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Rethinking how to hire designers

UX Collective

How to design an effective recruitment process to help attract and retain top-tier talent. Open Peeps by Pablo Stanley In my 20+ year career in design, I have participated in thousands of job interviews either as a candidate or hiring manager.

Business Cards Templates: 35+ Stylish Design

Graphic Design Junction

Creative and modern corporate business cards templates, print ready design. Stylish business cards will makes your business purposes look professional and fully customizable for your ultimate personalization.


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Photographer Spotlight: KIN


Photo kin los angeles photographer photography tibet

A traditional “hatching” technique helps Georgette Smith achieve her distinctive sketchy style

Its Nice That

Somerset’s idyllic countryside inspires the illustrator’s serene, textured drawings.

Kalamaki Branding by Brandon Archibald

We And The Color

Ukrainian graphic design studio Brandon Archibald created a meaningful visual identity and interior design for the fast-food chain Street Greek.

Color 90

F5: What Tools Yuwen Peng Uses for a Work/Life Balance + More

Design Milk

Yuwen Peng’s 25 years of architectural experience in hospitality, restaurant, retail, and entertainment design have contributed to the development of projects around the globe.

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Weekly News for Designers ? 655


UX/ UI tips: A guide to search inputs – Key principles for creating best-in-class search input boxes. Font Subsetting Strategies: Content-Based vs Alphabetical – Learn how subsetting fonts can help increase performance and reduce waste.

In Munich, a Hotel That Invites Guests to Move Right In

Azure Magazine

Remote work grants travellers new opportunities to turn short-term stays into extended sojourns. Now it’s time for the hotel industry to catch up. Thanks to London design firm Hol l oway Li, Munich’s WunderLocke is well ahead of the pack when it comes to catering to this new clientele.

Immy Humes’ new book examines the significance of lone women in photography

Creative Review

As the name suggests, the book – published by Phaidon and compiled by American documentary filmmaker Immy Humes – explores the phenomenon of the ‘only woman’ in photography.

Arab pop music meets 80s video game aesthetics in Moath Bin Hafez’s pixel art creations

Its Nice That

Discovering that he needed visuals to accompany his remixes, the artist began creating looping pixel videos to match his nostalgic, video game-inspired music.

UV Light Unveils the Extraterrestrial Luminescence of the American West in Cody Cobb’s Photos


All images © Cody Cobb, shared with permission. In his ongoing Spectral series, Las Vegas-based photographer Cody Cobb projects an ultraviolet light source across desert shrubs and secluded, rocky coves, unveiling an invisible spectrum of blues and oranges.

Artist Recreates Old Ceremonial Portraits By Replacing Their Subjects With Cats

Design You Trust

Probably, we all agree that one should treat a cat like a queen or king or dire consequences might follow.

Human Ears and Animals Emerge from Dense Fields of Porcelain Foliage Sculpted by Melis Buyruk


“Habitat” (2021), porcelain, 18k gold, 101 x 101 x 10 centimeters. All images courtesy of Leila Heller, shared with permission. Cradled within wooden boxes, leaves, blossoms, animals, and the occasional bit of human anatomy form the dense topographies of Melis Buyruk ( previously ).

Lego® Art Website Design


Lego® Art Website Design. abduzeedo 0805—22 Havas CX ?stanbul stanbul shared a web design project for Lego A/S, a Danish toy production company based in Billund.

How to Generate Quality Leads Using YouTube Videos

Inkbot Design

How to Generate Quality Leads Using YouTube Videos. 84% of video marketers say video has effectively generated leads in 2021. Yet, when businesses talk about lead generation , they naturally lean towards PPC ad platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.


Mindsparkle Mag

The post n2.Studio appeared first on Mindsparkle Mag. Designer Website design designer digital mindsparkle mag n2.Studio portfolio site of the day sotd Web Design website

Wedding invite

Design Everywhere

Wedding invite. design graphic graphic design print layout color print design

Print 52

Health Hut

Mindsparkle Mag

Another skincare branding, another project showcased on Mindsparkle Mag.


Design Everywhere

design graphic graphic design print layout packaging packaging design color

Moves & changes – design industry news


London-based brand agency Boldspace has appointed illustrator and graphic designer Yuko Kondo as its new art director. Kondo has previously run his own studio and also worked at Wieden+Kennedy and AMV BBDO. Manchester-based agency Anything has announced Alex Atkinson as its head of design. Atkinson, who has worked at McCann previously, will oversee the agency’s digital output. Source

Division of Birds: A Group Show at Paradigm Gallery Celebrates Feathered Life


Felicia Chiao. All images © the artists, shared with permission.

Artist Spotlight: Anna Fusco


Art Drawing anna fusco art artist california drawing

Artist 160

How to Create a Product Marketing Strategy to Grow your Brand

Inkbot Design

How to Create a Product Marketing Strategy to Grow your Brand. Marketing is everything. It is something the sooner we understand, the better it is for us. It is pivotal in driving more leads to maximise your revenues while becoming a profitable product company.

6 Easy Ways to Design Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Design Milk

After a night of restless tossing and turning, we often point to stress, screen time, or caffeine intake as the culprits. And while those things definitely deserve some of the blame, you might be overlooking a major suspect in the theft of your precious Zs – the design of your bedroom itself.

Instagram's new Mark Zuckerberg NFT is. odd

Creative Bloq

We'll pass


How do you Ensure your Business Runs Smoothly in Turbulent Times?


Recession. It’s the word businesses dread because it means layoffs, a decline in sales and profit – and for many, bankruptcy. However, the world has already weathered a great number of recessions, and businesses have been finding ways to thrive even in the direst conditions.

The best Surface Go deals including low Surface Go 3 prices in 08 2022

Creative Bloq

Snag all the best Surface Go deals including the lowest Surface Go 3 prices around


The If You Could Jobs weekly: What the four-day week looks like for a creative company

Its Nice That

We talk to Sounds Like These, a studio currently trialling the four-day week, about the difference it’s made to their company, and whether they think the concept has legs.


This brilliant BBC Philharmonic branding is music to my…eyes?

Creative Bloq

It’s a symphony of colour

Brand 87

Cut Once, Make Twice: One Chair Is Made From Cuts of the Other

Design Milk

Yuji Tanabe Architects have discovered a way to create two chairs from a single piece of wood in a way that leaves very little offcuts. The concept, named TWINS-MDF , consists of a Frame chair and a Surface chair that have been cut very precisely and deliberately with a CNC router.

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