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Designer Ofir Mizrahi on creating diverse websites that convey the right vibe

Creative Boom

Ofir Mizrahi delivers award-winning websites that clients and visitors love. We chat to him about deep research, trying new things, and how the right tools can help unleash your creativity.

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Photographer Spotlight: Evelyn Freja


Photo evelyn freja nyc photographer photography


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Code3's Rachel Brandt on nailing strategy, managing with empathy, and working flexibly

Creative Boom

Rachel Brandt. Code3 operates at the intersection of media, creative, and commerce. VP of creative strategy Rachel Brandt explains how that works in practice and how becoming a mother has changed her approach to managing creatives.

Client 339

10 Simple Web Design Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Inkbot Design

10 Simple Web Design Lessons I Learned the Hard Way. Whether starting as a designer or having been at it for years, there are always ways to learn new things. Web design is often misunderstood.

Type foundry Frost enters the digital world with launch of new website

Creative Boom

Harrison Marshall has been busy. As well as spending the last few years working on commissions for brands such as Next and Basic Space, he's also founded his own independent type foundry, Frost , which recently launched its website.

Learn to Prioritize Your Web Design Work


So much of being a freelance web designer is about balance. Make sure to take time for yourself. Create efficient processes or even outsource tasks to ensure that you have time for your projects. But what about the projects themselves?

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365 Days of Grunge Typography Posters by Janine Heinrichs

We And The Color

Take a look at this fine selection of grunge typography posters by Janine Heinrichs. Janine is an experienced graphic designer who lives and works in Ontario, Canada.

Color 81

The Peaches Collection Explores the Female Body + Its Curves

Design Milk

Having made its debut in an abandoned nunnery in Alcova for Milan Design Week , Bohinc Studio’s Peaches seating collection presented a curvaceous display. It’s inspired by the female body and all of the beautiful curves that some shapes include.

What Role does an Onboarding Specialist Play in Preventing Drop-Offs During Onboarding?


So you already know it’s the most crucial and initial stage to drive a successful customer success journey ahead for your clients. Don’t take a chance to risk losing them while you have to be impressive.

What does Dall-E 2 mean for creatives?

Creative Review

Are we on the verge of trading in traditional titles like graphic designer and illustrator for AI whisperer or prompt designer? CR discusses the current wave of AI art generators with Modem co-founder Bas van de Poel

Broisther Font by Hanzel Studio

We And The Color

Broisther, a natural handwritten script font by Hanzel Studio.

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Jolie Ngo’s New Ceramic Sculptures Marry Art and Technology Together

Design Milk

3D printing isn’t new to the ceramics world but seeing how artists take advantage of the technology to make it their own – that’s where it gets interesting.

Yanina Voronova creates spellbinding imagery pulled from the depths of her imagination

Its Nice That

The Belarus-born photographer explains more about her process, and how photography has always been her “stable system”.

Ruby Rise

Mindsparkle Mag

The author’s project RUBY RISE by Firuz Kurbonzodski is about wine and three Tajik-Persian poets: Khayyam, Rumi, and Jami. The brand’s name comes from various works in which poets often name the wine as a ruby, comparing it to the ruby sunrise.

Amusing and awash with airbrushed colours, Richard A. Chance's illustrations are an utter joy to observe

Creative Boom

© Richard Chance. Richard A. Chance , an illustrator from Brooklyn, New York, has one of those portfolios that pleasantly forces you to linger for a little while.

Google celebrates small business superheroes in animated shorts

Creative Review

The Last Human

Swiss Miss

Kevin Kelly Tweeted about this short animation. Well worth a watch. made me look made me think videos

Hereafter's Packaging Is Inspired By Water In All Its Fluidity

The Die Line

Exploring interstitial spaces

UX Collective

Embracing the serendipitous as design process Book interior page spread Relinquishing control defines serendipity as “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident”.

Gabriela Baka

Mindsparkle Mag

The post Gabriela Baka appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Designer Website baka gabriela font mindsparkle mag site of the day sotd typography ui ux Web Design website

Photo 2022

Design Everywhere

Photo 2022. design graphic graphic design print exhibition design typography poster poster design

Top 10: July Branding

Mindsparkle Mag

Now that we're officially in July and we already enjoyed some days out-of-office, meet our Top 10: July Branding. Summer might have just started, but we've got a zillion projects to showcase. Our friendly suggestion is to turn on the AC and choose a good spot for this week's edition.

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Photo 2022

Design Everywhere

Photo 2022. design graphic graphic design print layout typography poster poster design

10 illustrator tutorials for learning 3D text effects

Creative Nerds

Illustrator is a great tool for creating vector illustration, but phenomenal 3D text effects can be created in illustrator also. In this post where where exploring 3D text effects that can be created just using Illustrator each tutorial is a step by step guide for creating 3D text effects.

Photo 2022

Design Everywhere

Photo 2022. design graphic graphic design print book book design typography

This Comics Artist Makes People Laugh With Single-Panel Jokes

Design You Trust

Nate Fakes is a Los Angeles-based cartoonist and author who has the talent to make people laugh with only one image! He creates witty single-panel comics full of clever puns and humor illustrating the secret life of humans, animals and random things.

Photo 2021

Design Everywhere

Photo 2021. design graphic graphic design print poster typography poster design

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Murder Scene: Artist Creates Thought-provoking Illustrations To Raise Awareness About Mistreatment Of Animals

Design You Trust

Humans are heartless. They have been misusing animals for their own luxury and entertainment. Animals are living creatures. They have feelings and suffer pain too. Humans have become selfish. They see nothing beyond their own needs.

C. Gallery

Design Everywhere

Gallery. design graphic graphic design print layout typography poster poster design

Marilyn Monroe Wishing You All a Happy Fourth of July

Design You Trust

Marilyn Monroe posed for Fourth of July, wearing a bikini with some oversized fireworks and a sign that reads “Beware of Danger, July 4th”. These photographs were taken by Bert Reisfeld in 1953.?. h/t: Source. Photography day independence July Marilyn Monroe retro USA vintage

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies


Every online store wants to attract customers daily by driving traffic to make sales. It’s challenging when you’ve tried out many different strategies to drive sales, but they don’t seem to strike the chord.

Book-A-Minute Classics: The Ultra-Condensed Classic Books

Design You Trust

English teachers have the inconsiderate habit of assigning mammoth-sized works of literature to read and then actually expecting you to do it. This wouldn’t be so bad except that invariably the requisite reading is as boring as fly fishing in an empty lake.

Discover the UK’s most disruptive and innovative design talent at New Designers 2022

Its Nice That

This year, the largest graduate showcase in the UK will be championing a whopping 2,500 graduate designers, emerging talents, plus eye-opening talks on the industry – and Lego.


This Independence Day optical illusion is baffling me

Creative Bloq

I promise these lines are straight