Sun.Jun 19, 2022

55 best coworking spaces for UK freelancers looking for a desk

Creative Boom

Uncommon, Fulham, South West London. Image courtesy of Uncommon. After working from home for the last two years, many of us are starting to consider an office again. But with rising living costs and ongoing uncertainty, we've been naturally putting it off.

Areas Where AI Can (and Already Is) Benefitting Web Designers


Much has been made about the potential impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on our lives. And it’s nearly impossible to avoid the headlines that tell us so. What’s more, several products that utilize AI (or something like it) have hit the market.


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Flea Market Flyer Vector Template for Adobe Illustrator

We And The Color

Currently available for free download with an Adobe Stock trial subscription, this beautifully designed shop and flea market flyer template comes with plenty of lovely illustrations. This beautiful shopping and flea market template was designed by Adobe Stock contributor @DannyAldana.

Adobe 100

Design systems; the great connector

UX Collective

Like a backwards prism, design systems focus the energy of many teams into a single beam. They spread efficiency and consistency, but they also shape culture and hone brand expression. They’re about bringing it all together, across disciplines, to form alignment and a cohesive outcome.

Illustrazioni di Camilla Falsini

Mindsparkle Mag

Based in Rome, Camilla Falsini is an artist and illustrator. Her style is super colorful and bold. Moreover, she mostly creates geometrical designs perfectly balances with organic shapes, where characters come to life.

An ode to system fonts

UX Collective

Apple, Google, and Microsoft buy and create extraordinary typefaces that are pre-installed on our devices. Instead of making users download custom fonts, make use of what they already have.

Fonts 78

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Gaming the system on a quest for better experiences and outcomes

UX Collective

If there ever was a potion to cure many ills and provide a fresh boost to user engagement, gamification is its name. Looking to captivate and hold on to a larger audience? Feeling keen on increasing your profits? Time to level up for that.

10 must try free photoshop actions for creating unique photo effects

Creative Nerds

This is a great collection of must try Photoshop action you must try in your next design project. These actions allow you to create unique photo effects to create really powerful photo effect from a hologram effect to a canvas photo effect.

Boffo Identity

Mindsparkle Mag

A sense of the familiar with a dash of sophistication is what Simple nailed for Boffa’s visual identity. Plus, the use of bold colors makes this real estate agency different. . The post Boffo Identity appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag.

Liquid Liquid

Design Everywhere

Liquid Liquid. design graphic graphic design print layout typography logo

Top Computers & Internet WordPress Themes

Template Monster

This overview will help you create a website for a service center or a company that provides repair services for equipment. In particular, computers and phones. Eventually, a device fails or a phone falls accidentally.

Liquid Liquid

Design Everywhere

Liquid Liquid. design graphic graphic design print layout logo signage

Advertising and Minimalist Photography by Alexander Kent

Design You Trust

Alexander was born in Yorkshire, 1980. He grew up in Devon. Previous jobs have included: Victorian sailor boy at the age of 15, 27ft Bandsaw operative at 16, Theatre Usher at 19, and Bookseller at 20.

Create A Summer Inspired Montage with Pixlr


Summer is here, the sun is shining, and the beach is calling! What better way to welcome the season of piña coladas and beach parties than with a beautiful summer montage that you can post on social media? Now some of you might be wondering, what exactly is a montage? A montage, also known as [.].

Media 52

Solarium: The 3D Surreal Scapes of Dennis Fandango

Design You Trust

“My name is Dennis Zeevat. I am a 22-year-old 3D artist based in the Netherlands. I started out doing illustrations when I was about 14 years old. I did this for a couple of years but about 3 years ago I decided to jump into the 3D world.

Color 56

6 reasons to sign up for our UX Design Foundations Course

Creative Bloq

Our online UX design course is the perfect way to start your career in a growing field


Artist Creates Witty Single-Panel Comics Depicting Odd And Absurd Situations In A Slightly Different Everyday Life

Design You Trust

Let us introduce you to Jim Shoenbill, an illustrator who is on a mission to brighten people’s days with positive humor. He creates witty single-panel comics depicting weird and absurd situations in a slightly different everyday life.

Don’t start with the MVP

UX Collective

MVPs as originally envisioned are outdated, and it has no more place on a modern product culture. Photo by Randy Laybourne on Unsplash The first mention of the initials “MVP” come from Frank Robinson in 2001.

Stunning Autochrome Portraits of Women Taken by Alfonse Van Besten From the Early 20th Century

Design You Trust

Alfonse Van Besten (1865–1926) was a painter and took full advantage of the possibilities of the new color process. One can see that many of his autochromes were taken with a “painterly eye” e.g. Musing (Mrs.Van Besten) and Symphony in white.

Color 52

A case for (premeditated) diversity in UXR

UX Collective

A thought experiment I know what you are thinking… Another post about the need for diversity in UX? Is it really necessary? By now, you’ve probably learned about the many good reasons for advocating for diversity in UX.

Street Artist Burned the “Future”

Design You Trust

Timofei Radya (previously featured ), a street artist from Yekaterinburg, created a new art project. He set fire to huge letters of the word “FUTURE” in a field. “For me, the main impression of the events of recent months is how quickly the image of the future disappeared.

You can learn a lot from a chicken: Line 201

UX Collective

Yeah, we’re skipping the 100 level classes ’cause that’s just how we roll Continue reading on UX Collective ». creativity digital-art art ux design

The Innovation Trail

Communication Arts

Designed by Visual Dialogue, this website acts as a digital tour guide for visitors along Massachusetts’s trail of technological advancements. Article

Art 39

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Design Beep

Marketing in the twenty-first century is moving away from traditional media and manual practices of the past. The new social media marketing strategies rely upon automatic procedures performed by advanced automation software provided by reliable firms.

How to Get Your Youtube Page Growing As Quickly As Possible and What Are The Secret Tools That You Should Start Using Right Now?

Design Beep

No one is going to argue that today Youtube is a worthy platform for building a decent career and make money remotely. It is especially helpful for creative content creators who prefer video format to showcase their talents and or interesting life to other people.