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Think you can't draw? You might be proven wrong

Creative Boom

Artist, illustrator and "paper engineer" Lydia Crook is on a mission: to show even the most self-doubting aspiring artist that yes, they can draw. That explains the directness of the title of her new book – I Can't Draw: This Book Will Prove You Can.

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Thoughts on Building a WordPress Website from Scratch (Without Code)

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with WordPress on a (pretty much) daily basis. It’s my go-to solution for building websites for clients of all sizes. And, as I’ve gained more experience with the highly-popular CMS, I’ve advocated for building WordPress themes from scratch.

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How To Utilize AI In App Development – Proven Ways


In 2020’s competitive world, Artificial Intelligence has become a buzz word with great exploration and immense growth in the business world.

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From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers – The Design Museum to explore the hypnotic world of electronic music

Creative Boom

The Design Museum in London is turning itself into a club this April, as it launches a new exhibition exploring the hypnotic world of electronic music and rave culture.

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Video Tutorial: Distressed Halftone & Engraved Photo Effect

Spoon Graphics

In today’s Photoshop video tutorial I’m going to show you a combination of filters that produce distressed halftone effects, which gives an image a high-contrast, newsprint-style appearance.

Shrenik Ganatra creates new music video for Minaxi inspired by Victorian erotica

Creative Boom

Graphic designer Shrenik Ganatra , whose work we previously featured last summer , is a busy and multitalented guy. Born in Mumbai, India, and now based in Brooklyn, New York, he's also the guitarist and vocalist of Brooklyn-based shoegaze band Minaxi.

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11 Creative Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

Just Creative

This article has been contributed by Abhishek Talreja. Hardworking and smart business owners seldom have to worry about making money. Several platforms offer online entrepreneurs a way to explore their skills to the fullest.

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Becoming Toronto: Jerome Markson and the Making of a City

Azure Magazine

Flip though the opening pages, and the architecture of Jerome Markson is hardly perceptible. Instead, Laura J.

Web Design Inspiration:


Web Design Inspiration: abduzeedo Feb 12, 2020 It’s that time of the year that I am thinking about redesigning both my personal website and the blog. With this phase comes a lot of browsing thru inspiration examples of web design.

Reviewed: New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for MUTHA by Character

Under Consideration / Brand

“Word to your…”. Launched in September of 2019, MUTHA is a new brand of body butters and body oils created with mothers in mind and the resulting stretch marks after a pregnancy (or from weight loss).

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Wes Anderson’s graphic designer Erica Dorn explains The French Dispatch poster

Its Nice That

Created by illustrator Javi Aznarez, the poster gives clues to the fictional magazine front covers he has made for the film, which is loosely inspired by The New Yorker.

A Photographic Garden Grows in Times Square

Feature Shoot

“’People always think that happiness is a faraway thing,’ thought Francie, ‘something complicated and hard to get,’” Betty Smith wrote in her 1943 novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

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Photography Tips from A Color Story

A Beautiful Mess

Did you know that A Color Story has a huge section of photography tips and tutorials on its website? It’s pretty rad, so I wanted to highlight a few for you here in case you hadn’t seen them yet.

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The World of Finance is More Fun Thanks to Julia Rothman’s Illustrated Reporting

Brown Paper Bag

Last fall, illustrator Julia Rothman and writer Shaina Feinberg launched an illustrated column in The New York Times called Scratch.

Adama Jalloh on how colour and energy can still shine in black and white photographs

Its Nice That

The London-based photographer tells us about some of her recent personal series and commissions, and how her street photography has impacted her approach to the latter.

70’s Style And Soul: Amazing Candid Photographs Taken In Soul Clubs In Memphis And New York, 1973

Design You Trust

David Reed/Getty Images These candid photographs, taken in Soul clubs in Memphis and New York, are the work of photographer David Reed. Still working today, Reed was first commissioned by the UK’s Sunday Times Magazine in 1969, and worked for them continuously until 1990.

An Explanation on Font Licensing & Font Licence Matters for Designers: Some Do’s and Dont’s

The Logo Smith

The post An Explanation on Font Licensing & Font Licence Matters for Designers: Some Do’s and Dont’s appeared first on The Logo Smith All Content © 2020 |. An Explanation on Font Licensing & Font Licence Matters for Designers: Some Do’s and Dont’s.

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Best Logo Creator Tools & Generators: Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective

Graphic Mama

Want to learn which are the most popular logo creator tools and generators right now? Read on! Oriented towards small business owners and artists, logo creator tools are low-budget options and huge time savers for many people world-wide.

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Simplicity in Design at its best with B+W


Simplicity in Design at its best with B+W. abduzeedo Feb 12, 2020 Simplicity is the biggest challenge for any designer. Well, at least it’s for me as I constantly battle to find ways to reduce elements, colors and pretty much anything without sacrificing usability.

20 modern logo ideas and tips


You want your logo to feel fresh, modern, and on-trend. Which is why, when you’re designing your logo, it’s so important to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in design—and embrace those trends and ideas to create a modern logo. But what’s modern is always changing.

The Last Day For Tomorrow Future: Absolutely Amazing Digital Artworks Of Bryn Jones

Design You Trust

Bryn is a digital artist raised in the South West of England. In 1989 he won his first art competition at Pinocchio’s Nursery School. Competitions continue to drive his career, a place in Ballistic Publishing’s Expose collection is one of his most recent wins.

30 questions to ask when designing a logo


It’s no small feat to capture the heart and soul of a brand in a single image, so when designing a logo for a company—be it your own or that of a client—you’ll want to go deep. In this article, we’ll explore the 30 questions to ask when designing a logo.

These Prank Stickers Will Make You The Most Hated Person In The Office

Design You Trust

These Voice Activated, Clap Activated and Motion Activated prank stickers will help you make fools of your co-workers, friends, or just strangers at the bar. Stick these on vending machines, hand dryers, water fountains, coffee makers, doors and more, and watch as the hilarity ensues.

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Pentagram gives AI company “playful and human” identity

Design Week

Pentagram has created the brand identity – including wordmark, animations and colour palette – for Covariant, an AI company. The Berkeley-based company is behind the Covariant Brain, a piece of software that aims to make robots more adaptable to their surroundings.

Stress: TMJ Disorder Visualized As A Bronze And Concrete Sculpture

Design You Trust

Sculptor Yoan Capote was inspired to create the piece (called Stress) as a result of his own experience with stress-induced teeth-grinding. The work is also “a monument to the collective experience of contemporary urban life”.

Level up: Hidden UV feature revealed on Royal Mail gaming stamps

Design Week

After launching the collection last month , Supple Studio and Bitmap Books have revealed a hidden feature on the Royal Mail Video Game special stamp issue.

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House in Tousuien by Suppose Design Office

This is Paper

12.02.2020House in Tousuien by Suppose Design OfficeResearch, Architecture, Interiors. The Japanese based Suppose Design Office architects have been known for their minimalist yet artistic home construction projects.

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This Clothing Brand Started Selling Matching Sweaters For Dogs And Their Owners And They’re Adorable

Design You Trust

While so many people are waiting for the winter to come for all of the festivities that happen during this season, let’s not forget the worst part of it — the cold weather. With the plummeting temperatures, everyone is starting to feel the chill and so are their dogs.

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Photographer Spotlight: Sonia Perdeck


Photo photographer photography sonia perdeck the Netherlands

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101 Awesome Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Tuts Plus

Expand your creative skills with this incredible set of Illustrator tutorials that cover a wide range of subjects, from simple icons to patterns and detailed illustrations. We've rounded up some of the best tutorials here to help get your creativity flowing and to polish up your skills.

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Photographer Spotlight: Julien Magre


Photo julien magre paris photographer photography

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32 green logo designs that will inspire you


Green is a classic choice when it comes to branding, and one that’s unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. From Starbucks to Spotify, some of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands have used green in their logos.

The Swiss Grid


The Poster House is the first museum in the United States that is entirely dedicated to posters from around the world from the late 1800s to the present day. In the current exhibit on the Swiss Grid, the work on view explores the development and impact of the International Typographic Style.

How to make your Instagram logo stand out


When is an apple not an apple? When it’s the logo for the tech company Apple, of course.

3D: Ferrari P4 The Beautiful Loser


3D: Ferrari P4 The Beautiful Loser. abduzeedo Feb 12, 2020 Inspired by the Ford vs Ferrari movie that I watched last night I had to share this awesome work I saw on Behance this morning.

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101+ Best Brand Strategy Resources

Just Creative

The best brand strategy resources on the web, including the top courses, books, podcasts, communities, frameworks, models and more. Have another one to add? Let us know. Related: See our top logo design resources. Top Brand Strategy Resources. Click to jump to your preferred section: Courses. Books.

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Top 10 Easy Video Optimization Tactics to Boost Youtube Views

Graphic Design Junction

Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you worried about the views on your YouTube channel? If yes, then don’t worry!! about it. We are here to help you to give the best strategies to raise the views on your YouTube channel. You-tube is the world’s second-largest website.