2020 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

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Earlier in 2020, I posted an article on the latest logo design & branding trends and now 6 months on, the official 2020 logo trends report has just been released by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge. What are the Logo Trends of 2020? 2020 Logo Trends Report.

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Class of 2020: An essential guide to all of the UK's virtual degree shows this summer

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Arts University Bournemouth: Align 2020. Bath Spa University School of Art: Degree Show 2020. Launching 26 June 2020 at 17:00 GMT – Visit the show. Launching on 18 June 2020 – Visit the show. University of Brighton: Graduate Show 2020. Online until 21 June 2020.

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Indigo Design Award 2020 winners all push the creative envelope

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Indigo has just announced the winners of its third Indigo Design Award 2020, from contenders drawn from over 50 countries. Here we look at six of our favourite winners of the year, while you can find full details of all the Indigo Design Award 2020 winners here.

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Vessel Floats by Order


The post Vessel Floats by Order appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion.

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How To Run A Brand Strategy Workshop

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Any successful business starts with an effective branding strategy. A brand strategy is a long-term plan that affects all facets of your business. But have no fear, if you are starting your brand from scratch, use the help of a brand strategy workshop to get the job done!

Air Studios by Spin


The post Air Studios by Spin appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion. Opinion by Richard Baird AIR Studios was founded in 1965 by Beatles producer Sir George Martin.

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Top 30 Logo & Branding Design Kits for Designers

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Sometimes, having the right tools can help make the process of designing a logo or even a brand much easier and with this list of the top Logo & Branding Kits for designers, you can have the tools you need to produce high-quality work every time. Branding Logo Design Logo Mockup

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Best Web Design Builder Software in 2020

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Your website will determine how a customer perceives your brand, which leads them to their next move; to stay, or to go. Best Website Builders in 2020. Paperform allows anyone to easily create stunning forms, payment or product pages that truly represent your brand.

[Podcast] Brand Strategy Workshops with Melinda Livsey

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Listen in with Jacob Cass, Matt Davies & Melinda Livsey, if you want to go from being an “order taker” to brand expert. Melinda Livsey is a brand strategist and online educator based in sunny Southern California. Resources: Brand Master Secrets Course. Learn Brand Strategy.

Web Design Trends and Predictions for 2020

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As of January 2020, there were about 1.74 2020 Web Design Trends & Predictions To Boost Engagement and Impact. If a photo can say a thousand words, brands can pack so much more in these videos ( 1.8 Your clips can focus on your brand, product or content.

6 Valuable Branding Lessons from Millionaire Entrepreneurs

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Whether you’re developing a business brand, personal brand or both, it’s important to learn from those who have gone before you. From Paul Rand we can learn valuable lessons around trying to leverage graphic design for brand growth. Brands Do Not Make A Company.

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Design News: 15th of June 2020

Designer Daily

What Every Product Designer Should Do in 2020. Iconic brand guidelines and logo manuals from 60s, 70s and 80s. The interesting news of the past week if you are a graphic designer, web designer, product designer, or pretty much anyone that has an interest in design.

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The Best Courses on Skillshare in 2020

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Top Skillshare Courses of 2020. The top Skillshare courses from 2020 are broken down into these categories: Graphic Design, Logos & Branding. Graphic Design, Logos & Branding. Designing Brand Symbols with Sagi Haviv.

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The Best Computers for Graphic Designers 2020

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Today we’ve decided to take a look at the Best Computers for Graphic Design in 2019 and 2020, both Mac and PC, so we can help you find the one you need. Update* See our updated list of the best computers for designers in 2020. Best Computers for Graphic Design in 2020.

50 of the best graphic design blogs for inspiration in 2020

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It continues to bring you high quality, well-written news and inspiration across graphics, branding, interiors, digital, product, furniture and more. This clean and elegant blog by David Airey is a showcase of the best brand identities from around the world.

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Colourful new beer brand celebrates the return to the pub

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All proceeds from sales will be used to fund Camden Town Brewery's plans to give 260,000 free pints to struggling pubs to help them survive 2020. From 4 July, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants in England will be able to reopen for the first time since lockdown began in March.

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Island Smiles Dental Care Branding Process & Interview

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Just Creative was interviewed on the Logo Inspirations Instagram channel, discussing the logo design & branding process for Island Smiles, a dentist in Maui, Hawaii. The tagline ‘Making Maui Smile’ complimented the brand’s mission and tied the whole brand’s ethos together.

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The speculative branding bringing 'Socially Distanced Pals' together

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Designer Katrina Romulo has been keeping busy during the lockdown, working on a campaign she's called Socially Distanced Pals. The idea, she says, is "to encourage people to be considerate and thoughtful during these trying times".

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How to Build Brand Recognition with Great SEO

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Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. Brand identity includes visual elements such as your logo, slogan and color scheme. In other words, your brand is your business’s reputation. What is Brand Recognition? Do they associate your color scheme with your brand?

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[Brand Mapping Strategy Tool] How to Position Your Company in a Competitive Market

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The most successful businesses all have strong brands. Companies like Google and Coca-Cola have such strong brand recognition that their names have become synonymous with their industries. This high profile brand recognition didn’t happen by chance. What Is Brand Positioning?

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MoMA by Order


The post MoMA by Order appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion. Opinion by Richard Baird. The MoMA logotype, set in Franklin Gothic No.

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The Plant creates adorable 'Bean Army' illustration-led branding for new plant-based protein brand

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The Plant has created a charming character-based designs scheme for Better Nature, a new food brand centred around Tempeh plant-based protein.

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Best Graphic Design Tablets in 2020

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We decided to do an update and show you our new list of the Best Graphic Design Tablets in 2020 so if you were still on the fence back in 2018, our new list will help give you the information you need to upgrade. Top Tools & Tech for 2020. Top Upcoming Tech for 2020.

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Into the Wylde vegan lube branding is based around 'nurturing'

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Vegan lube brand Into the Wylde aimed to set itself apart from its peers in what the brand describes as the "sexy aisle": instead of more clinical, seemingly male-marketed designs, it went for something very different.

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The 8 Biggest Web Design Trends of 2020

Crowd Spring

inspiration 2020 web design trends 2020 website design online branding visual branding web presence website designWeb design is like a shark – for better or worse, it never stops moving.

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Leandro Erlich: Both Sides Now by Studio fnt


Words by Richard Baird Both Sides Now, a title borrowed from Joni Mitchell’s famous song, is a solo exhibition of Argentinian contemporary artist Leandro Erlich’s work that took place at the Seoul Museum of Art between December 2019 and March 2020.

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How to start a podcast in 2020: A step-by-step guide for beginners

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Besides, there are just 850,000 podcasts, according to the latest stats for 2020. But if you're building a brand, an audience or hoping to become an authority in your field, then podcasting (at the moment) opens up a world of possibilities.

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The Value Ladder for Designers & Brands

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Do you simply have a logo or do you have a strategic brand that your customers can really connect with? I’ve taken the liberty to show you what a “typical” brand value ladder may look like. A simple identification device for your brand. Up a step… BRANDING. Branding

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The 7 Types of Branding & How To Leverage Them for Growth

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When developing a brand strategy , you must recognize that there are many different types of branding. Your brand strategy is based on an understanding of your target audience, the type of marketing campaigns you want to run, and the end goal. The 7 Types of Branding.

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Best Podcast Microphones in 2020

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Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2020. Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2020 Compared. If you’re brand new to podcasting, the Q2U from Samson is a great choice for your first microphone. Best Podcast Microphones in 2020.

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Build a Brand Like a Pro – 7 Steps to Follow

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Building a brand, like building anything else, requires more than just stacking one brick on top of another. Similarly, to build a brand that withstands fluctuations in the market, you need a solid foundation and carefully crafted branding strategies. Outline Brand Personality.

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The Best Design Examples for 2020 Part I: Infinite Inspiration

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Looking for some great design examples in 2020? No wonder it’s trending in 2020. If the function of your design is to inform, give information or get a brand known, there is a more than fair chance that you’ll need some text, somewhere. The Best Color Combinations to Try in 2020.

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24 Essential Remote Work Tools To Try In 2020

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Host your brand kit within the platform and separate workspaces to your own project where your team can work on visuals together. Two absolute giants in business productivity have showcased that they’re more than prepared for this drastic shift into remote work that we’ve witnessed in 2020.

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New York agency Mythology creates stereotype-busting identity for a new cat care brand

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Mythology has created a new cat care brand for Harry's Labs that reclaims what it means to love cats, offering everything from food to toys and furniture. The brand typography system pairs the playfulness of Cooper BT with the strong order and legibility of Neue Haas Grotesk.

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&Walsh's protest poster-inspired branding for online community and women's-only island, SuperShe

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& Walsh has created the branding for SuperShe – a digital and physical "community" for women comprising an app, online content platform, e-commerce store and women-only island retreat near Norway. The overall branding and tone of voice aim to celebrate "every type of woman".

OneFourFive Clarendon by Studio Brave


The post OneFourFive Clarendon by Studio Brave appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion. Opinion by Richard Baird OneFourFive Clarendon is a modern workspace, developed by Salta, designed by Architectus and created for future-focused businesses looking to situate themselves in Southern Melbourne. The development aims to attract like-minded progressive people with a conscious focus on connectivity and local activity.

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The Best Laptops for Graphic Designers in 2020

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With 2020 in full swing, we wanted to make sure that we provide you with the best tech available so you can be successful all year long. While the best processor brands can change from time to time, your best choice for a CPU is one with a quad-core or even an extreme series processor.

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Here Design 'reinvents' alcohol-abstinent temperance movement with new kombucha branding

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East London-based studio Here Design has created the branding and bottle designs the new Sparkling English Rose variant by British kombucha brand L.A

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Queremos Sonreír by Mucho


The post Queremos Sonreír by Mucho appeared first on BP&O - Branding, Packaging and Opinion.

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Craft Your Brand Story in 8 Simple Steps

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Communication and interaction with customers have always played a key role in a brand’s success. In the past, the companies that have managed to establish rapport with their clients have won loyalty and recognition, rewarding their brand with a special place in the market.

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