make their London solo debut

Creative Boom

© Nina Bachmann. Munich-based painter Nina Bachmaan is instantly recognisable thanks to her vibrant paintings, which depict some of the more hedonistic aspects of human nature.


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Plenty by &Walsh


Agricultural practices are constantly changing to provide greater crop yields. In an effort to achieve this goal, modern farming has created a host of ecological side effects. Most notably, overconsumption of water and a reliance on chemical fertilisers, GMOs and pesticides.

Artist Spotlight: Mahsa Merci


A selection of paintings by Tehran-born, Toronto-based artist Mahsa Merci. Merci holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Tehran Universtiy of Art and a Master of Painting from Azad University in Iran.

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Top 10 Best Drawing Apps for iPad and iPhone

Inkbot Design

Top 10 Best Drawing Apps for iPad and iPhone. Whether you want to learn how to draw or get in the mood for something creative , these drawing apps are the perfect way to bring out your inner artist.

Adobe 87

Heinz asked AI to 'draw ketchup' – and it was an inspired move

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Even computers prefer Heinz

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Are NFTs art? We ask award-winning graphic designer Varvara Alay

Creative Bloq

Are NFTs art? Varvara Alay, the artist behind the incredible Flower Girls NFT, offers her view

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11 Website Metrics That Every Business Owner Should Track


Understanding and tracking your website metrics is essential for understanding the health of your business. If you aren’t already tracking metrics for your website, then this post is the one for you! Resources. The Complete Content Development Toolkit. The Complete Content Development Toolkit.

CADA Rebrand by Universal Favourite

We And The Color

A youth entertainment brand for the culturally obsessed. From naming right through to their outdoor launch campaign, Australian design studio Universal Favourite was commissioned to work on a new brand identity for CADA, Australia’s home of hip-hop and R&B.

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Photographer Spotlight: Kyle Myles


Photo baltimore kyle myles maryland photographer photography

Adobe InDesign Tabloid Newspaper Template

We And The Color

Available for download on Adobe Stock, this newspaper template is fully customizable and well suited for a wide range of topics. Created in handy tabloid format by graphic designer and Adobe Stock contributor @Marcel , this newspaper template is fully customizable in Adobe InDesign.

Adobe 78

An Italian Town Welcomes a Dynamic Public Space Inside a Circular Wooden Pavilion

Azure Magazine

What began as a construction workshop for students and novice professionals now serves as LuOgo, a temporary public space in Lugo, Italy. The project is designed by Rome-based architecture firm Orizzontale in partnership with Italian door and window manufacturer Edilpiù.

Maxim Kashin’s Contemporary Interpretation of Suprematism

Design Milk

Maxim Kashin’s take on suprematism could very well be a modern version of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors. The New Suprematism installation took place in Moscow earlier this year, with the space measuring in at a mere 50 square meters.

The First Video of an Extremely Rare Jellyfish Captures Its Striped Tentacles and Spotted, Pulsing Body


? ?. There have been only two documented sightings of the elusive Chirodectes maculatus , a large, soccer ball-sized jellyfish with distinct spotted markings, the second of which was captured late last year by divers from Scuba Kavieng.

A Modern Rug Inspired by Abstract Art – And What to Style It With

Design Milk

While some area rugs are designed to play a supporting role in your home’s interior, bridging the gaps between decorative elements to tie the room together – art inspired rugs by Ruggism are made to take center stage. Case in point, the Magic Circles 2.0

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30+ Best Free PSD Mockups for Designers

Inkbot Design

30+ Best Free PSD Mockups for Designers. PSD mockups are rightfully considered to be handy tools that can help anyone succeed at presentation and promotion. Today we’d like to offer you a compilation of thirty excellent mockups!

These Sustainable Lights Are Made From Food Waste + Wood Dust

Design Milk

Oakland-based Model No. is expanding into lighting for the first time, rounding out their offerings which already includes an array of furniture, bins, and small home accessories.

Profoto: The Shape of Light

Joe McNally

Today and tomorrow, good old loose cannon here is taking over the Profoto IG channel. Has anybody warned them?). I’ve always loved playing with light, and, consequently, I’m a fan of the term light shaping. Big light, far away? Or small lights, up close and intimate. A long skinny light?

Reimagining Soap Packaging With Viori’s Bamboo Bar Holder

The Die Line

This sustainable beauty brand found inspiration from a steamy shower and reimagined soap packaging

Studio Bennu's brand identity for Kuko transforms how children learn and grow

Creative Boom

London-based brand and design agency Studio Bennu has collaborated with education startup Kuko to create an identity which will appeal to its demographic of children. And by making a vibrant, colourful brand, Studio Bennu hopes it will help transform how children learn and grow.

Pack of the Month: Mercado Has the Meats (and Beautiful Design) You Actually Want

The Die Line

For Dieline's July Pack of the Month, we talk to Brooklyn design agency Gander about their delightfully delicious and deli-inspired identity for Mercado Famous

’70s Patterns and Backgrounds for Your Retro Designs

Vandelay Design

The '70s patterns and backgrounds make it easy to create groovy retro designs from your favorite decade. The colors, textures, & designs of these patterns are truly authentic. The post ’70s Patterns and Backgrounds for Your Retro Designs appeared first on Vandelay Design.

Contemporary Art Now

ID Identity Design

CAN , Contemporary Art Now, is an art fair that seeks to renew what is already contemporary. A new concept that makes its way into the art world to discover new languages and give space to the creations and artists who have stood out the most in recent decades.

Olafur Eliasson Designs a Canonical Structure with 832 Vibrant Glass Panels That Reflect Sonoma’s Weather


All images © Vertical Panorama Pavilion at the Donum Estate (2022), Studio Other Spaces, Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann, by Adam Potts, shared with permission.

Color 59

How To Make a Website from Scratch: A Beginner’s Guide

Inkbot Design

How To Make a Website from Scratch: A Beginner's Guide. In today's world, websites are the most efficient way to do business over the internet. You can create these websites in many ways to give your business a technological touch.

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Design Everywhere

Actual Source. design graphic graphic design print layout typography packaging packaging design

30 of the Best Medieval Fonts

Vandelay Design

Here are the best medieval fonts that make it easy to create designs that are true to the era. Use them for book covers, movie covers, band logos, posters, & more. The post 30 of the Best Medieval Fonts appeared first on Vandelay Design. Fonts Design fonts graphic design resources typography

Fonts 52

Jonas Mekas

Design Everywhere

Jonas Mekas. design graphic graphic design print layout typography book

30+ of the Best Punk Fonts

Vandelay Design

Here are the best punk fits that can be used to give your designs a genuine edgy rebellious look and feel. Brush strokes, collage fonts, distressed text, and more. The post 30+ of the Best Punk Fonts appeared first on Vandelay Design. Fonts Design fonts graphic design resources typography

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Top 10: Business Cards Vol. 2

Mindsparkle Mag

When living in an all-digital environment, sometimes file-printed versions seem useless. And let's not even mention the amount of space they take. However, this might have an environment-friendly purpose which we are in favor of it.

Olive letterpress wedding invitations on handmade paper


Inspired by our Estate V.2 design, we worked with Broadway Paper to create these invitations for Lilian and Elliott. They chose Olive letterpress wedding invitations on our Bella Handmade paper to set the tone for their June wedding.

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Are you measuring customer value?

UX Collective

Before you can measure anything, you need to know what you want to measure. The first question to ask when attempting to measure customer value is, therefore: what is customer value?

Mock up & Co

Mindsparkle Mag

The post Mock up & Co appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Service Website beautiful digital mindsparkle mag mock up and co new site service site of the day sotd Web Design website

Modern Professional PowerPoint Templates 2022

Graphic Design Junction

It doesn’t matter what your specialty is — a manager, teacher, marketer, designer, lawyer, or something else — the need to create a professional-thematic presentation can always arise.